From Unit 14 - DEATH SQUAD
12th September 2011


Alright Mal,

Well, here we are another month down the line. Time flies when youíre having fun.

Itís Monday 12th September and can you believe it Iím behind my door. I went to the gym this morning as I do most days, Managed to get a 6 mile run in. Came back, got my dinner (if thatís what you call it) and got banged up. We normally get banged up for a good 3 hours over lunch, so when I get out Iím gonna try and find a job where you get 3 hour lunch breaks He He.

To be fair, once Iíve been to the gym Iím sweet-o. Itís when I donít get that it gives me the hump!

Obviously I had to earn my 70p (or whatever poxy money Iím on a day) by cleaning my landing before I went to the gym, but I can assure you they get 70p worth out of me :)

Both the Manchester sides are looking strong and Chelsea have come out of the traps slow, so I think weíll leave the football chat there.

Itís like being on the terraces in here in the 80ís I tell yuh, as thereís standing room only, Not on my wing luckily enough, but on others they are making single cells into doubles by putting one bed on top of another. Iíd be fuming, but all them rioters have had a knock on effect, so these gaffs are full to the brim. Iím barricading up. No squatters are welcome here. Iíve got my rights you know Ha Ha.

I look at this gaff sometimes and I swear Iím on a hospital wing, as thereís so many mongrels here and Iíll tell you another thing: theyíre the best solicitors in the world; they tell you how long you should have got. To be fair, Iíve only met 3 people who are guilty, the rest are ďINNOCENT.Ē Donít get me wrong, I know our system is corrupt and stinks, but you have to see some of these bods to believe it. I donít even think their mothers love them Ha Ha.

I only have it with a handful in here and, of course, I like to keep the spirits high, so the wind-ups have still been happening.. Let me give you an example and letís hope people donít take offence (but Iím sure there will be a few do-gooders on my site that will). Anyway, thereís this Jewish geezer called John. I said to John that we mustnít talk about ďBelsenĒ as I have sad memories about it because my granddad died there. 2 weeks later Iím getting more sympathy from old John-boy when I said to John ďI think weíve got our wires crossed.Ē

ďWhy?Ē he said.

I said ďWell, it was my granddadís own fault he died as he went to work pissed and fell out of the watch-tower!Ē

Even he laughed and told me to fuck off.

This gaffs like a revolving door still, but on the whole the gaffís a cess pit full of innocent Rednecks. But no dramas because everyone has their day and I wonít ever have to look at them again.

So, until my next script, I hope everyone is enjoying life, as this ainít a rehearsal. Remember: Itís better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

The General

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