Apologies if I've got yer kit wrong. Those whose teams I can't identify get national strips - Mal
The following are a few of the emails we received when the website first appeared:

24 March 2006 21:34
the web site is a must! Glen(shaggy)
23 March 2006 20:10
Dvd came through the old door today so put it on after coming in from hard day driving round this country delivering goods.Had a sshit day at work but that changed after watching jasons dvd,,good to hear from the horses mouth(not thatyoure a horse pal)real stories of how it used to be in the good old 80s.Cant wait till the book comes out should be a great read just wish i knew enough people too organise a audience with jason as it would have been a good night ,never mind might get to one if you r round my neck of the woods.One good thing is that that cunt macintyre was labelled a grass which is what he is and people know the true events behind the documentry,Keep safe and keep beleiving one day he will get his commupance,
cheers jason for a goods night viewing
23 March 2006 17:59
Fair play to you mate for making a bit of bread since your release out of the nick. Grass intryre will no doubt come unstuck in the future he has upset to many to not get noticed. But looking forward to buying a copy of the book and im glad you doing well it could have happened to any one in any mob you were just unlucky. Great website though.
Big STE, wigan
23 March 2006 09:54
Keep on going Jason, Slovenian hooligans support you and your mates. 
Maribor Pivovarna Lasko - Viole
15 March 2006 10:00
Best wishes go out to the Boro fans injured last night. I got a lot of respect for Boro, one of the gamest firms in the country.
Paul - Richmond Spurs
14 March 2006 20:40
Just a quick note from a 80s Leeds Lad. A Leeds SC book will be coming out end of this year and your lot will be getting a few mentions !!
All the best and good luck with the site.
Ricky - Leeds Service Crew
14 March 2006 17:59
just found your website mate,fuckin brilliant,keep up the good work. just goes to show you can't keep a god man down.
all the best till the next time, elmo from glasgow.no surrender
09 March 2006 12:01
alrite mal...just been reading about the "real football factorys".good stuff?thing is theres been too many bollocks documentorys on firms etc so having something done by a well respected lad ie jason makes a change..im sure uve seen them with thier little jacket cams strange how they never actually get really involved when it goes off big time innit.......its a real pity that donal mcfuckintire didnt get a real hiding when he went away with chelsea instead of a little smack..best off luck with the upgrades etc to the site..
becksy ..burnley fc
Millwall Lad
08 March 2006 13:26
only jus come across this site of yours....
dunno if you remember about 3 years ago when you owned a gaff in kos,
think it was called bar 69 !!! we were the millwall boys who ventured to your club every night and had a right good piss up...
p.s i see that snitch mcintire (the muggy undercover fella) on the train the other day....
told him hes scum etc
millwall lad
07 March 2006 15:38
Found your site on the web a few weeks back and have to say I find it pretty funny! Your tongue in cheek comments and general overall outlook on life are truly uplifting and are the source behind my laughter. Also think that you're a perfect example of how to do things for yourself and not let any other pricks out there ruin it for you- no matter how hard they try. * COUGH* McIntyre.
Keep up the good work mate!
27 March 2006 21:49
Hello Mal and Jason
Just been bavck on the site, top banana and getting better still need to get the DVD to add to the collecton. Neither of you guys know me but the site is something I always look into and gets better everytime. followed you Jason since the Mcintyre shit and as the Chelsea sone goes Fuck em all especially him.
Anyway as I said you don,t know me but give my best to all the lads and keep up the good work and take it easy.
Mark cfc fanatic in Middlesborough
P.S nothing but respect for you!!!
24 February 2006 22:20
Hello Jason
Best regards and support from Croatia! Take care! Hope that I'll meet you one day in Chelsea.
Bad Blue Boys
Zagreb, Croatia
Legia Warsaw
24 February 2006 14:11
good website m8!!!! greetings from South Poland!!!!!legia warszawa!!
24 February 2006 01:11
hi jason
i am a 33 year old lad from manchester who loves football and like yourself loved the tear up in the 80s and 90s i followed man united all over the country,i was fucking gutted for you and andy when i saw the bull shit mcintyre was pulling on his tv show what a dickhead,anyway i work for dixons in manchester and last summer mcintyre came into my shop,i spotted him straight away and said fuck off out of my shop you are not welcome you grassing bastard,he looked shocked and took a step back and said what are you talking about,i said i am sticking up for mr marriner and mr frain who you stiched up,what right do you have taking peoples freedom away,he said i keep in contact with the prisons they are both in,and its the best thing that could of happened to them as they are doing well and learning,i responded and said fuck of mcintyre you are a marked man up north and down south and one day he will get his,he reported me to my head office and i got a final warning for my actions but i dont regret one word i said,anyway would love to come down london next time man u are playing down there and i will get you a beer mate,goodluck and well done with the site,please reply to my email
best regards
30 January 2006 09:51
Just got your DVD through the post. Two words mate "different class", an honest and genuine true account of you and what really happened. A must for all to see. Keep up the good work and stay Loyal.
FTP and God bless you.
Rossi (a true blues brother)
29 January 2006 18:05
Good afternoon
Just found your site via a link from Dodgy Daves site and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed what I saw.
Glad to see you have put your experience with THAT twat to good use (which in all honesty must piss him right off) and hopefully exploiting you infamy and making some money out of it...??
You dont know me from adam but I just wanted wish you well with whatever you do (and the book) you seem a decent bloke and I found your site refreshing in its honesty warts and all (cant wait for the book..!!) keep up the good work.
I will be down for Mr.Pyles benefit dinner in Feb and will hopefully introduce myself over a beer or three and just to make sure you have some spending money bring me a couple of your dvds and I will bung you twenty bar...!!
Take care.
Shaun (York)
16 January 2006 17:22
just dropping you an email to say well done with the website lads ive met jason in glasgow after an old firm match top bloke and also a gentelman keep up the good work and will defo visit site again from all the rangers lads
16 January 2006 12:36
alrite m8
looks like uve got the makings of a quality site here..good luck with the development
becks..burnley f.c
su su claret/blue army
16 January 2006 01:29
alright jason hows it going , like the web site , keeps me in the know over here in oz ,
all the best kelly     chelsea fc        sydney unit .
14 January 2006 18:09
Just came by your website after finding the adress at a football forum here in Sweden. Wanted to send all my best wishes to Jason for the new year from the boys around AIK here in Sweden. A big fuck off to McIntyre and all the best to you guys. Take care and keep up the good work with the website Mal.
13 January 2006 17:03
Quality mate, your website looks really good so far mate keep it going. 
All the best mate
Your old pal Will.
Ivan S.
11 January 2006 13:54
The website is great, you can tell you Jason that I wish him all the best in 2006.
11 January 2006 23:37
Hi there Jason or whoever run this site!
I was very happy to find this site,since i hade no idea that this was even existed. You got a really top site going on mate,real nice to see you livin on! Best regards to you Jason and chelsea!
09 January 2006 18:27
My name is BC and i am a local lad from where Jason was brought up. I have recently purchased the DVD that Jason currenty has out. I found it to be very easy to watch as Jason is a larger than life character.Someone a lot of Football supporters could relate to. He comes across as a very sharp individual who has got alot say ( in fact i found him very funny and ther is no doubting he is one street wise so a so) i also hope his book gives us an honest assestment of what really happened between him and Roger Cooks apprentice Donal Macintyre. It should be an interesting read ! Good luck with the book Jason.
All this from a Spurs supporter !
Rangers Dan
09 January 2006 11:53
Alrite its Rangers Dan, i would like to say well done for set up good website of your's and wish you all the best for 2006.
Glasgow Rangers
09 January 2006 09:50
06 January 2006 09:13
alright fella,just seen your site im a chelsea lad myself,keep it up looks proper,you should get a guestbook on there mate..
nice one.
Wolves Patriot
06 January 2006 06:29
Just to let you know we have put a link up on our Zimmer Crew Wolves site to your site: http://www.network54.com/Forum/227033 Zimmer Crew is just 'Older' Wolves lads! 
No Surrender!
Wolves Patriot
05 January 2006 02:06
heard about you and seen the tv documentary hope all thats in the past for you now.you come across as a top guy good luck for the future jason 
regards j of cardiff
County Lads
04 January 2006 22:28
Alright mate,
spoke to Jason the other night whilst he was on the phone to his pal from up here, just thought I'd send the link to our website to have a look at... http://www.countylads.com I've added your site to our links ( interactive page ) and told everyone to look at the comments on yours about ours up in court this week.
Nice one.
REGARDS from all up at Stockport.
04 January 2006 21:59
Hello Jason,
Just respect from an Italian geezer (who traveled ones and a while with chelsea in europe),and go on with yur site.
I hate mass media,these press parasites destroy more things then they can ever immagine
04 January 2006 21:56
hi lads,
good luck with your new site and dvd,proof that the cunts cant get a good lad down i look forward to hearing your views on your old nemesis.i'll post a link on our website so that any of the lads can visit or even purchase your dvd,feel free to post (although you will need to register first)!
regards, harry
03 January 2006 12:46
I purchased your DVD from you Saturday b4 the game against the brummies. Thanks for signing it for me great touch. Watched the DVD when I got home thought it was very good. Its good to see you havent let that prick Macyntyre fuck your life good stuff. Keep it blue. Cheers once again.
02 January 2006 18:38
hello mate first time i have looked on your website and so far so good looks very promising hope you had a good new year all the best from a very happy millwall fan
02 January 2006 12:07
As an old Service Crew lad, just thought i would say well done and respect for the site. Looks like it will be interesting as it develops. 
Regards to all the old Headhunters.
No Surrender
Leeds Service Crew
01 January 2006 16:53
Hello Jason,
Thought id drop you a line to say, great website mate. Anyway, good luck with your projects.
Andy & Terry
31 December 2005 02:06
Just got hold of your site mate, nice one. Remember the old days, Southampton away early 80's, Clapham and Twickenham lads in their end? Hilarious !!!!
Be good
Andy & Terry (Clapham)
Terrace Links
28 December 2005 16:20
Hi Mal,
Your link has been added. I've had a gander at your site and i'm VERY impressed. Keep up the good work mate.
Regards TL
28 December 2005 19:13
Well done on the website, its looking cracking i hope you add a forum or guest book soon.
Tell Jason well done and No Surrender !!!
24 December 2005 16:28
Looking forward to you website getting bigger and better. Have a nice christmas and all the best
A glasgow blues brother NO SURRENDER....
Partizan Supporters
24 December 2005 06:16
Wellcome back Jason!Greetings from Belgrade! We also hope see you near Serbia maybe in Belgrade soon.We didn't forgot our good relationship between fans on the end of 80's and at beginning 90's.Maybe time is changing but yours Chelsea and Headhunters still stay in our memories as synonym of bravery,originality and what's most importance-friends.
Regards,--Supporters PARTIZAN FC
23 December 2005 22:37
jason no surrender from the boys in tranent dukie
We are Lads!!!
22 December 2005 22:10
Zigga Zagga!!!
Greetings from Russia!
Jason, we liked your site! 
PS: How is Nightmare?)))
For us honour to cooperate with you! 
Still time Hello Jason and Andy and Merry Christmas!
Best regards, 'We are Lads!!!' portal
22 December 2005 19:14
I'm Martin from argentina, Colin gave your adress I have a shop here in Buenos Aires called Barrabrava & Hooligan this is our website www.barrabrava-wear.com.ar, whenever you wanna come to Buennos Aires you'll be welcome, i'll be in contact i have not too much time now, see you bye. Pdt. : sorry for my english
21 December 2005 19:59

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