9th October 2011



I hope all is cushty your end mate. Myself, I’m sweeto. It’s Sunday night the 9th October 2011 and after my little adventure of going down the Unit etc. I was eventually put on Normal Location on C Wing in “KNIFEPOINT.” At first I refused to come back up as I was told that I was being shipped out and that’s what I wanted from this Junky Eyed cess pit. Anyway, the SO (Senior Officer) down the Unit talked me into it. I said “OK, I’ll do it but when I get a knockback from my West Ham Rolex (tag) I’ll be making sure I’m out of this gaff!”

Next thing you know 2 or 3 weeks have passed. I go and sit my Tag Board and, beat that, I got it! They couldn’t bring up about me being down the block, as they fucked up and didn’t charge me in the first 48 hours. So I’m going home in the morning “YEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAA!” Whilst I was in the Unit I got my prison law solicitor on the case, who wrote to the number One Governor here, as there must be 876 governors here; it’s a joke (on a right few quid as well). All joking aside, there’s between 15 and 20 of them. “RIDICULOUS!” I will be putting his details on my website in case anyone has someone “behind the door” who needs help. He knows the ins and outs of prison, as he was a screw for 24 years. Very handy, I tell yah!

To be honest, when I was swagged and taken down the block it was quite nice ‘cause I didn’t have to listen to everyone’s bollocks. I’ll give you an example: this geezer found the need to tell me he used to have 30 blokes working for him, he’s lost a hundred thousand pound contract and he used to have two running machines in his front room at home. No … not ONE but TWO (of course he did!)* By the way, this is the same bloke who’s never got any snout, always wants my newspaper that I have delivered and he ain’t got a tooth in his head!!

So I might not have had a TV, kettle or even my other bits and bobs, but I didn’t have to be round mongrels. So, to the screw who tried to bully people until he was put in his place, MR. CARLTON RAMATAN, thank you for crying to the security about me, as:

  1. I got shipped out
  2. I got peace and quiet
  3. I got my tag and I’m off home
  4. My last month six weeks flew as it broke my bus ride up!

I want to thank those people who put pen to paper from the bottom of my heart. Most days I would get two or three letters from men and women. I know I’ve got haters out there**, but they’re just pricks who hide behind keyboards on computers. Even some of the Cardiff that got nicked wrote to me, so I know as much as them. What was shown on YouTube is only half of it. I still have a few pals going up on trial for it, so I’ll leave it at that … Old Bill actually had 100 hours of footage.

Anyway, love and respect to people from whatever team who have supported me. THANKS X




* I thought I was the only one who knew loads of "ex millionaires" LOL
** And thank you for all the "charming" emails ... losers!

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