From HMP Crack Alley
9th June 2011

Alright mate,

Hope youíre cushty. Myself, Iím flying on auto-pilot in this crack den. Fuck me, some days I think Iím in a lunatic asylum; I tell you: the locals have all got six fingers and webbed hands and the rest are on smack, crack, fast and grass, uppers, downers, inners, outters, potions and lotions Ö and then thereís the prisoners! Ha Ha.

Let me give you a little insight into my day: today they opened my door at 8 am. This morning I had to run down to the Centre to put my name down for the gym for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then I went to the gym at 8.15. Done a three mile run then I was back behind the door until 4.30, had exercise, got tea and then got banged up again at 6.30; read me paper, then I see that Emmerdale was on. I thought ďFuck that!Ē So here I am. I mean, I ainít joking but between that, Eastenders and Coronation Street itís enough to make you hang yourself. I had happier times when I got sentenced for that little altercation! Tee Hee

It might of actually been better back in the day when I used to be on 23 hour bang-up with no TV. Erm Ö maybe not!!

Well, number 37 on the 2ís (my cell) is looking very homely now. Iíve got some good photos on my wall thanks to people that have sent them in with their letters and Iíve now got a quilt and some curtains. Oh, the joys of luxuries, eh?

Iíve just been given a weeks worth of anti-biotics which is a liberty cause it means Iíve got to have a week off from the booze. As it happens I feel like Rosemary and Fred West Ö I could murder some Tennents!

What about him, that little ginger slag at Celtic, Neil Lennon. Cor, heís had a bad year I tell yah. ďShame!!Ē

Well, Chelsea won nothing, but its die-hard fans were used to that. Any cup is a bonus to us. I much preferred Division 2. Rotherham away on a Tuesday night Ö we lost 6-0. Jonny Bumpstead missed a penalty for us and it pissed down with rain. Straight into town for a Light Ale with the locals. NO prawn sandwich brigade mob with us then, wicked clothes and music Ö the 80ís. FANTASTIC! Enuff said.

The last three weekends on the trot Iíve had visits, so Iím going to have this weekend off and chill, but itís always nice to have good visits. I donít want to overdo it in the Beirut Ö Ooops, I mean the Queenís Hotel!

Next month Iíll be holding a Sash Bash in my cell, as marching season is upon us and it will be the glorious 12th before you know it. But before that some very good pals of mine are up for sentencing on the 24th of this month so my fingers are crossed for Billy, Nightmare, Wayne and Tony just to name but a few!!

I hope that vile mongrel who is already serving two life sentences (Levi Bellfield) gets his comeuppance in prison. Heís on trial at the moment for killing Millie Dowler. I know the fat prick and Iíd love to see him in the system, but no doubt he will be put on the Numbers (Rule 43) with all the nonces and grasses. Letís just pray that one day someone throws a cup of hot water and sugar in his face so the water sticks before they put a home made shank into him. MONGRAL!

Anyway, I must go and chill now heís wound me up. Until next time from Deadmanís Hill thatís all Iíve gotta say. So you all stay sharp and remember: Itís not the man in the fight, itís the fight in the man!

No Surrender
Jason (Innocent)

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