by Jason Marriner

NEW RELEASE DATE: 29th March 2006

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Never judge a book by its cover - this is anything but just another volume on terrace violence.

Jason Marriner, the target of BBC1's "McIntyre Undercover" programme, now reveals the shocking hidden story behind this documentary and invites you to decide for yourself whether he is the "ugly face of football hooliganism" or the high-profile victim of a gross miscarriage of justice.

In "It's Only A Game", Jason is now at liberty to reveal the truth behind some of the most dramatic scenes ever broadcast, such as the away trip to Copenhagen and the infamous car journey to Leicester.

A "grass", stalking, incitement, counterfeit goods, drugs and offshore accounts - these were just some of the ploys used by McIntyre's band of unscrupulous reporters, armed with limitless funds to get their man at any cost.

Jason freely admits he's been a "nuisance" at football in the past but after 18 months' surveillance and 344 hours' worth of secretly-shot footage in the can, the reporters did not have a single crime recorded. So the show's producer simply cut, altered and edited each scrap to create an hour's worthy of severely distorted "entertainment".

What's more, having been slandered by this documentary to a TV audience of 7 1/2 million the same film is then used as the sole evidence to convict Jason and his friend, Andy Frain, of conspiracy to commit violent disorder and affray, for which Jason was sentenced to six years' jail.

A lesser man may well have buckled serving such a long time for crimes he did not commit, but not Jason. And with inimitable humour he reveals what really goes on behind bars - the scams, the knockbacks and an epic Cons v Screws football match - as he progresses through the prison system.

For this story is no mere act of bitterness on Jason's part, it is more a cautionary tale as what happened to him will almost certainly happen again - and next time it could easily be you.

However, "good will always follow bad," is a maxim Jason lives by and above all, "It's Only A Game" is a story about winning against the odds.


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