MacIntyre and Celebrity: The Two Faces


Here's a little quote from the MacIntyre FAQ on his site at :

Q. How does your job restrict your social life and relationships?
A. The problem is that people think I'm something that I'm not. I'm not a drinker and believe it or not I have never done drugs and I don't smoke, I don't even go to celebrity parties Have you ever seen me in Hello! ??? I have a few really close friends who I've known for 20 years, I keep a low profile and I just get On with my work. Sorry if you thought I had a celebrity lifestyle, but I don't. I just try to keep my feet firmly On the ground.

Now, I want you to remember that. MacIntyre says he does NOT lead a celebrity lifestyle, he keeps a "low profile" and you don't find him in HELLO Magazine, right?

He's also living in fear according to this article from the Daily Star on the right. It says that he's desperate to give his "secret long-term lover" and bride-to-be "the big family wedding she wants" but that "he fears they may have to marry in a registry office to avoid trouble."

You might think that all that sounds reasonable, or it could just be MacIntyre milking another bit of publicity (and sympathy) for himself again.

You see, MacIntyre was so worried that he got married in Langkawi, Malasia .... and in the desert in Dubai .... and in Richmond, Surrey .... and finally in Slane Castle, Dublin. Yup, so worried was he for their security that he married the woman FOUR times all over the shop! That's not a celebrity life-style, is it? Well, I think it is in anyone's book.

How do I know these facts? Did I have to spend months undercover? Adopt a new identity? Wheedle my way into his circle of friends? Offer to sell/buy drugs to/from them? Spend hundreds of thousands of pounds covertly following and filming the unfortunate couple?

Nah. I just spent 1.90 and bought a copy of HELLO Magazine! Remember? The mag that Donal says you don't see him in, as he doesn't lead a celebrity life-style?

Well, they gave this "non-celebrity's" wedding a FIVE PAGE spread on 8th August.

Oh, and by the way. Hello reveals that they only met in January. So much for the "secret long-term lover"!

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