9th October 2011


I received the following GOOD NEWS letter from Jason today:


I hope all is cushty your end mate. Myself, I’m sweeto. It’s Sunday night the 9th October 2011 and after my little adventure of going down the Unit etc. I was eventually put on Normal Location on C Wing in “KNIFEPOINT.” At first I refused to come back up as I was told that I was being shipped out and that’s what I wanted from this Junky Eyed cess pit..


24th September 2011


I received a letter from Jason today, postmarked 22nd September:

Alright Mal,

How are you my friend? Myself, I'm cushty. Well, let me tell you: since my last letter to you, the very next morning, I woke up to 25 screws at my door with one of the Governors of the prison telling me that I am being taken to the "BLOCK !" So, since then I have been held in Solitary Confinement.


19th September 2011

Here's the latest letter from Jason in HMP Highpoint North:

Alright Mal,

Well, here we are another month down the line. Time flies when you’re having fun :)

It’s Monday 12th September and can you believe it I’m behind my door. I went to the gym this morning as I do most days, Managed to get a 6 mile run in. Came back, got my dinner (if that’s what you call it) and got banged up. We normally get banged up for a good 3 hours over lunch, so when I get out I’m gonna try and find a job where you get 3 hour lunch breaks He He.


10th September 2011

My heart goes out to the loved ones, families  and friends of those who died in the atrocity at the Twin Towers on the 11th of September 2001.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning
we will remember them.

10th September 2011

I'd like to wish the English rugby team the very best of luck in the World Cup ... although I predict New Zealand to win.

9th August 2011

Jason says he sent me a letter a month ago, which I didn't receive! Bummer! Here's the latest from the General in Gaol:

Alright Mal,

As you can tell by the address, I’m still at Edmunshill stroke Highpoint North. The name of the gaff seems to change depending on what kanga you talk to. I think they all preferred it when it was a women’s nick. I ain’t got a clue what it was called then. All I know is that Myra Hindley dies here; please God she had a slow death with lots of pain. God, that was a bit like me watching Chelsea in the 80s … although we did have better times!!


12th July 2011

My thoughts are with you!

14th June 2011

Latest letter from Jason:

Alright mate,

Hope you’re cushty. Myself, I’m flying on auto-pilot in this crack den. Fuck me, some days I think I’m in a lunatic asylum; I tell you: the locals have all got six fingers and webbed hands and the rest are on smack, crack, fast and grass, uppers, downers, inners, outters, potions and lotions … and then there’s the prisoners! Ha Ha.


4th May 2011

14th February 2011

Jason has been moved yet again (for "security" reasons) to HMP Edmund's Hill. I just spoke with him and he's in great spirits as usual. "It is what it is" he said "but I'm not unpacking my stuff this time ... just in case. Ha Ha Ha!" They may try, but they'll never break our Jase! Here's his new address:

Jason Marriner
HMP Edmund's Hill

8th April 2011

Jason has been moved out of the Scrubs to HMP Highpoint:

Jason Marriner
HMP Highpoint

7th April 2011

Just got a letter from Jason which I thought I'd share with you all:

Alright Mal,

I hope this letter finds you well, myself: it’s cushty. Just bopping along, tip toeing through the tulips in a Junky’s Paradise.

Well, as you know, I got 2 years on Friday, which, compared to everyone else is a liberty but I’m pleased that they only got short sentences and mine’s sweet-o … I’ve done longer in the canteen queue. So the handbrake is now off of my bus ride. I’ll have a few stops and then I’ll get off. There’s still more Chelsea to go up on trial and sentencing for the ones that pleaded guilty. It was a liberty that the News and the papers made such a big thing out of a little altercation!!


25th March 2011

Yep, Jason got two years, which is a result in a way, as it was believed he'd get three. He came back from court to fifteen letters and says he will reply to everyone who writes to him. He asked me to thank all of you for your truly magnificent support and I'd like to thank you too for keeping my mate's spirits high. Bless you all!

Small personal note: please don't write/email me asking me to pass messages on to Jason. I don't have time. If you want to tell Jason something then please write directly to him. I will make sure that his current address is always updated.

19th February 2011

Jason has been found guilty and is now on remand awaiting sentencing. I believe that's on either the 24th or 25th March. Until then you can write to Jason (I know he'll appreciate it) at:

Jason Marriner
HMP Wormwood Scrubs
POBox 757
Du Cane Road
W12 0AE

If you want a reply then please make sure you include a stamped self-addressed anvelope with your letter.

If you'd like to send money in to Jason to help him out then send a crossed Postal Order made out to "The Governor" with Jason's name and number written prominently on the back. I'll keep you informed of what's going on.

16th February 2011

An important message about a proper stitch up in Jason's cae:

Hello Mal,

Been following Jasons case very closely , and wanted to give you an update.

It's pretty much the last day of his trial today. Summings up have been done by the CPS , and Jason and his five co defendants barristers have done their summing up to.

The judge has started his summing up , and will probably have an hour or so to do tomorrow.

The whole case has been a stitch up from start to finish.

Police showing footage of people walking down the road , claiming they are "shadowing Cardiff hooligans" etc , when all they are doing , as i said , is walking down the road on their way to the game.

Police more interested in filming trouble than stopping it!

A prime example seen from the Airial Support Unit camera.

At 2.06 you can see 3 police officers stand by the side of the road , and 4 police officers in the middle of the road. Instead of putting themselves between the two rival groups theypolice officer with the camera orders his 3 colleagues to go and stand by the side of the road , but leaves himself in the middle of the road to continue filming. This creates a vacum , which results in the forward motion that the prosecution have relied on in order to obtain convictions. It stinks. Also in this clip it can be seen at 1.10 a policeman hitting people , which cumulates at 1.15 with the officer hitting a black man stood there with his hands in his pockets. EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS A CAMERA ON A STICK IN THIS OFFICERS LEFT HAND , THE CPS DO NOT HAVE THAT FOOTAGE!

The other main camera , is called Magnet 15.

Irrelevant of what you see Jason doing , or not , the video that has been shown in court only lasts 2.59 minutes.

Incidently the CPS opened the trial along the lines of , "This is a Violent Disorder case where you will see NO evidence , and NO claims , of any punches thrown , kicks made , or objects thrown by Mr Marriner!"
(Work that one out for a Violent Disorder charge)

The whole incident was no more than 5 minutes long , but this video was edited down.

This video has been cut 8 times. At 0.18 , 0.52 , 1.35 , 1.56 , 2.22 , 2.38 , 2.50 and 2.58.

Now some may say it's not important , and i can understand the cuts towards the end of the clip , but the two cuts in the first minute just don't make any sense. They stink of a police cover up.

The police have 100 hours of CCTV footage , most of which is total nonsense.

SO , WHY WOULD YOU EDIT THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF FILM FOOTAGE DOWN FROM 5 MINUTES TO 3 MINUTES!!!!! IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE , AND AS I SAID STINKS OF A POLICE COVER-UP!!!!! Let's hope the jury pick up on it , and DEMAND to see the full unedited 5 minutes whilst they deliberate tomorrow.

They're really trying to get Jason , at any cost.

He's been charged with Section 2 Violent Disorder , and his 5 codefendants have been charged with Section 3 Affray. It stinks. This is a very serious charge Jason is on. It's the same charge that that idiot was on when he dropped the fire extinguisher of the top of Millbank at the student protests , and could have killed someone. That idiot got 31 months with a 'Guilty plea' , and rightly so. If Jason gets found guilty he could get 5 years. I just hope the jury understands the seriousness of the offence. (The barristers have said that the charges for all on this should have been Section 4 Threatening Behaviour at the very most)

Have also heard today that yet another person has had their Violent Disorder charge dropped by the CPS for trouble on the Kings Road as long as they pleaded Guilty to a different incident earlier in the day.

This is a liberty because it indicates that the CPS think their argument and case is weak for the incident on the Kings Road (Jasons), but are just hoping the jury won't understand the seriousness of the actual charge he is on but and may convict anyway.

From what i understand the judge has been "firm , but fair."

With the jury out tomorrow , lets just hope that they don't get carried away with the police and CPS obsession , and they can see through what has really happened.

Let's hope the jury come to the right decision.

Good luck


13th February 2011

I've been following Jason's case at Isleworth Crown Court and I think the jury will go out to arrive at a verdict be given on Thursday and sentencing is probably going to be on Friday. I have just received the following from Jake:

hi mal, i have never met jason but i know a lot of m8s who have an say what a lovley fella he is an how freindly and funny he is an how he woold do anything for any 1 .i was wondring why he is being dun 4 violent disorder when all the rest r being only dun for afray ?that dont seem right 2 me an the law seems 2 have it in 4 him an he coud get 3 or 4 yrs 4 it which is stupid cos a lot of pedos get less time then that .tell him form me 2 keep his chinup coz he is bein well an trully tucked up .jake from leeds

Well, Jake's obviously been following the case and is right. Jason is the only one to be charged with violent disorder. All the others are charged with affray, which begs the question: WHY?

One interesting and powerful point is Jake's observation that paedophile's get less time ... and he's right:

  • George Lee Lindo, A PAEDOPHILE who used Kilburn library to view child pornography has been handed a two-year supervision order.
  • Convicted paedophile Donald Main broke into a house while a 12 year old boy was home alone in Moray, breaching a sexual offences prevention order banning him from making contact with any child under the age of 17 - sentenced to 27 months!
  • Michael Brook, a paedophile in Wakefield who downloaded hundreds of images of children and used his phone to take pornographic images of a young girl sentenced to a three-year community order.
  • Former police constable Jordan Janssen sentenced to 12 months in prison for distributing indecent images of children and 4 months for making 183 indecent films and images of children.


4th February 2011

Absolutely ridiculous! Sacking Andy Gray and Richard Keys for a little bit of banter! It's the sort of thing you'd hear anywhere ... even on TV. No one from "Loose Women" seems to get sacked for saying far worse! In fact, if everyone who made similar remarks got the sack there wouldn't be a builder working today!

26th January 2011

It is with deep regret that I have to announce the death of my dear pal, Lee Rabbets, at the young age of 35. We have been friends for over 25 years and he was a good lad ... one of the best. Lee was a fighter, a battler; he suffered from Leukaemia and beat it. But on one of his visits to the hospital he contracted Swine Flu and succumbed. My thoughts and sympathies are with Lee's family. Goodbye old friend.

14th December 2010

If you live in this country then you are lucky to live in a society that says you have the right to hold your own opinions and upholds your right to protest. Those rights are part of what this country is about and have been fought for and died for by our fellow countrymen and anyone in the world who believes in democracy and the rights of the individual to express themselves. There are many places in this world where you would NOT have the luxury of opening your mouth to criticise the government or regime. There are places where such actions would see you arrested, imprisoned, possibly tortured and/or put to death.

I think it is absolutely disgusting and a moral disgrace that a small minority of you disrespect the men and women who gave THEIR lives to give YOU the freedom that you enjoy today. Those people are heroes in the truest sense of the word. I don't care whether you are students, anarchists, muslims or whatever. I don't care if you're black, white, pink, yellow, red, brown or purple. This ain't about race or religion it's about respect. Respect for those who thought so highly of freedom that they gave their most precious possession - THEIR LIVES - to give you the right to express yourselves. LEAVE THE MONUMENTS THAT COMMEMORATE THEIR SERVICE AND THEIR SACRIFICE ALONE!

30th September 2010

I would like to offer my love and respect to my two very good West Ham friends Martin and Steve Hall who have just sadly lost their father. I know that he will be sorely missed by the lads.

9th August 2010

For ticket enquiries please either email Rachelle Stevenson or phone her on
07584 193126

7th August 2010

12th JULY 2010

I remember the days, I remember the time
When being a Protestant wasn't a crime.

You got lifted for thieving or dealing in hash,
Not wearing a blue scarf or singing the sash.

When the shirt of our Rangers could be so proudly worn,
Not tramped in the gutter and treated with scorn.

When the songs of our culture were sang loud and clear,
But now we're a culture riddled with fear.

We can't tell those fenians it's time to go home.
The Billy Boys have gone so No Pope of Rome.

We must stand together ... or together we fall
Like the days of Lord Carson we must answer the call.

And shoulder to shoulder together let's stand;
Let's fight for our country - our wee Promised Land


12th June 2010

Happy 50th Flynnie. Thanks for a great party last Saturday.


Happy 30th to Michelle Hendry. Looking forward to the party but only after watching England play :-)x


The towns are empty, the streets are quiet,

No sign of a fight, even less of a riot.


The English are waiting in anticipation,

Eleven men and one ball uniting our nation.


Now is the time for the English to rise,

Pride in our hearts and fire in our eyes.


Standing together we show our support,

Strong and unwavering giving in to naught.


Rule Britannia, God save the Queen,

Show the rest of the world what being English means.


Compose yourself, take a breath

"I am English to my death!"


COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19th May 2010

Happy second birthday to the CYF's number one baby Laila Huskinson from Blieu and Ashleigh. BIG KISS!

17th May 2010




A Little Bit of History


10th May 2010

Jason says: "Thank you to all the people who have kept my phone hot calling and texting me congratulations on Chelsea winning the Premier League, but it's funny how all my Tottenham friends seem to have forgot me number. Well done to Steven Gerrard for being Chelsea's twelfth man ... mine's a double!"

9th May 2010

Jason's Killer Bitch Gallery is now open. You can find it HERE.

8th May 2010

A short clip from "Killer Bitch", which can now be bought from Amazon HERE for just £7.95!


6th May 2010

Last Thursday saw the premier of "Killer Bitch" in Mayfair London. It's a very funny, gritty (and naughty) little film starring some of the underworld's top faces but, I have to say, Jason stole the show. He took a lead role in the film and showed that he has considerable acting skill.


The website will feature more about Jason and "Killer Bitch" over the coming week or two. But for now, here's a report on the premier featuring an interview with Jason:


7th March 2010

This is an incredible hot-metal-cast collector's piece, based on Charlie Bronson's famous "Door" that has featured so much in his art and has been authorised in writing by Charlie himself. Charlie is 100% behind the project and a great admirer of the artist who created it. He has seen the piece and says he thinks it's "... absolutely amazing. Mark has captured my art like no one else and I'm very excited about it."

This is the first of a three piece set and is an absolute must for any serious Bronson supporter. Almost a whole kilogram of fine English Pewter goes into every one of the six inch high, numbered Limited Edition pieces which were designed, molded, cast and finished by the extraordinarily talented artist and master-caster Mark Williams.

Charlie has thousands of supporters up and down the United Kingdom and around the world, but only 131 pieces will be cast, with piece number 131 being reserved for Charlie himself. Quite a few have already gone!


Get yours now at www.freebronson.co.uk

4th March 2010

It's been a while since the site was last updated as Jason has been incredibly busy over the past couple or three months. Exciting news is coming your way about Jason in "Killer Babe" (formerly "Killer Bitch"), so keep coming back. It's also been a while since I featured any emails, so here you go.

1. Hi Jase,

Got your dvd out again the other day, it always makes me smile. I love your comments on blokes taking their girlfriends to the football, i think the same. What a load of bollox that is, the football should be grown men who have a right good piss up, have a laugh and a fight if possible! Your comments on your charges about the somalian had me in stiches, class mate. Have you thought about doing comedy as a stand up act, you really are a sharp lad, witty and a proper bloke, you should consider it Jase.

Any news on any more books, dvds or films that you are going to be in or make?

2. Hello Jason

I wondered if you had any contacts in the Edinburgh area that could "spread the word" for me?

A good friend of mine is being very unfairly attacked for exposing a pedophile in Bo'Ness near Edinburgh and the nonbce is getting away with it!


This arse is awaiting extradition to the USA on these and other charges - but I feel local people should be aware that he has moved up from Cleveland to Bo'Ness.

Danny B
3. allright jason
how are we m8
am a big fan of ye
you gave my dad your autograph when you were up in glasgow he was your taxi driver :D
whens the next time your coming back up ?
write back
no surrender
lest we forget
god save the queen !
Rangers Fc & Chelsea Fc Blue Bros !
4. Hey Jason,

Just thought I'd say g'day, as I recently purchased a copy of your book from amzon and couldnt put it down. Fantastic read considering the Macintyre Undercover was shown here way back in 2000, and I still have the VHS copy I made when it was aired. I knew it was mostly shit but reading your side of the story I couldn't believe the extent he went to to stitch you guys up. Anyway, once again, a great book, a funny read that I'll be recommending to all my mates who are into football, most of them have seen the programme, it would probably give you and Andy a bit of a laugh to hear that it was shown all the way over here! Check out Melbourne Victory if you ever have the chance, that's our club, the league over here is only 5 yrs old, before that we only had smaller leagues, kind of local stuff, so this is the country's national attempt at football. Standards are not as high yet but thhere's not a hell of a lot of money in it yet. Aussie Rules and Rugby dominate everything here but the A league seems to be geting more popular, also with our national side doing a bit better than they used to. Anyway just thought I'd drop you a line and say cheers from Melbourne.


25th December 2009

from Jason and Mal

17th December 2009

Oi! Do yourself a favour if you are one of these people who like pie and mash (personally I love the stuff!): go and have a look at Mal's new Pie and Mash website. He seems to be very pleased with it and now I've taken a look at it I can see why. It's got tons of info, lists and details of all the shops that sell it and you can even write your own reviews and rate the shops. And don't forget to write something nice in his guest book!

8th December 2009

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun? It was nine years ago today that I was sentenced to six years imprisonment thanks to Donut MacInliar. And do you know the only reason I can remember the date? Because it was the day my lovely niece Rosie was born.

Happy Ninth Birthday Rosie

8th November 2009

Here you go. A section of Celtic fans disgraced themselves yesterday by singing republican anthems during the minute's silence held before their match at Falkirk! I am speechless with anger and will let the video speak for itself.

12th October 2009


I went to court today to face a charge brought under Section 5 of the Public Order Act (goes back to December of last year.) I went to represent myself, having gone Not Guilty earlier in the year. First thing they ask is: "Do you want to go in by yourself?"

Once I'm in they ask me a second question: "Would you consider going Guilty to a lesser charge?" Now, I don't know about you, but when I know I'm NOT Guilty I'm not about to plea bargain. So I reply an emphatic "NO!"

The Judge asks the prosecution to speak. They say "There is no charge to answer," and I'm a free man. Result!

But ... how sneaky of 'em to try to get me to cop a plea when they know that they can't offer any evidence against me?

11th September 2009

Michael Shields

I'd just like to say that it's about time the powers that be got their bloody act together and released Liverpool fan Michael Shields. At the very least this totally innocent man deserves an apology for the four years he was locked up. To Michael I sincerely wish all the best with his new-found freedom.

12th August 2009

Ronnie Biggs and son Mike Biggs on receiving the news

Mal Says: I just thought you might like to see the absolute delight on Ronnie Biggs' face after hearing that he had been granted parole at last. Such pictures warm the cockles of me heart. I'd like to give a special mention to the principal campaigners for his release: son Michael Biggs, Mike Grey, Tel Currie and lawyer Giovanni de Stephano. Mike Grey very kindly sent me the following message:

Mal & Jason,

I visited Ronnie yesterday,

First of all, He said to say to you "Thank you",

Hes been reading mine & Tels book as we discussed you fellas and the support you have given us, and Ronnie pointed to his A-Z laminated Sheet and spelt "Tell Mal and Jason Thank you"

Now ask me: are Jason and I chuffed?

8th August 2009


After the fantastic news yesterday that Jack Straw has granted Ronnie his belated freedom, I should like to join everyone in wishing him a happy 80th birthday.

I also wish to express my sorrow at the untimely death of my good friend Don "The Gas" yesterday. Don was a very well-liked man who always showed the utmost respect to me and was a true gentleman.

"It's Only A Game - Life As A Chelsea Headhunter"
by Jason Marriner

Jason admits to having been "a bit of a nuisance" in the past. In this, his first book, he tells his story in a frank and honest way ... and what a story it is. This is no run-of-the-mill series of "we done them" and "we run them" tales, but a proper account which blows the lid off the deceitful shenanigans that Donal MacIntyre got up to in the name of "investigative reporting". How 344 hours of  covertly shot BBC video was cunningly edited down to an hour to paint an unjust and prejudiced picture of him. He tells the story of the disgraceful court case (trial by TV) and his time "away" at Her Majesty's pleasure. And you'll absolutely love reading the actual court transcripts of how Jason's legal team put the screws on the self-important MacIntyre in court, tied him up in knots and made him sound like a dishonest egotistical pillock who seemed to believe that he was above the law.

This is a book that you simply MUST read mate, 'cos this could so easily be YOU!


2nd August 2009

(1933 - 2009)

The man is a legend. I have always had the utmost respect for Sir Bobby and football has lost not only a character but a man who shaped football in both England and Europe. I could spout on for ages about him, but I'll just quote two people who had something to say about him:

John Terry:

"His immense contribution to the game will be just one of his enduring legacies. His incredible success on the field was fuelled by a passion for the game that was unrivalled and evident in everything he did.

"He was a gentleman and the consummate professional. He was an inspiration to me, the other English players and countless other players in this country and around the world. He will be sorely missed by all."

Jose Mourinho:

"It was hard for me [to hear the news] because I didn’t want to think that he was dying, it wasn’t that image of Bobby Robson that I wanted to keep forever. I wanted, and I will always keep it with me, the Bobby Robson of every day, a man with an extraordinary passion for life and football, with extraordinary enthusiasm."

29th July 2009

Jason Says: "It's a fucking liberty. OUR OWN British Police have been banned from wearing badges supporting OUR British troops. What arsehole has decided that our PCs aren't PC and may offend immigrants to OUR country? I haven't met one immigrant who is offended by the sentiment. The only people who seem to be offended are the white loony left ... oh ... and the ONE member of the public who complained! These people make me sick. Our boys and girls are out there risking (and losing) their lives and all THEY can do it bleat on about upsetting some hypothetical migrant who has come to OUR country to benefit from OUR system. So, our British Bobbies aren't allowed to show their personal feelings towards their own country and their own comrades in arms. It's nothing short of an infringement of their personal liberties. These days, it seems, that anyone supporting their country and voicing their opinion against Muslim extremists is automatically branded a Nazi. So, you're a Nazi if you don't like the idea of of ordinary British people being blown to bits while going about their own business in their own country! Like I say, these people make me SICK!

25th July 2009

Leyton and Wanstead MP Harry Cohen has been supporting the righteous campaign to get Ronnie Biggs released. The following is his speech in Parliament on 21 July 2009:

I wish to raise the case of the prisoner, Ronnie Biggs. A fortnight ago the Secretary of State for Justice made a decision on his case. His son, Michael Biggs, invited me to visit him in prison, HMP Norwich. I applied to the governor to visit. I wanted to see if this 80-year-old was a threat to society. His son said that his health was frail, so I wanted to see what sort of condition he was in, and how that related to the Secretary of State’s decision. My application to visit was turned down by the governor, which I think is quite exceptional.

I wrote to Ministers and I received a reply from the Justice Secretary, who wrote that the governor, Mr. Paul Baker, thought that

“such a visit would cause significant disruption to the hospital on top of the disruption which the hospital has already experienced.”

I was surprised at that. I still think it was the wrong decision, but the Secretary of State went on to say:

“That said, I also think it is reasonable to ask him to facilitate such a visit in the future”.

I hope that that will take place, but it was wrong, in my opinion, to deny me a visit in such circumstances.

The real issue is the Secretary of State’s decision to overturn the Parole Board’s recommendation that Mr. Biggs be released. That was an unreasonable and cruel decision, and there is some evidence that has been put forward by some lawyers that it was a misuse of power and, indeed, ultra vires. Clearly, Mr. Biggs had to spend his time in prison, but his 30-year sentence was excessive. I looked up the Dome diamond robbers, who I think are pretty comparable to those who took part in the great train robbery. Two of them got 18 years, two got 15 years and one got five years. Mr. Biggs would have been released if he had received such a sentence. His sentence was excessive in the first place. It is more comparable to the sentences passed on serious sex offenders and mass murderers, and was inappropriate.

Mr. Biggs has now served 10 years after surrendering in 2001. He was eligible for parole and was recommended for parole. The reason given for not granting him that was that he was not repentant. I have a letter from Mr. Chris Pickard, who was the ghost writer behind Ron’s autobiography, “Odd Man Out”. He states:

“I do, therefore, have to question who is advising and briefing Mr. Straw as most of what he has said about Ron in his ruling is simply factually wrong.”

“To say Ron is unrepentant goes against all the interviews Ron has given on the subject over the years and what he wrote in his autobiography in 1994. Ron has always abhorred violence and has not committed a crime since escaping from HMP Wandsworth back in 1965, other than entering a number of countries on a false passport. Why after over 44 years would Ron, who may never now walk again, return to a life of crime and how would he pull it off in his current state of health?”

To say that Mr. Biggs is unrepentant is plain wrong, and to say that he could benefit from crime is ludicrous. This is an ill man, who can hardly walk; I shall say a little about his ill health. He is not going on a speaking tour. He cannot earn from his crime—that would be against the law. It is the media who are imposing themselves on him, not Ron imposing himself on them, and that will happen anyway when he is released, unless he dies in prison, as some officials in the Home Office seem to want. That is unreasonable.

There is some dubiety—I think some craziness—about the legal powers being exercised by the Justice Secretary, using a law that has been repealed and another that was overruled by the Law Lords in 2002. There is massive inconsistency. The Secretary of State will not intervene in cases of murderers who have received life sentences, but he says that he can in cases involving lower offences, such as that of Mr. Biggs. He says that he cannot intervene on future cases, because the law has been changed, but he can on past cases. That is wholly inconsistent.

A case is being made by Mr. Biggs’s son, Michael, that there was some political element to the decision. The day before, the Secretary of State made a decision in relation to Michael Shields, the Liverpool man who is in prison in Bulgaria. He decided not to let him go, which I think was the wrong decision, but once he had made that decision, he had to make a similar decision in respect of Ronnie Biggs. Both were unreasonable decisions, and the motivation in the Ronnie Biggs case was unreasonable.

In reply to a point made by my hon. Friend the Member for Vauxhall (Kate Hoey) on the matter, the Leader of the House said that the Justice Secretary had made his decision to keep Ronnie Biggs in prison in the public interest. What public interest is there in keeping a frail 80-year-old man, who has served 10 years, in prison? It is a cruel penal policy, which many organisations for the elderly and the Prison Reform Trust say it is wrong to inflict on the increasing number of people in their 70s and 80s in prison, despite the fact that the severity of the crimes involved has not increased. Why do we have such elderly people in prison, when they should be outside?

My last point concerns Mr. Biggs’ ill health. He has suffered three strokes, cannot walk, cannot talk, cannot go to the toilet without a bag, has a nasal gastric feed, has broken his hip and his pelvis, has injured his spine, has acute pneumonia and is currently in Norwich general hospital. This is a man who is a threat to society, according to the Secretary of State for Justice. That is ridiculous. The decision should be reconsidered. It is not in the public interest to have an inhumane penal policy. We should have a humane policy, so I ask that it be reconsidered.

Good for you Harry

12th July 2009

My faith is true to me and my fellow protestants. As we approach a celebration of our faith, it's not just a walk or celebration but a time to remember the blood of our kin including Schomberg on the famous banks of the Boyne. Their only fight was to free us from popery and slavery. Now raise a glass to King William III Prince of Orange and the hallowed banks of the Boyne. Remember 1690 and have a great 12th.

6th July 2009

Two photos taken very recently of Ronnie Biggs in his hospital bed:

Now, does this look like a man who is a danger to the British public? Ronnie is dying, but Jack Straw still wants him to remain in prison to protect us all.

This is a Government that approved the release of James Bulger's foul and evil murderers earlier than their tariff allowed, to let them loose on the streets and then compounded it by giving them false identities, so they could walk among us. They may well live in your street and you wouldn't know it. Does that feel like a safe thing to do to you?

If you think Jack-off Straw is wrong then please help us to help Ronnie live out his last days with dignity and in freedom by signing Giovanni di Stefano's petition at http://www.studiolegaleinternazionale.com/petition.php4. More than 21,000 people already have, but he needs all the support he can get right now. So PLEASE give him more than just lip service. Add your name to the growing number of right-minded and just people who want to see him out now, while he still has a little time left.

Mal & Jason

2nd July 2009

Mal has nothing but blind outrage at that wanker Jack Straw's decision to go against the parole board's recommendation to release old and frail Ronnie Biggs. How many MPs are being arrested for stealing public money? What absolute hypocrisy!!!!!!

Baby Peter's murderers: Peter's mother was ordered to be held indefinitely, until "deemed no longer to be a risk to the public and in particular to small children", with a MINIMUM TERM OF FIVE YEARS. Her boyfriend was sentenced to life imprisonment for the rape, with a MINIMUM SENTENCE OF TEN YEARS, and a 12-YEAR SENTENCE for his role in the death of Peter, to run CONCURRENTLY. Jason "Owen" was also jailed indefinitely and will serve AT LEAST THREE YEARS. The sentences were criticised as too lenient by the NSPCC's chief executive, and the Attorney General considered referring them to the Court of Appeal for review, but concluded there was "no realistic prospect" of the Court of Appeal increasing the sentences. Where was fecking Jack Straw THEN???? It seems that stealing money (unless you're an MP) is a far more heinous crime than cruelly murdering a child!

Jack Straw should be thoroughly ASHAMED of himself for not giving due regard to the nature of crime rather than making random decisions about how truly serious a crime is and intervening when it is appropriate! Countless MPs should be indicted for FRAUD. "Oh, but I gave the money back when I was discovered." If that philosophy was applied to the general public then the prisons would be virtually empty.

Ronnie Biggs is far from innocent, but he played a very minor part in a crime where EVERYONE received a 30 year sentence. He was a carpenter NOT a criminal mastermind. Those 30 year sentences were responsible for criminals throughout the UK saying "Well, if I'm going to get 30 years for robbery I might as well go tooled up." What Jack Straw (SPIT) forgets/ignores is that, by his decision, he is perpetuating that idea. Straw's only concern seems to be that Ronnie got publicity during his years of freedom and made the government seem stupid. Well people, do you believe we have an intelligent or stupid government?

So, come on down Jack Straw and explain to us plebs how a frail old man who is wheel chair bound, cannot talk or feed himself and will probably spend his remaining days in a hospital is a menace to society. Is there a fear that he will transmit his evil plans to the criminal fraternity via the cards he uses to spell out words? I can easily see how you can equate Ronnie with Lex Luther when you live in fantasy world!

1st July 2009

At first I hoped that this was some sort of April 1st Joke ... but it's July 1st and it's no joke:

Train robber Ronnie Biggs refused parole: minister

LONDON (AFP) — One of Britain's most notorious criminals, Ronnie Biggs, was refused parole Wednesday by Justice Secretary Jack Straw who said the 79-year-old train robber was "wholly unrepentant".

Straw said Biggs had "outrageously courted the media" during more than three decades on the run after escaping from prison in 1965, where he was serving a 30-year sentence for his role in the 1963 Great Train Robbery.

In a statement, Straw said: "Mr Biggs chose to serve only one year of a 30-year sentence before he took the personal decision to commit another offence and escape from prison, avoiding capture by travelling abroad for 35 years whilst outrageously courting the media.

"Had he complied with his sentence, he would have been a free man many years ago."

Biggs' lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano told the BBC the decision was "perverse" and "obscene", and said his client was in an extremely frail state.

He said: "He is in hospital, he has a nasal gastric feed, he has had three strokes, he can't walk, he can't talk... all the other (Great Train Robbers) served a third of their sentences. Why should Mr Biggs be different?"

The Great Train Robbery saw a 15-strong gang hold up a London to Glasgow mail train, making off with 2.6 million pounds in the money of the day.

The gang attacked the train driver with an iron bar. The driver never returned to work and died seven years later without making a full recovery.
[Mal says: "This shit about the driver has been regurgitated time and time again. It has been proved beyond doubt that the driver died of natural causes that were completely unrelated to the injuries he suffered during the raid, but the press love to bring it up in some vain attempt to justify the ridiculous sentences handed out. I was bashed on the head a number of years ago. When I eventually die will it be linked to that event?"]

Biggs played a minor role
[NOTE: "minor role"] in the hold-up but was jailed for 30 years in 1964, but escaped by scaling the wall of the prison and jumping onto the roof of a furniture van.

He eventually fled to Brazil, where he was often pictured in British newspapers enjoying a party, but handed himself over to the British authorities in 2001 and was sent back to jail.

This is a vindictive and spiteful decision by a minister who is obviously completely devoid of the human emotion of compassion. Ronnie "fell out of bed" a few days ago and broke his hip while being guarded by three prison officers. How much more suffering do the government and "Justice" ministers want him to endure before they let him out to die in freedom and peace?

Jason says: "I'm gutted for Ronnie and my heart goes out to him and his family. I thought that prison was meant to rehabilitate you, not for you to die in. This is an absolute outrage and a right fucking liberty!"

24th June 2009

Congratulations to the following for winning a DVD copy of the new film "STOIC" :

Matt S.
Andrew C.
Simon M.
Chris C.
Mike D.
You have all been emailed and I await your addresses so that I can send you your copies of this amazing film.

21st June 2009

You may have noticed in the papers recently that Donal McIntyre was beaten up in a wine bar in Hampton Court. You may also have noticed MY name being brought up in those same articles. I just want to say at this point that I had nothing to do with the fracas and had no idea it had taken place until I read about it in The Sun.

I do wonder, though, why McIntyre chooses to drink just a couple of miles from where he fitted me up. In an area where I have a lot of friends who, for their own personal reasons, don't like him. This is a big country, with countless drinking holes, so I have to ask: "Why there?"

Another question in my mind is: If your missus had a suspected tumour and had a brain scan tomorrow, would you be taking her out for a drink (or anything) the night before?

McIntyre made his name on the back of people like me on prime-time BBC. Such a great investigative journalist that, these days, he's on Channel 5 and various mediocre channels, has to get onto "Dancing On Ice" to get his name up again with a big channel and feature his family heavily in the press when he gets into trouble. Now, Roger Cook, THE best investigative journalist ever - would he have gone drinking in an area known to be heavy with members of the Triads?

16th June 2009

Inspired by a real life account of the violence and brutality behind the bars of one of the world’s most notorious prisons, STOIC tells the story of the bloody aftermath of a shockingly violent death at the hands of three infamous hooligans.

Shifting between the police interrogation and flashbacks leading up to the event itself, the shocking truth behind what three brutal criminals are capable of is eventually revealed.

Starring Edward Furlong (AMERICAN HISTORY X, TERMINATOR 2), STOIC is a gripping, visceral and distressing tale of hard men trapped in an even harder place that will stay with you long after the doors slam shut …

I'm lucky enough to have seen a pre-release copy of STOIC and I can tell you it's a film well worth watching.

STOIC is Certificate 18, RRP £15.99 and released on 22nd June and to celebrate the release I have secured 5 copies of the DVD to GIVE AWAY.

All you have to do is email me by clicking on mal@jasonmarriner.com with the subject heading STOIC before the end of Sunday 21st June. All entries will be entered into a random draw, from which five winners will be chosen. The winners will be notified and asked for their addresses and the DVDs will be sent next week and it won't cost you a penny. Touch!

Please note that the competition is restricted to people with addresses in the UK.


29th May 2009


I want to take this opportunity to wish our lads every success in our ninth  FA Cup Final, when we take on Everton tomorrow. We've scored more goals (15) than any other side in the Cup this season and Everton have NEVER beaten us in 22 competition matches. They haven't won it since 1995 ... their first time for eleven years ... and haven't seen the Final since. Since then we've won it THREE times (1997, 2000 and 2007).


28th May 2009

CHELSEA took Barca to the wire, came third in the Premiere League and are playing in the FA Cup Final on Saturday. But ... get this ... Peter Kenyon has stated that there will be NO Chelsea Homecoming Parade!

Why? Because he says that the Police needed to look after the fans would cost too much! That is OUTRAGEOUS!

For some reason I always (perhaps naively) thought that football was all about the fans. Without us where would the teams be? Kicking around on a Sunday pitch with half a dozen mates and a dog watching them! Doesn't Kenyon realise that it's the FANS who pay for him? The fans who pay for every aspect by buying the merchandise and attending the games to support OUR team? The Fans have made Chelsea and other teams like them what they are today.

But it seems that the FANS are no longer important to Kenyon ... well, not nearly as important as money and business!

27th May 2009

From Giovani de Stephano:


27 May 2009: Mike Gray the author of the book has an Interview with RTN (Round Town News Newspaper) the largest Ex-Pat newspaper on the Costa Calida (& Costa Blanca) on Monday, June 8th in AMIGOS BAR, San Pedro Del Pinitar, Costa Calida at 2pm and will be having a Book Signing in the Bar as well, following the Interview.

BUY THE BOOK its really good and if you are in Spain at that time listen and go to the bar for a drink and buy the book.

20th May 2009

Jason Marriner & Friends 2009 Tour

With guests FREDDIE FOREMAN, CARLTON LEACH, DAVE COURTNEY. Members of the audience will have the opportunity to take part in a Question and Answer session.

Friday 29 May at 7.30pm at St David's Hall, The Hayes, Cardiff CF10 1AH [MAP].

Tickets are £25 Tier 1 & Centre Stalls, £20 All other areas (Plus a £1.50 per ticket booking fee for all credit and debit card transactions.) To book either call the Box Office on 029 2087 8444 or BOOK ONLINE

18th May 2009

1. Jason,

Good luck my friend with the launch of your book on Friday, Apex have done Me & Tel & Biggsy really proud recently, I'm sure they will for you aswell,

See you Soon,
Take Care
Mike Gray
PS- Any book signings lined up ?
2. My name is Johnny, I'm thug & support Club de Futbol Monterrey, A.C. from Mexico, Great site, you are one of my idols., maximum respect.

Oi! & Beers!!

17th May 2009

On May 22nd, Tel Currie’s long awaited book Left Hooks And Dangerous Crooks is released. It's the story of the fight game - from the start to today. If you read the comments of those who got a pre-read you will see it’s a book not to miss (link)! The truths, the lies, the myths they are all in here.

Tel says: "I'd like to thank Charlie and Veronica Richardson, Roy Shaw, Mike Gray and especially Mal Vango. Here’s what Mal thinks of the book:"

"I have known Tel for years and years .. and then some. He is genuinely respected by ALL the Chaps and has been a trusted confidante to all. Tel was responsible - in the early days - for introducing me to people like Freddie Foreman, Charlie Richardson, Roy Shaw and many other names that you would be very familiar with. Let me tell you that an introduction from Tel to people like that is like getting a personal written introduction from Ronnie and Reggie.

One thing I have learned about Tel over time: he doesn't bullshit. If Tel says something is so ... then something is exactly so! Tel allowed me the privilege of reading this book long ahead of it's release date and I can tell you that it is packed with myth-busting truths, many of which I was completely unaware of. It's a compulsive read. I know 'cos I couldn't put it down.

I don't bullshit either when I recommend this book to you and say that if you buy only ONE book this year then buy THIS ONE!"


12th May 2009

1. Dear Jason,

Just wanted to say good on you for all you've done with your site, your book and getting your message across. Looks like you have massive respect from football fans all over the UK.
I've met plenty people out and about out and about, (am a big Chelsea fan but am at Woking most weeks) who know you and all say your a great bloke.

A bloke at the pub i drink at in Farncombe was involved with the ICF in the 80's and has told me many stories, he's in his early 40's and is one of the nicest blokes i know. (i'm 19).

Anyway I just wanted to know if you've made your return to Stamford Bridge yet? I noticed you were planning to get to that West Ham game in mid december but it didn't work out, was just wondering whats going on now?!

Also, i read the story about the guy from Stoke who was in and out of prison with a heroin problem who used you as inspiration to turn his life around, must be fantastic for you to hear stories like that? How is he doing now?

Hope your well mate,
Take care,
2. Hi Jase,
Are you still not allowed to go to the games? I thought your ban had now finished but i saw that you were still having trouble with the old bill? Why won't they leave you be? I think it's a joke mate that you get wrongly punished then they still find petty excuses to stop you watching the football. Anyone would think you were a murderer the way the old bill keep up this nonsense. Hope you are well mate and that Chelsea win the European cup, anyone but f'ing Man U please!

3. The site is excellent Jas, keep up the good work!. You've much support across the globe, fuck MacIntyre and all who follow him.

All the best,
Respects and Regards.


15th April 2009

I would like to send a truly heart-felt message of sympathy and support to all the families and friends of the Liverpool fans who died so tragically 20 years ago today at Hillsborough.

It was a tragedy of epic proportions and, regardless of who we each support, no-one deserves to lose their life at a football match.

Everybody remembers where they were on that day. Personally, I was getting nicked at Leicester.

Jason Marriner

11th April 2009


The following is an announcement by Giovanni di Stephano:

" I am pleased to confirm that the Parole Board will meet on the 23rd April 2009 at their London HQ to decide on the above matter. Mr Biggs will be notified the same day and a decision made that very day regarding the date of release. The earliest date of release is July 3rd 2009. I have attached below a copy of my submissions to the Board."


10th February 2009

Yesterday I heard from my solicitor whether the Police intend charging me about that nothing incident a few weeks ago. Well, guess what? They ARE intending to charge me. Now ask me: "Am I surprised?"

On another track completely, I'm already getting emails about Sime's inspirational story below. Here's one from a Man U fan:

What a story that was, touched me bigtime, how somebodys miscarriage of justice can help another person is unbelievable. Anyway thanks for posting his story..... as a Man U fan, good luck with finding a new manager, looks like it could be Hiddink, top bloke. Hopefully Benitez is next to go, but only after he has fucked Liverpools season up.

take care pal
hope u come back up to stockport soon

9th February 2009

I'd like to wish Jade Goodey every success with her treatment for cancer. Yeah, we all know the stories that the newspapers have carried about her in the past, but fuck 'em. She's a human being and deserves treating like one. My best wishes to you Jade for a long and healthy life.




Now, I feel I need to make something clear: This thing with Donal MacIntyre is NOT about me working with the pratt or making money from some association with him. I think you all know what I think about MacIntyre by now. Read my book if you're in any doubt. He cost me a few years of my life for gawd's sake, so I'm not about to cosy up to the prick! It's purely and simply about getting the chance to put MY side of the story over and give the great British public the truth, as you'll see when it's done. It's a head-to-head at the end of the day, not some documentary that I'm making with him. END OF!

8th February 2009

It's very rare that we get a story to warm those proverbial cockles that are supposed to inhabit our hearts, but today is one such occasion. Please take the time to read the following story from Simon, who felt compelled to tell us what Jason means to him:

MR. Nobody

I was going into life hoping and praying to be a professional footballer when I left school. I come from a working class family, who believe in working for a living as soon as you leave school!

Married, kids an all the settling down at 18-19,just like every lad growing up I thought I knew everything. Going out on a Friday and all day Saturday night on the ale, fighting or pulling a bird. If none of that happened, the weekend was shit! So just for mum and dad I worked. But from day one I hated been told what do- still thinking I could still make a footballer. Then entered what I thought a Laff, something I thought I could handle:
Heroin. I tried everything else. It was only a bit of brown powder.

Weight was dropping off me fast. I was stopping in at weekends not going out, people were talking saying this, that. I wasn't bothered. I was off me head all the time. Then it hit me bad. I needed more, so I was pinching everything and anything what wasn't nailed or screwed down. I was robbing me family blind. Me mates, people who I Loved and grew up with. This wasn't me, but the heroin took over control of my body. I was feeling bad, ill, hurting, cramped up. So when nobody trusted me, and when the final nail in the coffin with Mum, Dad and brother come to an end, I had no-body turn to, just my so called druggie mates . Ya bestest mates, [dont kid yourself].

So I was at it bad, Running in shops picking whatever up and running out, not camera shy at all, I needed that powder. I didn't care who I was hurting or what I was doing - I needed the powder.

Next stop- JAIL. In an out, in an out. But I was still into my football bad. When I was in jail playing football, clean, I was Loven Life. (Stupid hey?) in jail .. Loving Life. Two years first time in: no teles, no electrics, nothing. Taking the odd £3 bag ov heroin still inside, just to get high. So my release came. Nothing to come out to. No family, nothing. Just my prison stuff and the clothes I stood in. Back home in Stoke, straight back to my old friends and straight back on the gear. Getting my head down wherever and with whoever will have me. Same pattern again: inside, out, back on the gear, back inside, lasting 5-6 weeks on the road.

This went on for years and years, and then came the turning point in my Life. Still on the gear I watched a documentary called Mc'intrye Investigates. It was about a Scottish undercover journalist who got in with the Chelsea HeadHunters, Football Hooligans. With being a massive football fan I had already heard about the notorious Chelsea HeadHunters, even when I was a kid growing up, so I sat down and watched it.

As I was watching, two men really got me hooked into it. One was by the name of Andy Frain, who also called himself by the name of Nightmare, then the ONE what really caught my eye was another Headhunter named Jason Marriner - a Larger than Life bloke - funny. The sort of mate you'd Love to have by your side when out and about. You can tell the Lads straight away. Jase was ONE ov 'em. I was into this documentary bad. I loved everything about Jase and everything he stood for: pride, football and his team. I wanted some of that, but still messed up on gear.

I kept on doing the same shit every day, Jase and the documentary still in my mind. I was trying everything to get off the gear, failing miserably. Another prison sentence, remanded to H.M.Prison Shrewsbury. Same old faces, same old screws. This was getting to me now. I needed a change. Shipped out to another jail in Liverpool, H.M.P.Altcourse. Documentary still in my head. Every cockney accent I heard I was straight to them asking who their team was, hoping they'd say Chelsea and know Jason Marriner. No luck. Heard of him but don't know him them who did say they support Chelsea. It was full of "Alright there Lad" and "seen ARRRRR Kidda" mancs and scousers, a little group of Stoke, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Welsh, a handful of cockneys. This was a working jail which I hated, so I thought about getting out of work as much as I could and took education. But at this time, this jail sentence I was staying clean and playing football every day. Jase got in my head and stayed there.

So ONE afternoon in education, this is where my drug Life changed for ever and I no longer became addicted to heroin. We had a stand-in teacher for the afternoon. In she comes suited up, video in his hand. "What's this Miss? We watching a video?"

"Yes, put that on for me" she asked me.

To my delight it was the documentary of the Chelsea Headhunters, buzzing, were the shouts. Yes, get it on. So I watched. But this time I was on a straight head. Glued to the tele, watching every move Jase did - even his accent was coming on to me. I wanted this bad. I wanted to be the next Jason Marriner. So that afternoon, after watching the documentary, I went back to me pad and my head was spinning and I was sweating with excitement. "This is it. I'm never going to touch the gear again" I said to me pad mate.

"Yeh Stokey, we all say that!"

"I mean it."

The same night I didn't shut up about the doc and Jason Marriner. Going through the doc in my head on myself, I hardly slept, thinking about my last years. "What a doughnut you've been" I thought.

Release came and, hand on heart, I've never returned to prison through drugs and I've not been back on the gear since watching that Documentary. Everybody has either been inspired by someone or something which has played a big part in there Lives. Whether it was a celebrity or Jason Marriner. I have a lot to thank Jase for. I could easily be 6ft under now buried or living on the streets like a nobody. NINE years of my Life have been wasted, but I'm putting it down to experience. Not only has Jase inspired me, he's give me back my Life. I owe him big time. I'm wiser, stronger and more on the ball. Thank you Jase. You're a Legend. I'm putting you up there with Churchill. You're a one-off mate. Anything you need mate I'm there, no matter what.

So boys and girls, mums an Dads, there is a Jason Marriner out there. They threw away the key on him for six years and called him scum. No England! He's a hero. A true Legend!!!!!! An inspiration to Life. But please feel free to comment. How can you justify putting Jase away for that long and give a Heroin dealer who kills mums, Dads, kids and Loved ones Probation!!!! So, High Class Mr Doughnut: who's is really Scum?

Thanxs Jase. I owe you my Life!!!!!!

MR Somebody!
Sime Minor.N-40!-Chelsea!

1st February 2009

Jason's just back from a good trip to see Hickey in the Philippines. He said: "I'm not kidding you ... they have this game over there called Ratadome. They let a rat out and then a Jack Russell and see how long the rat lasts. Anyway, turns out that they've gone and named the rat MacIntyre. Well, MacIntyre only lasted 13.1 seconds."

Crille, Jason and Nobby in the Philipines

28 January 2009

Two bits of news for you:

  • Just to let you all know that our good friend Tel Currie will be interviewed about his book 'Left Hooks and Dangerous Crooks' on Kerrang! Radio 105.2 FM at 6.30 pm on Wednesday 4th February 2009. Tel will be interviewed on 'The Nick Margerrison Show'. To listen to the show please visit: http://www.kerrangradio.co.uk/

  • Reggie Kray's bracelet is up for auction on Dave Courtney's website and bidding is up to £1,550. It has been valued by Chiswick Auctions (who just had a Kray auction that raised £100,000) at an absolute minimum of £3,500. Interested? Know a Kray fanatic who might be? Get over there and take a look.

23 January 2009

Hooli-News is back up and running after Mal secured a sponsorship deal with German sports clothing company ULTRA FAN SHOP. The deal is for the whole of 2009, so you are assured of constant and daily updates for the whole of this year. The site is apparently very popular with researchers as well as people from around the world with a "passing interest" in sport-related violence.

17 January 2009

A peek at the diary of ... Donal MacIntyre

The Guardian

As seen by Marina Hyde

By the time you read this, I could be dead. I'm embedded in Dancing On Ice, the ITV show in which I, serious journalist Donal MacIntyre, go undercover as a D-list celebrity so desperate to be on telly that they'll lie about wanting to learn a new skill.

It's fantastic being back in the field, but I'm always aware how close my cover is to being blown. One fumbled axel, and I'll be exposed - and retribution will be brutal. Of course, I'm shadowed constantly by a security team, because I once revealed that getting a Chelsea tattoo hurts. But as quick as my bodyguards can move, I know there will likely be a split second where it's up to me to make the difference out on the rink. I call this the MacIntyre Window. It's one of the things that make me such a formidable investitainer.

Look at my oeuvre: MacIntyre Undercover, MacIntyre Investigates, MacIntyre: UK Undercover, MacIntyre's Millions and MacIntyre: Edge Of Existence. The Dancing On Ice producers begged to be change the show's name to MacIntyre: Sequins And Psychopaths, but I said no. I'm not a brand, I'm a team player. Till I turn you over.

Progress? Well, so far I've been unable to uncover who Jeremy Edwards is, but later I've got a meet with a contact that might shed light. Until then, it's head down and on with the investigation... icevestigation... icevestitainment...

15 January 2009

Hooligan reunion for Donal MacIntyre


Donal MacIntyre has revealed that he is due to face a football hooligan he helped put behind bars after the end of Dancing On Ice.

Donal's on-screen investigation back in 1999 led to Chelsea "Headhunter" Jason Marriner being sent to prison for six years.

The 42-year-old investigative journalist has vowed to set aside his differences and work with Marriner when he finishes his participation in the popular skating contest.

Donal told the Star: "I would love to do another film with him. There's a lot to be gained by understanding someone like Jason.

"The important thing is that he has an even stab at explaining himself. I think it's very brave of him to be interested and it shows courage in his camp."

He added: "We'll probably be working with someone we both trust so it won't be me exposing him or him exposing me.

"It deserves another hit. It will be a good ten-year anniversary and I look forward to that."

Donal had a difficult first week on Dancing On Ice after the public vote saw him face Graeme Le Saux in the skate-off.

However, Donal's assured performance to Nickleback's "Rockstar" with skating partner Florentine Houdineirre was a winner with the judges who voted unanimously to save the Irishman.

We wonder if Donal will make good on his pre-contest boast and get a tattoo to commemorate his week-one success.

Before the start of the contest he said: "If I survive the first show I will get a Torvill and Dean tattoo."

1 January 2009


24 December 2008

22 December 2008

Left Hooks and Dangerous Crooks

Finally, we see the cover of Tel Currie's new book, Left Hooks and Dangerous Crooks. I've had the chance to read it cover to cover and believe me, you need to read this book! You can read about it and the letter that Tel received from Ronnie Biggs (below) by CLICKING HERE.

Letter from Ronnie Biggs to Tel Currie


18 December 2008

Just so you are all aware, the new Policing and Crime Bill (and particularly Sections 78 to 82) is now in force. This means that if you are on a Banning Order from attending football matches in England and Wales coverage of your ban now extends to Scotland and Northern Ireland!

The next step will be banning you from attending your child's school football matches, coming within 2 km of a public park with goalposts, making it an offence for you to purchase a "Blow Football" or "Subbuteo" game or popping round to a mate's house if they are in possession of an XBox "FIFA 09" game. In future you will not only have to give your passport to the police, but you'll also have to hand in your girlfriend/wife and your underpants, plus you will be required to attend your local cop shop whenever there is a football match being played ... anywhere in the world.

You have been warned!

16 December 2008


We have decided to move the date of this show to early next year. The interest has been incredible from this true football town.

Due to the amount of people wishing to attend but couldn't make it on the 20th, as it was too close to the Christmas Holidays, we have taken the decision to expand the venue so we can get more people in on another date and therefore accommodate all those people wishing to attend.

All tickets already sold for this event will be valid on the new date and we will advise this as soon as we are able.

Thank you for all your support.

14 December 2008

So, there I was, on my way to my first match since my ban ended when Bang ... OB arrest me two hours before Chelsea meet West Ham. The coppers who arrested me looked as though they'd got all their Christmas presents early! I'm now out on police bail, but get this: there are two conditions to the bail. I must not go within 2,000 metres of a designated sporting event and I am not allowed to enter a designated sporting stadium! Now, I'm no expert, but can someone please explain to me how I can enter a ground that I'm not allowed to get within two kilometres of? Is that overkill or what?

Just to remind you, I was originally given a twenty year banning order in 2000 (thanks to Donut) ... until we reminded the judge that the maximum legal ban was TEN years. That was reduced to eight years on appeal and ended last Monday. This must be the shortest gap between bans in history ... just six days!

I haven't even been charged with anything, but I'm bailed until 18th February, so there go the Christmas and New Year matches! I'll let you know how things progress.

09 December 2008

It's Only A Game Promotions and Remix regret regret that due to circumstances beyond our control it looks as though we will have to change the date of the Remix show on 14th December.

Unfortunately there has been issues with the local residents and authorities about putting this show on a Sunday. There has been so much interest from people wishing to attend that the residents and authorities wish it to be moved to a Saturday instead to accommodate this. We are still trying to resolve the issues raised but it looks as though the venue date will have to be moved in accordance with the wishes of all involved.

Ourselves and the Remix club will have to work around another Saturday soon when the venue is available. We thank you for your understanding in this matter and will update you all later in the week when all has been finalised.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Jason Marriner and Phil Howard - IT'S ONLY A GAME PROMOTIONS
Jamie Costello - REMIX CLUB

08 December 2008

Just as you thought it was safe to go back on the terraces ...

Eight years ago today I received my ten year banning order and got put away for a six stretch, thanks to that pratt MacinLiar. It was an ten year ban reduced to eight on appeal, so my calculator says it's over TODAY!!!!! Yessss, I'm officially legit again and can enjoy going to see my favourite team play before my very eyes. Cushtie!

The day I received my banning order was also the day my lovely niece Rosie was born, so I'd like to wish Rosie a Very Happy Eighth Birthday with lots of kisses xxxxx....

30 November 2008


The beatings we know of included -

Slicing off the tops of his fingers so they could rip his fingernails off with pliers Wrap him in blankets to dehydrate him Hit him between the legs with shoes Drop him from 6ft heights Throw him by his ears Rammed his bottle in his mouth cutting his lips Trained their Rottweiler to bite him Nappy not changed for days or even weeks causing severe ulcers Could only be fed when the step-dad allowed it Loked in a darkened room for days at a time Pressing down his windpipe until he turned blue Broke his spine (the snap was heard outside the house) Now paralised from the waist down they would wedge him upright so to look normal Broke 8 of his ribs Finally punched him in the face so hard it killed him. (tooth was found in his stomach during autopsy) Mother let him lay there for 2 hours before phoning the ambulance!

News of the World Article - CLICK HERE

Cremated at Islington Cemetery August 2007 and was given a paupers funeral with no name plaque (a temporary plaque has been placed by The Sun newspaper. A permanent memorial stone will be commissioned by his father once the legalities have finished).

Tracey Connoly
mum - Penhurst Road, Tottenham, N17
Jason Owen/Barker
lodger and Steven's brother who changed his name. (Known Paedophile) 2 Wittersham Road, Bromley, BR1 4RH.
Steven Barker
step-dad Penhurst Road, Tottenham, N17. Steven is a nazi with a long history of violence bullying and liked torturing animals.


24 November 2008



Date: 20th December, 2008
Time: 6pm until midnight

Tickets are priced at £15 for this event. Ticket hotline to pay by Credit or Debit Card via the ticket office:

01708-863838 or 01708-864001

08 November 2008

You'll find me featured in tomorrow's Daily Star Sunday. Here's a bit in advance:

“Marriner's book starts well before building momentum to become a compelling, convincing and comical account of his perceived injustice. In the convicted hooligan's view it should have been Donal MacIntyre in the dock, not him. When you reach the end, the reader will more than half suspect he's right.” - Rick Lyons, Daily Star Sunday

02 November 2008

Chelsea are playing Roma in Italy on Tuesday, but over 200 loyal Chelsea fans have received letters from OB warning them that they will be arrested if they turn up at an airport and will face a 3 to 5 year football banning order! NONE of these people have banning orders against them but they are being told that they are associated with the Chelsea Headhunters. Associated with? Who says? I believe this is misusing the new powers under Section 27 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act, 2006 (police have new powers to exclude an individual whom they consider likely to carry out alcohol related disorder or crime from a specific area for a period of up to 48 hours). This is an open ticket to do what they like with us and, whoever you support, it could be you next. The police are now treating our own people worse than terrorists. This is nothing short of OUTRAGEOUS!

30 October 2008

27 October 2008

Jason has signed a deal with Apex Publishing to release his last book to a wider audience. Jason said: "Thousands of people have bought the book off the website but this is my chance to get it out there on the shelves of the major players so more people have the chance of reading the story and think 'Yeah, that could happen to me.' " The picture is of Jason and Chris Cowlin (Apex Production and Publishing Manager) signing the contract. Apex will be publishing the book early next year, slightly re-titled as Life as a Chelsea Hunthunter: It's Only a Game.

21 October 2008

REMIX, 20-21 Hermitage Road, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 1BT [MAP]

20 October 2008

I have always considered Tel Currie as a man in the know and a good friend. Tel has held the trust (and the ears) of ALL the Chaps for years, he doesn't mince his words and he always tells the truth.

Wilf Pine says of Tel: "Tel Currie is the new generation. Tel is 33 years old with the mind of a 55 year old. Unlike many of the new generation, Tel has respect and we all love him. I loved the book 'Heroes and Villains" because it was the absolute truth. Tel Currie is a close personal friend of myself, Roy Shaw, Freddie Foreman, Charlie Richardson, Ronnie Knight, Vic Dark, Ronnie Biggs, Bruce Reynolds, Charlie Bronson, Joey Pyle, Howard Marks, all the gypsy boy's etc, etc... Need I say more? Love ya' Telboy"

Roy 'Pretty Boy' Shaw: "Telboy is one of my very closest friends and I'm not a man to keep a huge entourage around me ... I trust him 100%."

Johnny Frankham 'King of the Gypsies': "Tel is not fake or plastic ... any trouble he's there!

Jimmy Stockin: "We are always here for him and he is always there for us ... RESPECT"

John Knight: "Tel is a great bloke who will do anything for you, as long as you don’t take liberties. My brother Ronnie and I both have maximum respect for him and his old school rules and values."

So, when I was fortunate enough to read early manuscripts of both his new books ('Ronnie Biggs - The inside Story' by Tel and Mike Gray and 'Left Hooks and Dangerous Crooks' by Tel) I realised that a lot of what I thought I knew was wrong and found loads of stuff I didn't know at all! Pretty amazing stuff, considering the size of my own collection of books on the subjects he covers.

I hear from Apex Publishing that the pre-orders flooding into Apex are overwhelming! Now, this is NOT a sales pitch ... but I strongly advise anyone with an interest in the British gangland scene to pre-order NOW by clicking on the links above!

Now I've finished blowing Telboy's trumpet, here's what he has to say about me:

"Mal has been more than a web master for most of us; he has been a solid, staunch, reliable and loyal friend to most of us, the rock we can lean on. The work he does is brilliant!

"He is an all round underrated man, but most of us know how strong he is. You will always get the big gob, threatening, bullying 'I will come and cut you up' brigade because they actually think it scares people and people will think they are hard! This just bores Mal, he is solid. It's pretty impossible to dislike Mal and I admire that quality. His web sites are the best and always updated, he is a true professional..... and a true friend!"

What a nice man :-)

13 October 2008


02 October 2008

Interested in booking An Audience with Jason Marriner ... or Carlton Leach, Freddie Forman, Dave Courtney, Big Joe Egan? It just got easier! Clear Perceptions are now the people to talk to for getting all of the hardest of the hard to your venue. Just go to the Clear Perceptions website to enquire.

Clear Perceptions Ltd is a Promotions, Event Management and Security company based in Essex. Clear Perceptions was founded in January 2008 by Carlton Leach and Bill Hickey (who are both Partners of the company). After the success of their first show "Rise of the Footsoldier Official UK Tour-An Audience with Carlton Leach" Carlton and Bill decided to take this show on the road and so Clear Perceptions was born. Since January the business has gone from strength to strength and along with project managing events has also expanded into the security industry with many new ventures on the horizon.......

29 September 2008

Tel Currie, Eddie Richardson and Roy Shaw

Announcement by Mal: Our great friend Tel Currie has been busy again. He's written a truly classic book called ‘LEFT HOOKS and DANGEROUS CROOKS’ in which he writes some very complementary things about Jason. It’s the one of the best and most thrilling book I have read in years and, being a close friend of Tel’s, I know that it’s ALL TRUE! Read on ...

This book charts for the very first time, the complete TRUE story of unlicensed and bare knuckle boxing. From the great Gypsy showdowns and fighters like ‘King of the Gypsy’s’ Johnny Frankham and Jimmy Stockin through Roy Shaw, Joey Pyle Snr, Alex Steen and the conception of unlicensed fighting and the very first unlicensed fight through Donny ‘The Bull’ Adams, Lenny McLean, Columbo, Harry Starbuck and Cliff Field. The REAL truth about Lenny McLean and Bartley Gorman and what REALLY happened in the epic 3 fight Shaw v Mclean saga. The book takes you through all of Lenny Mclean’s defeats and studies the men who beat him. The book also takes you through the underworld and introduces the reader to Tel’s close friends, some of who he worked for including Charlie Richardson, Freddie Foreman, Ronnie Knight, Howard Marks, Johnny Nash, Carlton Leach, Roy ‘Pretty Boy’ Shaw, Wilf Pine, Chris Lambrianou, ‘Big’ Albert Chapman, Jason Mariner all contribute! The foreword is by Roy ‘Pretty Boy’ Shaw. Follow this link.

Also, Tel and Mike Grey have teamed up to write the official story of Ronnie Bigg’s years back in England after his return from Brazil in 2001. Tel, Mike and Roy Shaw are Ronnie’s most loyal and regular visitors and Ronnie has fully backed the book with a foreword by Ronnie’s son, Mike Biggs.This is a powerful document... And it’s ALL THE TRUTH!! Follow this link.


28 September 2008

About 40 of my mates were up to see Chelsea pound Stoke yesterday ... only they didn't get to see it! They were in a pub before the match, enjoying a pint and the banter, minding their own business, when Stoke Old Bill decides that they'll spoil their day out, take their tickets off them and send them back home. Now, I can understand that if they were causing agro, but they weren't and they didn't have a banning order between them. I'm not saying that every one of them has been an angel in the past (who has?) but they were up there for a good time to cheer Chelsea on.

You won't read about this in the national press (Mal has scoured the news for me for mention of it), probably not even in the local rags, but I just thought that you ought to know that a bunch of innocent lads in high spirits before the match were taken liberties with. Not even nonces and sex offenders are treated like this! As you can well understand, my pals were gutted, 'cos they were only there to support their team. They'd paid good money for their tickets and to travel up and they missed the action because the local police just didn't like the look of the lads from London. So, it's official: you can't enjoy yourself before a match if you're a Chelsea fan in Stoke. Outstanding work from our boys in blue!

1 September 2008

RIP Aroon Maharajh

Today was the funeral of my good pal Aroon Maharajh. I have known Aroon since school days ... that's over twenty five years. He was a first class man who loved to live life to the max and one who will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends and all my memories of Aroon are great ones.

There were any number of celebrities at the funeral, including Max Clifford, Eastenders cast members, Crystal Palace Chairman Simon Jordan, publisher John Blake. Those were the sort of circles that Aroon moved in. But amongst the mourners was that Irish mutt, MacIntyre. Would you believe it ... he came right up and extended his hand to me! Well, I gave him a mouthful. "Listen you mongrel **** (and a lot more besides), if you think I'm shaking the hand of the **** that put me away for six years ..." You should have seen his face. I told him what I have told him before: the only way him and me are gonna come face to face is on TV, where I have an equal chance of putting my side of things and show him up for the toe rag he really is. That's my challenge, but I doubt he'll ever have the bottle.

28 August 2008

I'm proud to announce that myself and Carlton Leach are starting our Real Football Factory Tour at Puerto Banus on the 10th September, with many more dates to come. If you want to know more then keep visiting the site for the latest dates and places.

12 July 2008

King Billy

Jason is in Belfast celebrating the Glorious 12th. I could here the pipes and drums of the marching bands in the background when he phoned to say he wished everyone a very happy and a very cheery 12th July.

2nd July 2008

1. Hello Jason,

I was reading your messages on your website and someone from bolton ask you if youre going to bring out another book? So my question is: do you bring out another book because that would be great!!! And when you place some newphoto's on your website?
Thanks and best regards and i'm looking forward to your responce.

Alex (FEYENOORD/Holland)
2. Thanks alot Jason , I'm looking forward to reading it. I know the film might be a way off but still , not many people get that sort of thing in their life.Your story will inspire alot of everyday people by the way you have overcome an injustice like you and Andy have had , and come out of that adversity in a really good way. Is Andy alright now cause you don't here much about the lad?, i've never known someone get 7 years for talking to his mates about whether they were on the road or not? , how did they work out you and him organised the row with Leicester from that ride with Mr Donut. Fuck me , it's absolute bollocks when i think about it , they lock people up who have killed someone in their car for less than that.I think the Old Bill have had it in for you 2 lads probably because you were too quick for them in the past and made them look like fucking monkeys. Have a good weekend mate.

On 27 Jun 2008, at 08:49, Jason Marriner wrote:

I have spoken about a film but these things take time i mean like years.........Yes it will be my pleasure to sign you a book mate.

3. Circus tavern was quality mate!!! Got wrecked and cut a few shapes with Roy Shaw!!

Good to see ya there mate, ill keep ya updated about doin a show,

4. hi jason i'm rocco from italy exactly bergamo in the north part , i'm very happy to send a message to you because for me headhunters are a legend and legend never stop to dye , i read hickey and chubby's books and i appreciate very much hooliganism style of eightes , my favourite team is obviously CFC but i became sad cause many boys here think that the real hooligans are only millwall and west ham but for me the only one firm is chelsea headhunters , it's a pleasure send a message to you , take care NO SURRENDER , IRA SCUM , GOODBYE ..... ROCCO CFC HEADHUNTERS ITALY !!!!

30 June 2008

More news about Ronnie Biggs:

Ronnie Biggs: My Story

by Ronnie Biggs, Mike Gray and Tel Currie

Ronnie Biggs (with Mike Gray and Tel Currie, who are two of Biggs' closest friends and regular visitors) have signed contracts with Apex Publishing Ltd to publish his life story 'Ronnie Biggs: My Life' which will be released in November 2008.

Ronnie Biggs (born August 8, 1929) is an English prisoner who is known for escaping from prison after his minor role in the Great Train Robbery of 1963 and for being on the run for many years. He eventually settled in Brazil but voluntarily returned to England in 2001.

Biggs announced to The Sun that he would be willing to return to the UK. Biggs was fully aware that he would be detained upon arrival in England. Even so, he returned voluntarily on May 7, 2001, and was immediately arrested and re-imprisoned. Ronald Biggs had 28 years of his sentence left to serve. Since his return he has undergone a number of health scares, including two heart attacks, and has failed to get his sentence overturned or reduced.

His son said in a press release that contrary to some press reports, Biggs has not returned to the UK simply to receive health care. Health care was available in Brazil and he had many friends and supporters who would certainly have contributed to any such expenses. Biggs' stated desire was to "walk into a Margate pub as an Englishman and buy a pint of bitter".

On November 14, 2001, Biggs petitioned Governor Hynd of HMP Belmarsh for early release on compassionate grounds based on his poor health. He had been treated four times at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich in less than six months. His health was deteriorating rapidly and he asked to be released into the care of his son for his remaining days. The application was denied.

On August 10, 2005, it was reported that Biggs had contracted MRSA. His lawyers, seeking for his release on grounds of compassion, said that their client's death was likely to be imminent.

On October 26, 2005, the Home Secretary Charles Clarke declined his appeal stating that his illness is not deemed terminal. Home Office compassion policy is to release prisoners with three months left to live. Biggs continues to need a tube for feeding and has difficulty speaking.

On July 4, 2007, Biggs was moved from Belmarsh prison to Norwich prison on "compassionate grounds".

In December 2007, Biggs issued a further appeal, from Norwich prison, asking to be released from jail to die with his family: "I am an old man and often wonder if I truly deserve the extent of my punishment. I have accepted it and only want freedom to die with my family and not in jail. I hope Mr Straw decides to allow me to do that. I have been in jail for a long time and I want to die a free man. I am sorry for what happened. It has not been an easy ride over the years. Even in Brazil I was a prisoner of my own making".

26 June 2008

The following just in from Michael Gray:

After Ronnie's lawyer Giovanni di Stefano announced yesterday (June 25) on his Official web site, that Ronnies case had been sent to the Parole Board by the Home Office, the "UK media Circus" began, (see today's Daily Mirror Front Page above).

The Home Office have not allowed Ronnie to claim the Custody when he was in Brazil & Barbados, therefore his 10 Year stretch is ending in JULY 2009, which is a Third of his Original 30 Years (How many people did Ronnie Kill ?????)

If Giovanni can get the Home Office to include Ronnies custody outside the UK, then he will be paroled on CHRISTMAS DAY This Year.

Either way Chaps, This is THE FIRST TIME in all our Campaigning since his 2001 UK return, that Ronnie's parole appeal has been sanctioned by the Home Office and been sent straight to the parole board, NOT the usual route of the Appeal Courts, etc.

I visited Ronnie last Thursday, and he looks very well considering. Still cannot speak (he uses an A-Z laminated sheet to communicate) in his Wheelchair 24/7, but his eyes, ears and mind are as sharp as ever. He still has that inner fight and he will not give up and absoluetly dreads the thought of dying in Her Majesty's Prison,

Anyone and everyone who wants to write to The Legend (although he cannot right back for obvious reasons) please do so, as he really enjoys reading his mail/letters/cards of support and stories from the outside world ....


Ronnie is 79 on August 8th, So lets All hope and pray, Its his last Birthday in Captivity.

25 June 2008

1. I was interested to know if you and the Headhunters clashed with the ICF when Carlton was involved or was it before your time? I see you are doing a tour with Carlton and i wondered if the show will come up north as i would like to come along and see it. Also , i am sure you have had this question many times , seeing as your current book is a smash hit amongst fans of hooliganism , are you going to do one of your time with the Headhunters? , I would be interested as well in your time growing up and how you became involved with it all. I used to follow Bolton in the eighties away , it kicked off every single week. I loved it and miss all that now. Now with the CCTV it is so difficult not to get nicked , the police have ruined it. Football is now sterile , watching Bolton can be boring at the best of times and the scrapping made it a better day out! One last thing , respect to you Jason for mentioning the Para's who are getting killed , they make you proud to be British.

2. What about a new book? , any plans for doing one? , i bet your story would be blinding. I watched that Donut MacIntyre documentary again the other night. Apart from the usual banter that you get following most clubs , there was nothing at all that i could see wrong with it! You came across as a really funny lad , ie the stuff you where saying and all you where doing was having a laugh? , fucking joke honestly , how could they send you and Andy away for that? Apart from making himself look even more of a dick than he is , the guy is a soft bastard as well , and i noticed you or Andy were not around for any of the bits of trouble that happened , like in the street in Copenhagen. As for the march in London , are people not allowed to have their say? , again this happens at most march's or demonstrations. Fucking stitch up mate.

3. Hi Jason the dvd is great now for the book.From Paul,Chelsea up Norf

19 June 2008

Can I thank all of the people who sent me birthday messages. Every single one was appreciated and (it goes without saying) that I love you all.

1. Hi mate,
Just came accross you're website, and thought i'd drop you a line ....

I used to follow England a lot when I was younger and ended up staying with a load of your lot in Poznan (in 1991) and met up with them for a few more matches afterwards Praugue, Holland, Italy etc

Tony Covele, Paddington, Gatwick, Brummy .... can't remember many of the names now and lost touch with them.

From what I remember, you got nicked in Berlin before the Poland game, but I think you made it to the match:-)

Anyway, like the site, good looking at the photos, a couple of faces I recognised.

Keep up the good work.

No Surrender

TeeEff (Birmingham City FC)
2. you are a legend people say what you do shows you are not a real fan but they dont no fuck all about football. you will support chelsea through thick and thin and i admire that, and can hope one day i will be like you, one of the chelsea boys, fighting for our club and country. you are one of my fuckink idols ive read your book and its amazing how much shit police want to do to stop true football fans like you. please reply as soon as posssibe

17 June 2008

I want to offer my sincerest condolences to the families and friends of the men who have given their lives in Afghanistan. In particular, I would like to address those who knew Lance Corporal James Bateman, 29, from the Parachute Regiment, who was killed when he came under Taliban fire last week. James was a very good friend of West Ham Steve, who in turn is a good pal of mine. James was an ardent West Ham fan and his loss is mourned by many.

Lance Corporal James Bateman

14 June 2008

I'd like to wish a very happy engagement to my good friends Hayden and Tracy from Stockport on their happy news. Hope you are both very happy.

13 June 2008

1. hi ya js, the book is ace like the way u describe ur life in prison i like the reverse psychology of being in there 4 so long and 2 work the system and using ur sense of humour 2 get what u needed lol.
the bit that made me giggle was when u were in court and ur barrister rubbishing macintyre what a cunt lol , shows he did nothing apart from trying 2 make u look bad he tried but didn't succeed .
o and i especially like the bit when they tried 2 ban u from any football ground 4 20 years and the max is 10 , o then trying do u 4 contempt of court when u were in the sells i pissed myself laughing.
this just proves that there is 2 sides 2 every story and u should listen 2 both sides before u cast ur judgement or even opinion.
it shows u the crap u read every day is just crap that these journalists want 2 get a proper job instead of trying 2 ruin other peoples lives .o and the fact that bird lied just 2 b on the jury 2 send u down what a cunt as u said wanted her bit of fame .

take care

ellie xx
2. Hi Jason ,
I've just been reading your emails , i find your site really interesting.That bloke from Scotland , Davie , totally doesn't understand what you , the headhunters or any other firm is about.He says you aren't a football fan and just a thug , well i think that ain't right. Thugs go around picking on anyone, mostly weaker than themselves whereas you and the headhunters fought firms who arranged to fight each other. He also doesn't understand that there are people who in their day jobs work hard and earn good money who just happened to love the buzz of the rows on a Saturday. As for people saying hooligans are a stain on our society , i don't see the problem , it's a good honest scrap between 2 sets of well organised game people and it makes for great TV , even though most people won't admit it!

3. have just finished the book "its only a game " and i have 2 say i finished it in just over 2 /3 days , just couldnt put it down! this book is a must for every 1 from all walks of life , as like jason quotes this could happen to you!, i dont even like football and have never been to a match but loved this book 10 outta 10 only down fall is that when it ends you want to read more!! a true insite to just how corupt media and how dodgy some juries can be to achieve there ratings or out comes they wish to manipulate to there outcome ! with the evidence provided in this book it is unbelievable that jason and andy were sentanced at all !! well done jason and thank u for such a exellent read ( now write another 1 plz ha ha ) big respect 2 you both take care love nikki xxxx

2nd May 2008

1. hi jason

that was really nice of you to put little rhys jones on your web site it hurt me to see that little lad cut down at such a young age i have a little lad just like him who is really mad on football really reminds of rhys in someway because they both have short croped hair my heart went out to his family it really did lets hope justice will be done so thanks mate

best wishes pete
3. Jason & Mal,

In January the lady and I made it over for the Yiddo match at home then we did Birmingham away the following week. We had a brilliant time and I can honestly say that I have never felt so alive. I recall in my youth doing school reports and giving speeches on the shed and the blue collar supporters who paid the wages. To finally make it and sing at the top of my lungs for my club. . . . . . . . . .the feeling was priceless. Being colonial I had some reservations about taking the lady to football. The hesitation was unwarranted as everyone at Chelsea was top flight. To be honest I get more lip for not being from the motherland by my own English born brothers in the states then I do in London.

Just wanted to say thank you to all the geezers we met at the bridge and on the train to the midlands for making our visit to England unforgettable. If any Chelsea are in the Chicago area, look up the Globe pub. A few Chelsea Loyal can be found on match day.

Cheers, Joe Ince
4. Hi Jason,

Id like to ask you something, I know you had a reputation as a thug, not a football fan, but I have never been one for trouble in general let alone being a rangers supporter. I was attacked one night, in edinburgh, and ended up in hospital, i have a scar on my forehead which will be there for life, just because i supported my team. Did you actually just batter innocent poeple in the street, or was it just thugs. I feel strongly about this, now i have problems going for a night out without worrying about getting done in, and too you it might be silly, but for me its very different. A big part of my life has been taken away, not that you probably would bother, just maybe you should consider innocent poeple who just want to go and follow their team without inflicting that on them. I just hope you feel some kind of shame and regret, and have said sorry to the poeple you done in, the innocent ones, that i didnt get.


I have no shame or regret, as I have never been a bully and we only ever fought like minded people. This is a culture that has been going on for at least 40 yrs. Sorry the odd idiot picks on someone who is not interested in teams or religion but I'd rather fight over something I believe in than some soppy bird who will fuck off when you're in prison. I got 6 yrs and my die hard family, The Chelsea Headhunters, stuck by me and are still my pals ........ NO SURRENDER!!!!!

23rd May 2008

21st May 2008

Today a flight from Gatwick to Moscow with 350 Chelsea fans on boards was cancelled on the runway. I don't know why it was cancelled. The fans, who had paid around a grand a piece to travel to the Champions League Final, refused to leave the plane, so when it taxied back it was boarded by 150 Old Bill and 17 fans were nicked. My commiserations to the fans who didn't make it to Moscow, but I hope you all get to somewhere where there's a brilliant atmosphere to watch the game.

20th May 2008

To all my pals travelling to Moscow, I wish you all the best because you ARE the best. Stay safe and have a cracking time and I'll see you all when you return with the Cup.

26th April 2008

Yer Man: Jason MarrinerCarlton Leach: Legend

Jason is going on the road with his good friend Carlton Leach. The pair are planning on doing some "Audience With's" around the country, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements here.

For those of you who might not be too familiar with Carlton ... where have you been?!?!?! Carlton Leach: Hooligan, Bouncer, Gangster, Legend. The fourth Essex Boy, author of "Muscle" and, more recently, subject of the film "Rise of the Footsoldier". Believe me when I say that he has a lot of very interesting stories, so don't miss him.

24th April 2008

It is with great regret that I have to announce the death of my old pal, known on the Chelsea terraces as Fat Tim. Tim was liked by everyone. At 38 he was a father of four but was cut down by a heart attack. My thoughts and sympathies are with Tim's family and many, many friends.

23rd April 2008

My ENGLISH Pride I will not hide.
My ENGLISH race I will not disgrace.
My ENGLISH blood flows hot and true.
My ENGLISH people I will stand by you
Through thick and thin till the day we die
Our ENGLISH pride stands so high.

Send this to ENGLISH people and show your ENGLISH PRIDE.

21st April 2008

12th March 2008

I feel very honoured to have been asked by Producer Joe Walker to play the part of a prisoner (just like old times) next Tuesday up in Nottingham in the biographical film of Charlie Bronson's life story.

And now, another of the great emails I get:

Hi Jason, many thanks for the "Audience with Jason Marriner" event we held up in Oldham on Sunday March 2nd, it was a fantastic day and you went down a storm, loads of Oldham lads were concerned you might come across as a "Big time Charlie" but to be fair you came across well as a down to earth honest genuine football lad.

Your show was very interesting and the lads have not stopped talking about it, the feedback has been great with those who missed out "gutted" and urging me to get you back again, which I hope to do so.

Because of the respect you have we had many top faces up in Oldham including
Boatsy - Notts Forest. Gilly - Wolves. Andy "Scally" Nicholls - Everton,
Jasper - Stoke. plus good lads from Oldham, Rochdale, Blackpool, Hibs, Stockport, Rangers, Halifax, FC Cologne, Burnley,
Man City, Man Utd etc.

You are a good man Jason, a proper fella as we say up here, and it was a pleasure and honour to have worked with you, look forward to meeting up with you soon to discuss further projects, the DVD was brilliant and I urge anybody who has not yet purchased it to do so, a real eye opener.

Respects for ever pal.

Carl H Spiers - Retro - Man Promotions Oldham Lancs


24th February 2008

Another piece by Tel Currie:

I fear for the morality of this great nation of ours. A nation that has been through so much in the last century and has been forced to take up arms to avoid oppression on more than one occasion. Now, it would appear governments are admiring and even copying the oppressor rather than the lessons that can be learned from the oppressed. Must justice now revolve around the idea of crushing a man's spirit and then waiting hauntingly & ghoulishly whilst looking at their watches for the body literally to be crushed as well. Will they not clock off until a man is buried deep in the earth, a technique rejected by even the most barbaric of country's?

What more can a slow grinding system do to Ronnie Biggs? Even the dimmest of us know this system has ground itself so hard it has dug, stumbled and fallen into a hole it can not climb out of! We all know the only idea they actually have is to wait for Ronnie Biggs to die. This is not just deserts, it's a complete lack of imagination and ideas.

This inspiring system was used on Reggie Kray. The system killed Reg Kray. The correct check ups and treatment would have diagnosed cancer in time to save him. I for one, refuse to believe they wanted to save him. His death solved too many problems for them to resist, it was a glorious open goal that even the worst striker in the world would have made sure he did not miss even with his weak foot!

So they told him it was nothing to worry about and for crippling stomach pain gave him two paracetamol at a time, an amount I wouldn't bother with even for the mildest of headaches!

Then, when it was too late, up jumped a cancer diagnosis!

Oh dear, where could that of come from ... whoops-a-daisy.

The system has Reg Kray's blood on it's hands and the people responsible are probably rather proud of it.

Now we have the same ingenious method being used on Ronnie Biggs. The difference between Reg and Ronnie Biggs is huge. Biggsy was no real villain, he was a desperate man who was skint. He was not feared like Reg because A) that's not in him and B) he was a carpenter NOT a gangster. He was not a threat to society then, so what does that make him now?

Like Bronson, Kevin Lane & Razor Smith, Biggs is a non-killer unlike, the government who keep them in jail for being naughty! How many young men & women have politicians killed over the years? Ha! Ha! ... It's almost funny... almost. It's like Peter Sutcliffe putting you in prison for G.B.H.!!!

Think of those who unleash hell on Iraq & Afghanistan, then think of a near 80 year old man who can't talk and has had numerous strokes who sat in a lorry watching an unarmed robbery over 40 years ago and has never hurt a sausage. Who's the evil party here? Well the old bloke obviously! He obviously has no morals. "Ooops... sorry that was a civilian shelter we blew up but isn't that Ronnie Biggs a nasty man, isn't Charlie Bronson violent?" Violent????? Ha! Ha! Ha! Good one!

The War mongers obviously don't think we are intelligent enough to work out what they are doing. The fact that a brain dead lemming with amnesia could work it out is more a reflection on them than us. It would surely be a vote winner if, whilst invading the world, the system also showed a small capability for compassion by letting an old man out of prison over forty years after his extremely minor part in a crime.

MR politician, we are not that stupid. Show some imagination, show some compassion, show some justice and you might ... just might ... regain some of the respect you lost years ago.


23rd February 2008

To all the lads

16th February 2008

This just in from my good pal, Tel Currie:

Hi Jason,

Me old China!!!

It's your pal Tel here.

How's it going out there in the big bad world?

Is Jesus Macintyre dead or has he risen yet?

And I always thought Roger Cookie Monster was bad...well, he was! Last time I saw him was on celeb (Celeb???) Big Bruver when he just touched the top of the lead reinforced throne with his ample buttocks and the whole BBC studio TV centre came crashing down (you could just catch Jan Leaming flying past an outside window!) Anyone remember that? Probably not.

How many REAL friends can Macintyre actually have? He has the Cliff Richard effect, a face you just want to smack! How in God's name can you take 344 hours of footage... 344 hours!!! Cut it down to the very worse bits you can find, wobble on the edge of entrapment (Falling off many times in my opinion.) Present it to court and get a man sent to jail based on a TV programme! If that was the basic plot for a novel, you would have to say " We have to make it more believable than that... Who's going to believe that?" Most people know how I go on and on about the toffs who rule the legal system and how normal folk assume it's right most of the time. Have you ever seen a judge? Put it this way, you wouldn't let them look after your kids!! Have a read of Jason's book if you think the scales of justice actually balance. Find out more about Ronnie Biggs, Bill Boal or Kevin Lane if you think compassion or even getting the right person comes into it as long as the public think they have, find out about Colin Stagg and Barry George. So when a smarmy, self righteous, conceited, had his dinner money nicked at school, well bullied, virgin until he was 26 tosser minces into court, carrying a video compilation with about 343 hours hacked out and the worse bits left in... you knew Jason Marriner and Andy Frayne were in trouble!

Anyone who is actually pleased at sending another man to prison is scum (unless they are a nonce. Even then, you should want to prefer to deal with them yourself)

Good job you didn't cause trouble at a polo match Jase, you would of been beheaded! Anybody who has had just a fleeting experience with the so called 'underworld' will tell you Macintyre's programmes are absolutely shit. The right people who a lot about some of those he makes whole programmes on and trust me, it's beyond belief. With the exception of about 3 I have seen, the rest have a history we shall call chequered. The programmes are for those who know no better. You are insulting your own intelligence by watching them! If you think 'Macintyre's Underworld' is how it really is, you must also be convinced that Rocky Balboa was up there with Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson and Jack Dempsey!!

The sad thing for our Donal, is that he can't even bring anger out in people who don't like him (Which is a lot!) He doesn't have the right qualities to produce anger. He is not a hate figure for the wrong doer's while he stands proud for the good folk. He is worse than that... He is a joke! He makes people laugh AT him NOT with him when he's trying to be Clint Eastwood. The bloke just makes you giggle. You just know for a fact that if you confronted him he would cry!! He's not a threat, Inside he is and always WILL be just the same spotty, bullied, friendless, girl less, joke he was at school. The loser who always wanted to be a hero but his fate was to be a zero. Even Jason finds it hard to get angry about this tosser!

Jason, I'm glad you are on the 'audience with' circuit my good mate. This man has a proper story to tell you that reaches a lot further than football and football violence. It describes the difference between 'Them & Us' just like Howard Marks shows do, there is a much, much bigger picture than football & drugs ... GO AND HEAR IT FROM THE LADS WHO HAVE BEEN THERE!!!!

See you soon Jason.

Tel Currie

29th January 2008

In memory of Tel Currie Snr. A real man, gentleman and legend never to be forgotten! He will be missed.

And now, just because you keep asking me, here's a couple of the many recent emails I've received:

1. Good luck to you Jason,you deserve it. Operation own goal proved nothing! Ask Terry, I used to drive the fire engine that tooted him up @ his news stall in Lisson Grove. He's a top fella & stood in well for you while you were away because of that cunt mcintrye, i well remember the yids away where he done us proud with his organisational skills!. Warren the driving instructor, who taught your boy says hi.

Thanks mate. We're all proud of you!
2. Hi Jason,
we don't know each other, but I've sort of tried to know you reading "It's only a game". First of all, I'm sorry to bother you.To cut it short. I'm an italian writer (no Donal McIntyre-type that's for sure) who's writing a book about London. Before you scream "how original",

I'd just like to ask you: are you goin' to sign books or dvd's around London between March 7 and March 11? I'll be in the city and I'd be more than chuffed to meet you and ask you a couple of things.If your signing sessions are momentarily on hold, would you answer some questions via mail?

Thanks very much for having read this

Regards and much much respect!
Emiliano Raffo, Italy

1st January 2008

25th December 2007

14th November 2007

About a month ago I went to China on business, forgetting that Chelsea were playing abroad. Now, I'm supposed to hand my passport in to Old Bill when that happens, so you can imagine what happened on my return. Three officers boarded the plane when we landed in Blighty and arrested me and I ended up in court, where the beak handed me a hefty fine. I had a right go at beakey, told him he was just a sweet shop owner and that I wasn't taking that from him, so I appealed. Well, today I had my day in court, told my story (I have never missed a signing at the cop shop) and the judge quashed the conviction. Hooray for the great British justice system!

Someone else who had their sentence quashed today was Barry George, exactly as I predicted on the 5th November.

5th November 2007

I'd just like to make a prediction that Barry George will walk out a free man at the end of his second appeal against his conviction for the murder of TV presenter Jill Dando. The only scientific evidence against the man was two tiny specks of residue from the discharge of a gun on his overcoat a year after the shooting.

21st October 2007

1. Hi Jason

Just read your book and watched the DVD, very good son!!!!

I am a life long Chelsea fan and saw you first on the scum Mcintyre's programme, what a C**T!!!!

Great website by the way.

If you are ever in the Newmarket/Cambridge area, horse racing or whatever drop me a line and we will go out for a beer mate.

Robbie B
2. Hi mate!

We 're the wanker.fr team, and we would like interviewing you for our website (about terraces).
Are you interest in ?
The french casuals want to know you better...

wanker.fr Team
3. Watcha General Reg ere

As you know the funeral was yesterday & it was lovely to see that other firms including yourselves payed respects to the Bear & even saw a bunch of flowers from you's which stands out like a sore thumb so i thought this photo would be nice for you & the website if you haven't already got it

Speak to you soon
Take Care

Flowers from Chelsea Headhunters at Denton's funeral
(photo courtesy of Reg)

18th October 2007



A day to lay The Bear to rest and celebrate his life.

Friday 19th October, 9.30 am at The Two Brass Cannons, Hornsey Road outside Emirates. Lay flowers and Teddy Bears at The Cannons and forecourt. Please cheer the family up with a wonderful display.

Await arrival of The Bear.

10.00 am march behind The Bear. Police are closing Benwell Road, top of Drayton Park and one side of Holloway Road as we march to Mary Magdalene Church, Holloway Road, close to Bailey pub.

Service to start at 10.30 am. There are large gardens outside and speakers to relay the service. Stewards will first allow family and close friends into the church and then as many others as possible.

Cremation in East Finchley.

Then ALL invited to the largest, most spectacular wake ever at special North London location.

Please respect the Police on the day. The family wish to point out that, unlike Arsenal, the Police have bent over backwards to help.

It doesn't matter who you support, we have lost a good man; Denton was only 44 when he died in a car crash in Moscow. May he rest in peace. See you there.

15th October 2007

13th October 2007

1. Hello Jason,

thought I would came across your site on the net by accident. I was checking up on Denton who died in Moscow, I have to say before I start I am not a footie hooligan I watch Southampton Play if you can call it that at the minute and have never really been around in that sort of scene. Denton was a mate of a mate in the celeb Bodyguard circuit I was seeing how things happened.

I am ex military and have been out for a while, I served on many fronts and have seen action in 3 continents and 5 countries, so I aint affraid to mix it when required. Now I am working the circuit and at present am out in the Gaza Strip.

Get to the point, when I first got out I worked in London and got a job to look after a jouralist who was going to get himself in the shit. I had never heard of Mcintyre and If I had known his ilk would never have taken on the work. Any way I was called up to Brixton where he had managed to get his mobile and his laptop robbed while acting the cunt for a TV show. The Idea was he was going to try and expose a robber but when it went noisy he shit himself. I got there he was shaking like a dog having a shit in the back of a Taxi and crying his eyes out, so much for the hardman of telly. He had used some of his mates to cover his back and they had folded too. Me and a Mate sent the twat home and his team and set about finding the kit, we got the kit back about 10 hours later, Donal was given it back, job was over for me. The Cunt only went on Telly like he had got the kit back, what a wanker he lords it about like some hard man but he aint got a clue.

Thought this might make you laugh, Mcintyre is a spineless worm, I doubt if it will happen again cause the company I was working for aint there no more but if I ever get the call Ill hand him to ya.

Have fun and stay low,

2. Dear Mr Marriner,

My name is Alan Moore, a 21 year old student from the Glasgow School of Art. I am currently in my final year and writing my dissertation. The topic of which is hooliganism and casual fashion. after growing up in Glasgow and supporting Rangers from a young age I feel I have a slight idea of the subject.

I am focusing my dissertation on a comparison of two main firms, the Aberdeen Soccer Casuals and the Chelsea HeadHunters. I am looking at the casual fashion between the 80s and 90s. I want to look at subects such as what these people had in common. Although they were so different, things like jobs, status, outlook on life and veiws on politics, might be the same.

After reading some of your work I thought that you would be able to help, or mabey point me in the direction of some one else who could?

Any help would be much appreciated,

Kind regards, Alan
3. hiya mate ive just bought a copy of your dvd and i cant wait for it to arrive.
i saw the macintyre program on the c18 website and i have to say that you was totaly fucking stitched up mate {like you dont know this }.

it seemed to me that the prick just went out of his way to make you look like a wrong en .

what a knob, for me the highlight was either when he passed out when he was getting a tattoo {soft twat} and when he was shouting for his boyfriend , when it kicked off abroad {i say again the soft twat}

anyway mate just wanted to say hello and hope your keeping well

yours faithfully martyn
8814 1690

16th September 2007

My very good pal Paul H Hopping who we sadly lost 8 years ago. Love and respect from Jason.

2nd September 2007

1. Hi Jason,

Just wanted to say mate having at last got round to purchasing a copy that your book is absolutely blinding! The only complaint I have is that I'm now hanging out of my ass at work due to not being able to put it down all night! That whole trial had about as much credibility as a 4 pound note and it is unbelievable that you could be put away for that long having done the square root of fark all. Having watched the macinlies documentary a few years back I could remember the whole program so it made the read even more enjoyable for me. Fair play to you mate for exposing that prick for what he really is and for keeping your spirits up the whole way through your ordeal. Take care mate all the best and up the Blues!!

Jon Hodge
2. Dear J,

I'm Nick from Florence, Italy, I'm reading your book after have seeing the documentary of the king of the dog, McInlies. I'm just in the middle of the book, chapter "wandsworth away", I'm trying to translate many parts of books but for my poor english trust me is pretty hard, but I'm understanding lot of all. I'm happy to have bought it and I also hope that you are fine after have spend lot of time in jail. I'm full of rage for what he did, he sent you in cell with no trace of guilty, nothing that could send anyone in jail. The way he've act is really a prick, a person with no balls, a person who would be delete from the face of this earth. I can't understand in England the law is so bad, I thought only in Italy bizarre things could happen, but now I know also there.I'm a fan of Fiorentina, the team on my city where played Batistuta and Rui Costa, and since last year Luca Toni, I'm sure you've heard about it.. Mrs bitch Moorcroft, Atkinson and, overall, prick McInlies are really the worst, I would have beat them all if I could...I'm not a violent man, but trust me, when I read some shit, when people joke with life of other people, I become a beast. No way to defense, where's the fucking rights? I'm with you Jason, I'm sure you don't care my support, and you probably will not respond to my mail, but I'm happy to can do that, because this I'm writing is what I was feeling inside...I wish for Mcinlies an hard punish, I'm sure he'll be gonna live with fear in his ass...also if we're not close, I feel close to you J!!!

I'll finish to read the book and I'll write you again, I really hope to can have an aswer from you, this would be great. Just find one minute, when you'll want! And if you'll pass from Italy one day, just remember to write...wish you and your family all the best, and of course, to Chelsea team!!!

Take care,
your mate Nick
Sai cosa è successo oggi?

1st September 2007

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my good pal Yoksi for today. Have a good one mate.

30th August 2007

In Loving Memory of Rhys Jones. My Sympathies go out to Rhys' family and friends.

14th August 2007

First of all, a Happy Birthday to my good friend Howard Marks. And now a big thank you to Mark Fish for a blinding time in sunny Scunny.

12th August 2007

Tonight I'm off to Scunthorpe to do "An Audience With" with the likes of Freddie Forman, Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw and Dave Courtney at a do arranged by my pal Mark Fish, after which we will partying long into the night.

3rd August 2007

Ronnie Biggs is 78 Years old next Wednesday (August 8th) and the 44th anniversary of The Great Train Robbery, also on August 8th. Ronnie will be Celebrating his 78th birthday in HMP Norwich, which is the best present he could of wished for, after being transferred from HMP Belmarsh three weeks ago.

Should you wish to send him a card or a letter, his address is:

Prisoner 002731
HMP Norwich
Healthcare Unit
Knox Road

Thank you all for your continued support of Ronnie,
Mike Gray (Organiser Free Ronnie Biggs Campaign)

31st July 2007

A handful of the latest emails:



2. The scottish sun has invented a story about rangers & chelsea getting together to have a go at celtic & the fact that celtic fans were attacked at the bridge a year ago. They have used your piece from the site that was put up on the 27th march word for word.

Now as far as i can see there is not one mention of having it out with celtic,just a fun,good day for blues brothers & some loyalist tunes. What they are doing is trying to have it kick off. Maybe they should be nicked for trying to incite soccer violence.

3. was reading in the local paper that you were over for the 12th of july. Hope you enjoyed your stay in good old ulster and had urself a good time.


Note from Mal: CLICK HERE to read the story. 

4. Hi jason
If you talk to buster tell him his gig in geneo was great took me back to the skin head days .the italians seem to love it,web site still great keep it up.
all the best
Chelsea abroad

12th July 2007

Enjoy Orangeman's Day
The Glorious 12th

4th July 2007

A message of good news and hope from Mike Gray:


Good Morning,

Michael Biggs called me yesterday to say the Home Office had contacted him, and it would not be made public until this morning (Wednesday, July 4), and the story is already in The Daily Mirror.

This is absolutely great news for Ronnie, Michael and Myself and all connected to The Free Ronnie Biggs Campaign, as we have never given up on Ron and maintained a high profile Campaign, by writing to Her Majesty The Queen, numerous Home Secretaries, etc.

As a regular visitor to Belmarsh to see Ron, I can fully understand when Michael told me yesterday that Ronnie was “crying” with excitement.

I would personally like to thank Giovanni Di Stefano for his efforts in getting Ronnie moved, God bless that man.

Thank you once again to ALL OF YOU who have supported Ronnie over the past 6 Years, written to him, visited him on a regular basis (Yes Tel & Roy I mean you two) and anyone who is supporting our cause… THANK YOU.

Norwich Prison (Healthcare Wing) is where Reggie Kray spent some time in July 28th, 2000. How ironic Biggsy has gone to the same Healthcare Wing, in the month of July. Ronnie is 78 years Old on August 8th.

Should you wish to write to Ronnie and welcome him to his NEW HOME the details are:


Thank you & RESPECT to you All,
Mike Gray
Free Ronnie Biggs Campaign

1st July 2007

At the
going down of
the sun and in the morning
we shall remember them.
Lest we forget all of the
volunteers on the
1st of July and
every day.

18th June 2007

HAPPY 40th

Mal and associated pals

17th June 2007

Thank you to everyone for coming to my 40th and having a good night. They came from north, south, east and west. London, Sunderland, Sheffield, Peterborough, Northern Ireland, Norfolk, Wolverhampton, Stockport ... all corners of the realm. I'd like to thank them all for a blindin' night and the respect they showed me.

God Bless them all. My message to them is: never give up on your dreams.

No Surrender,
Jason x

11th June 2007

1. Cheers Jason

Thank you for a fun and eventful weekend here in Oslo during the annual Supporters of British football tournament. Even though we lost nearly every game, u managed to impress a lot of people. Even the Norwegian Police were impressed with ur skills, and as they said "He had such great skills that I wonder why he did`nt go that way, instead of the way he did" ha ha ha. If they only knew how much more fun WE have, than the footballers who have to train every fucking day.

I hope u are satisfied with the sale, and maybe we`ll meet up again for next year.

No Surrender!
2. Alright m8

As a long time chelsea lad livin in Norway i was well gutted to find out this afternoon u were playin in oslo this weekend, Being a Bergen local there was no chance of me gettin there in time (tryed persuadin the bird 2 drive me even haha).

Anyway shame i missed the chance to have a chat and a beer, next time maybe!


Special thanks to Vinje for inviting me over to Norway to play for the Chelsea Norwegian supporters team in the tournament and the book signing and for his hospitality while I was over there. I had a great time. While I was on the pitch I was approached by one of their plain clothes coppers who told me: "We know about your background Jason. We have had complaints from the anti-Nazi league about you being here and we'll be keeping an eye on you." Well, I'd just like to say that that little confrontation did not spoil my rhythm or my fun one little bit while I was over there.

And to Wes, yes mate, I look forward to having a pint with you next time round.

8th June 2007

I'm off to Norway to play a little football and attend a book-signing that's been arranged by good friends of mine over there. I'll let you all know how it goes when I get back.

2nd June 2007

Congratulations to Disco, who ran the Manchester Run for charity and came a very respectable 462nd out of 28,000 in 41 minutes and thirty four seconds.

Great news for everyone (including OB): my sidekick Andy Frain, aka Nightmare, got out on tag yesterday.

Congratulations to my very old friend Dave Flynn and Lorna, who are getting married today in Sheffield after being together for 16 years. I'm on my way up for the service and festivities pal.

30th May 2007

Who saw that prick MacIntyre making a total pratt of himself (again) on MacIntyre: Edge of Existence (Five) last night? The Guardian obviously thought it was a total farce and you can read their report on the show at Donal MacIntyre's dangerous hunting expedition is about as daring as a stag party.

19th May 2007


Ready for history in the making and a lot of sore heads in the morning from all the partying

10th May 2007

A very old and dear pal of mine has recently been diagnosed with cancer and goes for his first chemo-therapy session on Monday, so I would like to wish him all the best. We held a benefit for him last Saturday and I'd personally like to thank everyone who attended ... you know who you are. My pal would like to thank everyone too, especially for the almost thirteen grand that was raised to help him. Special thanks to Ginger Bob of Millwall, Boatsy from Nottingham Forest, Lewisham and all the other lads from other clubs who came to support the cause. I salute you all.

1. Alright fella,

Just finished your book, really good read mate. nice to see that the system didnt break you like some other poor souls. hopefully this finds you prospering on the business front.keep up the good work

On another note Ive also seen that 'MacInlies' has moved away from his so called 'danger work' to put himself in the firing line following some african tribe around London or something?! whats that all about eh?

nice to see that his 'inventive journalim' isnt going to waste.

catch ya at the bridge maybe sometime (only at your stall mind you till they turn that stupid ban around).

will you be doing any 'Audiences' in the suffolk area in the near future by chance?

No surrender.
2. Hey there Jason,

I just thought I would drop you a line to say what a great website you have set up!

I am a huge Chelsea fan here in Brisbane Australia and the internet is the only way I can keep up with how the lads are going over there in England & Europe.

I was in London last year and made a visit to the Bridge as I needed to see the hallowed turf in person, I have attached a pic for you.

Take it easy Jason & I wish I was living in London so I could have a few ales with the Chelsea lads!

Stay cool
"The biggest Chelsea fan down under"!
3. Alrite there J, Its about time that charlie was released hes been caged up like an animal for the past 20+ years most of that in a cage.Give him a chance to have a pint, feed the ducks,ha ha,visit his family and friends like everyone else.Lets just remember he never murdered anyone, he never raped anyone.PEODOS DO A FEW YEARS AND THERE OUT. so for gods sake RELEASE CHARLIE BRONSON. no surrender. karl
4. hello jason!

here are my short words. i know my english is very bad...so maybe you have to change some words to bring it into a good english. i also send you the 2 pics of the website:

a true, friendly and decent man has gone. at 4.april 2007 the chemnitz football club lost one of his most loyal supporters. with only 47 years charlie died after a long fight against illness. he followed the team for the last 30 years home and away. everybody will remember his loud singing and "Ey-Ey-Ey-Ey" battlecry. the terraces need such originals and with his passing the chemnitz fan scene lost a piece of fan culture. what mickey greenaway was for chelsea...charlie was for chemnitz. he gave all for his CFC...WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU! REST IN PEACE!!!.......a Chemnitz FC supporter
5. Hows it going mate?Just recently started taking an interest in ''terrace culture'' basically i love a good scrap and this is an avenue i haven't explored,saw your website and thought nice one,i done a bit of time with andy up in peterborough last year,good guy,true to what he holds dear,listen mate just want ya to know that youve got support from cunts like me you dont even know lol keep the faith mate and best of luck with all that you embark on in the future,God save the queen!!!!!


23rd April 2007

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Or close the wall up with our English dead.
In peace there's nothing so becomes a man
As modest stillness and humility:
But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
Then imitate the action of the tiger;
Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
Disguise fair nature with hard-favour'd rage;
Then lend the eye a terrible aspect;
Let pry through the portage of the head
Like the brass cannon; let the brow o'erwhelm it
As fearfully as doth a galled rock
O'erhang and jutty his confounded base,
Swill'd with the wild and wasteful ocean.
Now set the teeth and stretch the nostril wide,
Hold hard the breath and bend up every spirit
To his full height. On, on, you noblest English.
Whose blood is fet from fathers of war-proof!
Fathers that, like so many Alexanders,
Have in these parts from morn till even fought
And sheathed their swords for lack of argument:
Dishonour not your mothers; now attest
That those whom you call'd fathers did beget you.
Be copy now to men of grosser blood,
And teach them how to war. And you, good yeoman,
Whose limbs were made in England, show us here
The mettle of your pasture; let us swear
That you are worth your breeding; which I doubt not;
For there is none of you so mean and base,
That hath not noble lustre in your eyes.
I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
Straining upon the start. The game's afoot:
Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
Cry 'God for Harry, England, and Saint George!'

22nd April 2007

An Audience with Jason Marriner
and Busta Bloodvessel

A rather special Saint George's Day event: An Audience with Jason Marriner and Jason's very good friend Buster Bloodvessel (from Bad Manners) live on the 23rd April 2007. This is going to prove to be a "DON'T MISS" event! The venue is The Acton Court Hotel, 187 Buxton Road, Stockport, Cheshire, SK2 7AB [MAP]. Doors open 7pm. Tickets are only £6.00 each. For more information contact Andy on 07716 054349 or email renrag40@hotmail.com.

20th April 2007

Just want to say how sad I am to have lost my good pal Dannel Bean on Wednesday. He'll be sorely missed and my heart goes out to his family and friends. RIP Dannel mate.

12th April 2007

You can see me being interviewed about English hooliganism on ITV News tomorrow at 6 pm and 10 pm.

The following is an email correspondence with someone calling themselves Wil:

Hi Jason

In my opinion I think it would be far better to leave Mr Charles Bronson where he is as all the fuss yourself and other celeb ex-criminals etc are causing will only make the powers that be more stead-fast regarding his continual confinement.

C. Bronson is no longer a security problem. He has been 'moved' using restraints only to placate him as he likes to be seen by other cons as unpredictable and disruptive. Sadly, this is all he has and, if he were to be placed on the wings he would be vulnerable to attack by fellow prisoners.
He is not a young man and would struggle greatly if he were released owing to his inability to adjust and, would require a great deal of time and care in order to adjust to life on the outside.


On 4/10/07, Jason Marriner <jason.marriner@hotmail.co.uk> wrote:
Sadly you dont no charlie or his family yes your intittled to your opinion but your wrong tell me what he has done to be kept in prison and solitory confinment for so many years you talk like a smack or crack head, shall we carry on protecting the fucking nonces while this man rots. OVER MY DEAD BODY THE MAN SHOULD BE FREE!!!

Hi Jason

I agree with you, he should be free. I've been in hospital with CB, I don't know him but I know of him and, for sure, he needs to be started on a release program so he can start his life again.

People who have been in hospital or prison for a long time don't just get released. There's a good chance they'd top themselves or do something daft and end-up re-called to hospital.
What I'm getting at is that he would benefit from less negative attention. Even the hospital staff acknowledged that the media seals peoples fate not the offence.

I'm not a smack head or crack head. I beleive society has more to fear from nonces that CB for sure, but unlike a lot of people I've seen loads stuck in the system, but no one cares about them.

6th April 2007

It was seven years ago today that two Leeds United fans were stabbed to death at Galatasaray in Turkey. Today my thoughts are with the families and friends of Christopher Loftus and Kevin Speight who died at the hands of Turkish fans in Taksim Square. The killers have never been brought to trial as far as I know. Neither have the police in Rome been brought to account for their terrible attack on the Manchester United fans a few days ago. I suppose we'll get the same story with the Spanish police in the Spurs vs. Sevilla game! It seems that in Europe it is as it has always been: open season on British football fans.

4th April 2007

An Audience with Jason Marriner
and Busta Bloodvessel

A rather special Saint George's Day event: An Audience with Jason Marriner and Jason's very good friend Buster Bloodvessel (from Bad Manners) live on the 23rd April 2007. This is going to prove to be a "DON'T MISS" event! The venue is The Acton Court Hotel, 187 Buxton Road, Stockport, Cheshire, SK2 7AB [MAP]. Doors open 7pm. Tickets are only £6.00 each. For more information contact Andy on 07716 054349 or email renrag40@hotmail.com.

29th March 2007

An Audience with Jason Marriner

Here's your chance to quiz Jason on anything you like. From his naughty boy days and the Chelsea Headhunters to the Donut MacIntyre affair and Jason's years in prison. You ask and he'll tell you exactly how it was. You'll get it straight from the horse's mouth.

The event date is being held on 3rd May 2007 at 8.00 pm at Thatcham Football Club, Waterside Park, Crookham Road, Thatcham, Berkshire RG19 4PA [MAP]. Tickets are priced at £10.00 each. The Telephone number for buying tickets is 07795 383501 or Email the.fixer@vodaphone.net

27th March 2007

There'll be a good loyalist day out 28th July when Rangers play Chelsea at Ibrox. The Blues Brothers are meeting in a pre-season friendly so there will be plenty of fun and loyalist tunes.


26th March 2007

Today is a twenty first anniversary. It was twenty one years ago today that Old Bill dawn raided Steve Hickey Hickmott during operation "Own Goal" ... and what an own goal it was! Steve wound up with nearly £100,000 in compo and let me tell you: he ain't even touched it yet. He's still living off the interest! Good luck to you Steve from your pal Jason. No Surrender!

P.S. So where's that pint you promised to buy me when we travelled away to Rotherham in 1982?

17th March 2007

Thank you to Darren and Alison for the invite to Alison's 40th tonight. But on a day like to day I'm afraid I have to refuse to go to any pubs or clubs. Just 'cos your auntie's dog was once taken for a walk in Kilburn don't make you a Paddy. So let's get today out of the way and look forward to celebrating Saint George's Day on the 23rd April in proper style!

3rd March 2007

Joshua Charlie McDadeFirst of all, my heartiest congratulations to Darren McDade and his missus on the birth of their son, Joshua Charlie McDade. Darren is the son of Charlie Bronson's sister, Lorraine, which must make Joshua Charlie's grand-nephew. Anyway, Charlie is chuffed to bits at the latest addition to the family, as are the whole family.


More congrats go to Ian Sim "The Twin" and his wife Jenny, who just found out that they're expecting their first - a new addition to the Chelsea Youth.

Joey Pyles funeral went off very well, with over 2,000 attending. All of the chaps there, the likes of Freddie Foreman, Roy Shaw and Dave Courtney.

And finally, a get-well-soon to my good pal Tel Currie who broke his scotch egg.

24th February 2007

Arrangements for Joey Pyle's Funeral

The funeral for Joey Pyle Senior will be held on Wednesday 28th February 2007 at 1 pm at Saint Theresa's Church, 250 Bishopsford Road, Morden, Surrey, SM4 6BZ [MAP] and then on to Sutton and Merton Crematorium in Lower Morden Lane, Morden, SM4 4NU [MAP] for 2.30 pm.

If you wish to send flowers please contact Michael Emmett on 0208 673 2958.


17th February 2007

Roy Shaw, Joey Pyle and Tony Lambrianou

It is my sad duty to announce the passing of Joey Pyle Senior this afternoon after a long and brave fight against illness. Joey Will be missed by everyone who knew him as a tough but fair man. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to his wife and family, for today, the World has lost one of its few true gentleman.

14th January 2007

My agent asked me if I'd to do a TV show with McIntyre to see who comes out the cleanest. Of course I said "Yes!" I'd relish the chance of going head to head with that ****.

Unfortunately to date (3 or 4 months) McIntyre don't appear to have responded, so I can only assume that his anal sphincter has gone into spasm, causing an excess of skid markings in the underpants department.

Come on McIntyre: if you're so self-righteous, convinced of what a great and good person you are and that you were right to do what you did then let's get it on face to face, discuss it like men and let the nation decide! Problem is, without the ability to hide behind a disguise, lie about being a big drug dealer and be able to edit the results into oblivion to achieve the effect you want you just can't cut it.

When was the last time you managed to deliver a live news report like REAL reporters do? Oh, sorry, I forgot -  you've been too busy investigating what a hooligan that weather is and how scary sharks are. What's next? How some nasty anti-social volcano nicked your mobile phone and lap-top (with trackers in 'em, of course)?

Oh, and just a quiet word in the ears of Steven Gudara, his wife Delma and James Yawona from Papua New Guinea. Be very careful and don't let McIntyre stitch you up like he does everyone else.

While I'm on the subject of that mongrel, I hear he's becoming a father. Well, I truly hope from the bottom of my heart that his child grows up healthy and wise and doesn't inherit his dad's unscrupulous and devious nature. I'd hate to think of that innocent kid learning how to go round offering all kinds of stuff about drugs in order to get a moody story.

11th February 2007


Yes people, there's an Audience with Jason Marriner coming up on Thursday 22nd February at Cristalz Wine Bar, 29 London Road, Twickenham, TW1 3SZ starting at 8.00 pm sharp. Tickets are priced at £15.00 each or you can buy two at the very special price of £20 the pair! To obtain tickets please phone Leon on 07734 735499.

This is your chance to ask Jason any questions you might have about the McIntyre saga, the court room shenanigans, what Prison was like, how people are treated in prison or his old hooligan days, so get down there and ask.

4th February 2007

Recordings of Charlie's voice are rarer then hen's teeth, so unless you're a personal friend of Charlie's it is unlikely that you will ever have heard his voice.

Well, now you can! Charlie has issued a Limited Edition CD called "Dead Man Talking" and you can own it for the bargain price of ONLY £9.99.

This is a WHEN-THEY'RE GONE, THEY'RE GONE! deal. There will only ever be 1,000 of this Limited Edition CD in the possession of the world-wide population.

OK, Hard Sell over. Buy it just 'cos you want to hear him.



07968 019095



26th January 2007


I was gutted to hear the news that my pal Charlie Bronson has had his request for a review of his appeal turned down. Charlie has been in prison almost continually for 32 years now and has spent 28 of those years in solitary confinement. Now his hope for release lies with the Parole Board, who have never seen fit to give him his freedom in the past. Charlie needs all the help and support we can give him and I urge all of you to look at his website www.freebronson.co.uk and his MySpace page and join the growing army of people who want to see an end to this injustice.

Now I've got that off my chest, here are some more of the emails I get:

1. Jase,
Just to say that the website and the dvd is top drawer mate. Keep up the good work.
No Surrender.
Rgds, Craig
2. Hows it going Jason,
Just thought I would let you know that the book and dvd arrived this morning, fucking brilliant!!
The local book stores couldn't guarantee that I would have a copy within 25 days, and it only took a week from G.B.Thanks for the signed flyers mate really appreciate it, adds a little personal touch. By the way, can you tell me if any headhunter merchandise is available through your web site?? If so please let me know. Once again, thanks mate!
3. Jason,
You may not remember me but when you were in the Town of Bellshill 20 odd years ago for the Rangers Celtic game, I was introduced to your good self. I will be in London this weekend for the Chelsea game with my good wife and would like to catch up if that is possible.

John Alias Coke
4. Hello,

My name is S.B, i'am 20 years old and i'm from switerland (sorry for my english).
I've visit your website, it is very good, i will also buy your books and the DVD. I like football and this football supporters "world", that's my "passion", not only see the game on TV or i don't know, but be here for the team by all the conditions, fight for it, defends it... you know what i mean. I will come some days in London to see some game, Chelsea, West Ham,... I hope see you in Stamford Bridge, to take a beer ;-).

I wish you all the best for you and your web site.
SB / Switzerland
5. just like to say youve got a top site,and the books superb,just lookin back at sme old emails u recieved about the tic fan goin on about irish/british shite.im a loyal supporter of Glasgow Rangers and a great supporter of loyalism and im sick to fuckin death of journos always on the gers backs,fuckin every old firm game cameras on us taping and filming,what about pro IRA songs from the tic end,u never seem to hear of it,i dnt sing now at home matches anymore because uve always got sme wanker watchin u,but away days are diff,weve got a loyal community here in fife,with various protestant flute bands,myself playing in one of them,DHMFB,weve got a good site now,anyway enough from me keep up a good site,yours in the protestant cause dave
6. G'Day Jason,
Followed your advice and ordered book and DvD via your web site. Can't wait to get my hands on them for what sounds like a brilliant read. The online pricing compared to picking it up locally is actually no dearer. Good on the missus and her credit card.HahA. Anyway bye for now and have a good one!!

John Rogers (Australia)

P.S- Can't wait to rub the signed copy under my bro's nose. He's not a football nut like me!!!
7. I send an order for DVD "HOOLIGAN!" from Italy Mal....I'm an HELLAS VERONA's ultras....You're GREAT!!! GOTO AND VIOLENCE!!! ( GOTO is a glass of wine)__HEIL!!!__
8. Hi jason ,
i'm davide , from Brescia , Italy , fans of Brescia.
I don't know you have made a web site, i see them today.

I write you for a question .

I see you , after some articles in newspaper , in a video , in a dvd , i have buy,. The dvd is the special report of Bbc ( Donal MacIntyre ) . have you idea ? I think yes. I have this question for you ? but , after this special report of Bbc , this "candid camera " , ( yes it isn't a candid , but donal is beeing more false with you and the others chelsea fans ) what had you think ? you had meet also MacIntyre in some place in england ?
In Italy any journalist had made in past this kind of report , i hope don't happened in future.

A big "Ciao " from Italy.
I like Chelsea HEADHUNTERS force , In Uk and Outside. I hope this glorious story will not stopped in future !!excuse me for my english !!! but... i'm italian..

merry christmas and happy new year

13th January 2007


First off, I'd like to send belated best wishes to my pal Rob and his wife in Holland for the birth of their first daughter, Amber.

Next, a bit of news on Andy Frain: he had now been decatogorised and will be moving prisons soon. I'll keep you all informed about his whereabouts.

Speaking of prisoners, to all you good people who read about my good friend Neil Holland in the newspapers who outrageously got four years for a minor scuffle with Man City fans. Please do not forget to write to him if he's a friend of yours. The address is Neil Holland, XD5344, HMP Manchester (used to be Stangeways), 1 Southall Street, Manchester, M60 9AH.

On Thursday I was involved in some filming of Carlton Leach's new film "Rise of the Foot Soldier". Also, Liam Galvin of Gangster Videos has asked me play a main character in his new film project, which he's in the process of writing. Apparently there are some exceptionally good looking women involved. I'll keep you all informed.

25th December 2006

16th December 2006

Mal tells me that there's a new gallery of photos from last months Awareness Event on the Free Charlie Bronson website. There's even a couple of photos of me on there.

"And what have you been up to?" I hear you ask. Well, I've been busy importing. You know the latest craze, Healys? Well, I've just got in a few thousand of them called "J's Wheelies" and they're selling fast, as my source is a lot less expensive. Strewth, they go for £60 to £70 in the shops and I'm knocking them out at £35 to £40 a pair. If you're interested in buying any (especially if you want them wholesale) then just email me. You won't be disappointed, as the quality is every bit as good as the more expensive ones in the shops now.

5th December 2006

It's been a busy time for me over the past month, hence me being so quiet on the website. Add to that mine and Mal's involvement with the Charlie Bronson campaign and show a couple of weeks ago and there hasn't been much time for attending to me own web site. The Bronson Event up in Derby was a blinding night, so if you weren't there (why not?) you missed something very special. I do hear that there may be another one some time in the New Year down in London, so keep yer eyes peeled on Charlie's website for announcements ... plus all the other interesting stuff over there. Speaking of which, it's Charlie's birthday tomorrow, so Happy Birthday Chaz from all of us mate.

1. Great website mate,wish you all the best from the brigton derry (bridgeton derry) whare can i buy those rangers chelsea scarfs in orange? no surrender
rfc chfc!
2. Mal/Jason,

Just thought I would drop you a quick mail to let you know the book and DVD arrived this morning.I really appreciated the personal touch and look forward to viewing and reading the book. Getting married on the 25th Nov so I will take the book with me during 'rest periods' ! If I ordered a book and DVD today for my brother Steve would you be able to guarantee delivery by 23rd Nov. Sorry to be a pain but to be honest he would rather your signed book and a DVD than a tankard !

Thanks again, Mike
3. Just got on to your website, top marks mate!! i am looking at gettin your book and dvd a.s.a.p and i am sorry about what happened to you because of that tosser, fukin hate undercover people like that, there all sly bastards and i could go on all day about how much i fukin hate em, but i wont coz there not even worth the energy! anyway mate just like to say that i stick by u 100%! your a legend mate! and ive read about your response to all that shit about u been national front or watever it was they were blaming u for, and it makes sense mate seriously! take care mate

Hull City Lad

10th November 2006

I've been abroad on business for the past couple of weeks, so a massive apology to all those who have purchased my book or DVD from the site. All the orders are now being dispatched and you should be receiving your items very soon. The same goes for all of you who have been emailing me.

To email me direct, simply click on jason.marriner@hotmail.co.uk

6th November 2006

A message from Mark Fish to say that Spearmint Rhino are sending two stretched Hummers packed with 20 of their girls dressed in black cat suits to the Charlie Bronson Event on 19th November to help hand out literature. Remember, entrance is by ticket only, so if you haven't got yours yet then give Gary a ring on 07968 019095.

4th November 2006

I've banged on about writing to prisoners before. Now there's a new forum in town. Prison Chat UK is an online community giving support to those who have a loved one inside the British prison system. Whoever is inside, be it your mother, father, wife, husband, sister, brother etc, and no matter what they have done, you are welcomed there. It is Prison Chat's hope that you find the answers and support you need at a testing time. Having a loved one inside can leave you feeling lost, lonely and betrayed. They are there to help you get through it!

2nd November 2006

A small error has crept into the press release issued regarding the Free Bronson event: the phone number for tickets is 07968 019095 (Gary). Thanks to OK and HELLO magazines for pointing the error out.

28th October 2006

The film "Bronson" is slated to start production on 1st February 2007 and will shoot in 15 different locations. The film's producer, Danny Hanford, will be at the Free Bronson event, along with Tom Hardy (Layer Cake, Sweeney Todd), who it is expected will play Charlie in the film. Also, the film's casting director will be at the event looking for people to be in the film. There are a few character parts left to fill, as well as plenty of extras.

15th October 2006

The following just in from Mike Gray:


Last Week The Daily Mirror, ran a Story on Ronnie….. “BIGGS BRAZIL APPEAL”

Ronnie’s Lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano said Ronnie is making a last ditch bid for Brazilian Citizenship, Which if accepted by the Brazilian Government, Ronnie could be Freed straight away and deported to Brazil, where he spent over 30 Years as a law abiding Citizen.

Giovanni said “This avoids Home Secretary John Reid making a decision on a Very Sick old Man”, “It is Biggs ticket to Rio, to be with his Family rather than be in Belmarsh”

If returned Ronnie would be FREED, under Brazilian judicial law, as his Crime was over 40 Years ago.

Giovanni Di Stefano is working endlessly on Ronnie’s behalf, and We all thank him so much for his efforts,

I will update, when further Information is received,

Thank you All on behalf of Ronnie & Michael Biggs, for your Continued and loyal Support,

Ronnie is now 77 years Old, and has Served 5 Years & 4 Months, to date.

11th October 2006

1. Loyal Friends, Just read the book (wow!!) a true reading into the famous chelsea hooligan! just writing to wish you all the best from the Rangers boys! Hope to see you at the next old firm game at Ibrox! And also hope we get a result over them this time as we should do!

All the Best Jason and Mal
Lee, Rangers and Chelsea Loyal.
No Surrender!!
2. Hey there!

First id like to say how great your book is! Awesome read!
My name is Neil and im a chelsea fan from way back! Just got it tatood on my chest.
Its my 25th birthday coming up and I know you are a busy man but if you could send us a signed photo I would be a very happy man! Go up next to me signed Frank Lampard top.
A reply would be much appreciated and i would be very honoured. Cheers mate and good luck with the touring and book signing.

Yours faithfully
Victoria, Australia

Cheers Neil. Signed photos will be available to buy through my website within the next week or so mate. Jason


5th October 2006

Tomorrow I'm attending the funeral an old friend of mine, Steve "Cooperman" Cooper, who has sadly passed away after fighting a long and hard battle against cancer. He'll be missed by a lot of people.

And for all of you who want to write to Nightmare, the address is:

Andy Frain
PR 6591
HMP Peterborough
Saville Road

(prisoner number to follow.) Don't forget, you can find the address of ANY English prison by placing your mouse over "Contact" on the top menu and clicking on "Find A Prison".

NOTE: Regarding the Free Bronson event below, I am told by the organisers that tickets are selling like hot-cakes. They will NOT be sold on the door and they will go on general release next week in the local press (if there are any left!), so get yours quick or you won't get into this "Event of the Year".

4th October 2006

Coinciding with the Charlie Bronson event announcement below, I am happy to report that the Free Charlie Bronson website has now been re-launched.

evening mate, iv just read your book and felt i had to mail you to tell you what an out & out stitch up i thought the whole situation was. after the 344 hours of footage they had fuck all on you yet you still got 6 years, its not on. throughout the first part of your book i was very open minded but once it got to the offical transcripts i couldnt believe what i was reading. i tell you something else as well i think you did very well not to get drawn in to the other things he was trying to get you involved in, i think its fair to say had you have done his class a removals you would probably have been still been away now. a few of my mates watched the bbc panorama agents/managers bungs programme last week & asked my opinion on it & i said you know what lads dont believe a fucking word of it, ill let you read my book then you will never believe anything on that programme ever again. anyway moving on i hope you earn a few quid out of the book, dvd, website ect because you deserve to & im sure one day mr mcintyre will have the misfortune of bumping in to the wrong person, what goes around comes around & all that.

good luck, keith
bradford city & england.

1st October 2006


The Event is being held at Blue Bamboo in Derby on Sunday 19th November 2006 from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. and will be attended by Mr. Joey Pyle Snr.


Dave Courtney OBE
Roy "Pretty Boy" Shaw
Howard Marks
Jason Marriner
Ray Winstone
Tel Currie
Joe Longthorne
Doctor and the Medics
The Swellbellies
DJ Kate Lawler and  Fran Cosgrove
Adrian Doughty

A top Saville Row designer will be bringing a selection of top Designer Suits for auction (all proceeds go to the Free Charles Bronson Fund), so don't forget your wallets and you could be going home looking the bollocks.

Tickets are available for ONLY £20 each from Gary on 07968 019095 and admission will be by ticket only.

Please Note that tickets are limited and will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis, so book right now to avoid disappointment.

29th September 2006

I thoroughly enjoyed myself on Tuesday night at my good pal Howard Marks' new book launch at Spitz in Spitalfield. Met up with a lot of old pals there including Dave Courtney, Welsh Bernie, etc. etc. Howard's book is called Senor Nice: Straight Life from Wales to South America and you can buy it from Amazon by clicking on the link.

25th September 2006

1. jason
thanks for the chat in the rangers club on the 12th and for signing your card for my 2 daughters,they were well chuffed
if you fancy a bevvy before any of the rangers games see youin the angel bar on paisley rd west youre more than welcome we travel up from halesowen (brum) for most home games
best wishes
no surrender
2. jason and mal .
that macinliar really does have two faces dont he .nice bit ov detective work boys .
3. nice1 jase macinlier returns lol
4. jason good 2 c u put in the boot in on that nogood irish fink wot a poser keep it up m8 no surrender

20th September 2006

There's a new article about MacIntyre in the Articles Section. Click here to read MacIntyre and Celebrity: The Two Faces of Donal.

14th September 2006

I'm glad to see you standing up and speaking out against the crooked media and governmental machine that wants to grind everyone down to a docile mass. Cliff Warby got me following The Blues in the early 90's. I'm an older skinhead over here in the states and know what it's like to have the government and media come to bear upon you.
I can't wait to get the dvd in and watch it. I hope to meet you day when I come across the pond.
No Surrender!
2. how do mate, hope all's well, just thought id drop a mail to say a big hullo hullo to the lads who gave celtic such a welcome down your way a few weeks back, they truly are the lowest of the low. heard that at last nights man utd game after the match was like a recruitment drive for the provo's, handing out leaflets and even a wee function put on for them in manchester, pity the mancs didnt take the line the lads in london did
oh well lookin forward to of day lol

hope alls well
3. hello guys,that mcintyre is taking the piss,im watching it now,he's got a t/shirt on and blatantly showing a chelsea tattoo.....what a fucking wanker he is....i dont suppose im the only one thats gonna send you mail about it.....take care boys.....ktbffh.....mac ..swansea

12th September 2006

Mal has made me a My Space page. You'll find it at Jason Marriner (and his page is at Mal).

9th September 2006

Sorry to all those of you who have emailed asking why the site hasn't been updated for a couple of weeks. It's simple ... I've been away somewhere nice and sunny, recharging my batteries.

First things first, deepest and heart felt sympathies and condolences from myself and all the Chelsea Old School to Chris "Chubby" Henderson, who has recently lost his father.

Now, some of the emails that have arrived while I've been away:

Hey, being a born and bred Leeds fan and growing up in the stands of Elland Road, sympathising with a Chelsea fans never gonna be easy... but seriously, all jokes and rivalries a side, you got absolutely fucked over by McIntyre, what a fucking wanker he is!
As a university student studying media and journalism (i know, bad enough hes a leeds fan but a journalist too!) i know exactly what can be done with an edited film and i know exactly how reporters can manipulate people to say whatever they like.
Honestly, he barely had anything on you in that film, what a wanker...
Its people like him that make my chosen field so hated, and discredits journalists that actually write the truth, although i'm fully aware these are few and far between, they do exist.
Best of luck with everything mate, especially the website (but not Chelsea, obviously!) Dave, Leeds. Marching On Together!
2. Hello Jason
Best regards and support from Macedonia! Take care! Hope that I'll meet you one day in Chelsea.
You sou best and cool men and i'love Chelsea but I'love and Macedonia and i'tink the mach Macedonia vs England tshe score
it well by 2:1 from Macedonia.
i'will coom in Bulgaria to wach Levski vs Chelsea in Champions League

3. Hello mr. Marriner    
  I am a big fan of Chelsea . I am very glad that they are coming to Bulgaria for Levski Chelsea game so I could see them a live . It is a big honour for us. There are many Chelsea supporters in Bulgaria .
Most of them are Levski fans too . Levski is the blue team in Bulgaria . They are the champions of Bulgaria . It would be great to see real Chelsea fans here and I hope some of Headhunters too .
Respect to your firm .
By the way that shit MacIntyre should not be allowed to show up anywhere . Bann him from England .
Hello jason,
I am an anderlecht supporter and i've just read your book in two days.It really is unbelievable how your system works.Over here football supporters are allso punished for their activities but only when there's enough evidence.Normally one is inocent untill proven guilty but that was just not the case here.Hope your professional life has gone back on track and you get some compensation fot being in prison by selling your book and dvd.I hope we draw Chelsea in the second round so we can get another encounter like we had in december last year.
Greetings Sven
Brussels City Steamers

24th August 2006

Did anyone see MacIntyre on Channel Four last night? Blimee, you could have knocked me down with a feather when he demonstrated that if you leave your laptop on the front seat of a flashy unlocked motor parked next to an estate … it will get nicked! Bit like wandering round Brixton for two nights flashing your laptop and mobile about, innit Donal? The only amazing thing was that it took an entire hour before some likely lads started to break into a bullet proof Audi parked on an estate in Leeds, where he had left a video cam in full view on the front seat.

Then he moved on to the "Crime of the Century": parking in disabled bays. Yeah, I know it's ignorant, but honestly! He was sounding more like Wogan by the minute and was almost creaming himself when he got the guy in the Lambo to move.

Then we had a camera in a police car attending an RTA. Don’t they do that already on things like “Stop! Police!” and a couple of dozen other similar programmes?

And those “Tricks of the Trade” … has that arse got Saint Vitus’ Dance or something? All that moving edgily around his pet grasses and constantly shifting camera angles circling and circling. Dramatic … not!

He had his “Big Sting Hero”, a bloke who is going to film vandals, but apparently hasn’t got anything yet and his team dressed in “Macintyre’s Big Sting” T-shirts. Pathetic!

And the stings? Three young lads got arrested and … wait for it … one got a sixty quid fine, one a conditional discharge and the third got a caution; a very young couple were embarrassed when his cameras and lights set up camp outside their house. Yeah, sure they had his camera, but wasn’t he sooooo understanding when they “found” it? He was even trying to put words in the young lad’s mouth. About the only valuable thing he did was got an Albanian car-thief deported … and that was from a previous series.

The twat was recently quoted as saying: "This show is really to celebrate the victim - I take the view that, at some stage, adult criminals have to take responsibility for their own actions." As far as I could see, most of the victims were named Donal and most of the criminals were youths.

“Big Sting”? Let’s ‘ave it right, it was more like a “Little Attempted Gnat Bite”.

22nd August 2006

Congratulations to my good pal Andy Fraine aka Nightmare and his missus, Kelly, on the birth of their new son. The lad only weighed 1lb 1oz at birth, but he's getting bigger, better and stronger by the day.

17th August 2006

I'd like to congratulate my good pals Darren Crewe and Elaine on the birth of their son Ryan.

To my very good friend Paul Brooker, my very sad condolences on the death of your dad Mick Brooker. Mick was a man who I knew for 20 years, who used to watch me play football and always treated me with the utmost respect; he was never once interested in the MacIntyre saga 'cos he knew me for who I really was. Mick was a man who loved a few pints, his cigarettes and his football. He died quietly in his armchair watching football on the TV with a ciggie in one hand and a can of beer by his side. I'll be attending Mick's funeral today.

Another sad loss was the mum of another very close mate, John Sawyer, who is a life-long Chelsea fan, a very upstanding gentleman and known and respected by many.

14th August 2006

Apologies to anyone who was looking forward to my appearance at The Clink, but Chris the Greek, who was organising it, appears to have gone off on a mission. I'll let you all know when it'll be on.

1. pucka dvd jas, proper geez. cardiff lad
2. alrite jas , just watched ya dvd mate , cheers 4 signin it. really enjoyed it , nice 2 hear wot ya said about that little wanker !!. just about ta order ya book . lookin forward 2 it ! keep up the good work fella. dave, chester..
3. Just like to wish u aw the best for the future jason and good to see the so called british justice system couldnt keep a good man down. Cheers for signing the book and take care.

13th August 2006

Just a sprinkling of received emails:

1. The nicest mail I've ever received from a Celtic fan:
Hi jason was down south for the above game, had a few beers and enjoyed the Crac with lots of the Chelsea fans, you may have gathered that i am a Celtic Fan( its the email Address), I wish so called football "fans" would keep all this Irish/British Shite and Crap out of Football, I follow Celtic everywhere and cant be arsed with it, Its so Boring and Life is 2 short mate for all that crap,What you and i would agree on is the Tabloid Press and its sneaky way of printing the "TRUTH", the way i deal with it, is not to Buy the Tabloids or watch the Shitey TV programmes about Football Fans, I have allways been one to think for my self mate, and dont like being in Groups, So All The Best(not your team) but to you,Yours John
2. Ello Jason !

My name is Mads and I live in Norway. I'm a Chelsea fan and have been since I can remember. I am also very interessted in hooligans. I was wondering if the Headhunters are still an active firm nowadays? And is it true that The Yids are your biggest rival ?

Thanks mate. Cheers!

Yes to both mate.
3. Hello Jason!
Very good site!
Best regards to you and respect from Russia!

Hope all is well over in Russia and us Chelsea lads send our respect to you boys in Russia. No Surrender.

10th August 2006

I'd like to thank all the people who came from all corners of Great Britain to support Chelsea against Celtic last night. I'd also like to thank the Celtic supporters for paying us a huge compliment:

Wherever they go they take over the places with 10,000 to 15,000 supporters and it was not too long ago when Celtic played Fulham and over-ran the place with their horrible colours. But this wasn't the case last night, as they could only muster less than 3,000. Fulham is only a mile down the road, so maybe the extra mile was too far for them to travel from Kilburn and Cricklewood.

So, for all the Celtic fans who have been logging on to the website and sending me silly emails, I'd like to thank you, 'cos I can't stop laughing. Here's hoping we see you in the Champions League, although I'm not so sure that you'll see it like that. Happy days.

Last, but by no means least, I'd like to thank the policeman who told me last night that he liked my website and that it's "a good 'un".

Oh, and in case you haven't noticed, Mal has given us a live feed to the latest news stories from Hooli-News on the right hand side of this page.

7th August 2006

You may have read an article in today's Daily Star entitled "Footie cops fear Battle of Britain" in which I got a considerable mention. The following is an email sent to The Star by me:

Dear Sirs,
I note the article "Footie cops fear Battle of Britain" makes prominent mention of myself. I should like to point out the following:

1. I haven't spoken to anyone from The Daily Star. The comments attributed to me are taken from an article originally published in "Sunday Life" (16th July 2006). Those quotes are wholly untrue and were never made by me.
2. I never actually went to the Linfield Rangers game, despite the report in the same article.
3. I don't live in Stevenage.
4. Anyone who knows anything about Chelsea and Spurs would know that they would never "join forces", as there is far too much history between them.

I hope this clears things up.

You can read the original Sunday Life article, entitled "Skull Thuggery", over at Hooli-News.

2nd August 2006

If you remember, back on 10th February we carried an email from a friend warning about a BBC undercover operation in Germany aimed at "uncovering" hooliganism. I carried the email on this page "as a reminder to be careful to all those lads going over to Germany in the Summer." Well, the resulting programme "Hooligans" is being shown on BBC1 tonight at 9 pm. You can read a brief review from The Times over at Hooli-News here and the BBC programme information says:

"The shocking untold story of the 'Time to Make Friends' World Cup 2006 - the mindless violence, the racism, the unseen riots and the running battles in German cities as the police tried to protect the hundreds of thousands of genuine fans who were attending the sporting extravaganza."

"Undercover cameras reveal the ugly face of the beautiful game and capture the true extent of England's shame as hundreds of yobs sing, swear and scrap their way across Germany."

... and remember: you read about it here months ago!

By the way, my DVD recorder is in for repairs, so if anyone out there could do a DVD recording of the programme and send it to me via Mal I'd really appreciate it.

26th July 2006

By popular demand, the Find a Prison link is now built into the main menu at the top of the page. You'll find it under "Contact".

1. G'day Jason

Thanks very much for signing your book, a great read. That MacIntyre is a right prick, so much for British justice! Mind you the BBC, like our ABC, are a bunch of right wankers all to willing to smear any bloke that even appears patriotic.

If there's a silver lining to the whole sorry business at least you've had a chance to set the record straight. Your honesty and sense of humour stands in stark contrast to those pathetic dropkick journos (is there a lower form of life?).

Cheers mate.

Cheers mate. I felt that honesty was the best policy; if you're gonna write a book then you must have the proof in there, unlike these documentaries which are edited to get the result they want.
2. GLORI GLORI CSKA MOSCOW!!!!!!!!!!! wel-com MOSCOW Jason! 
Thanks my friends and keep supporting our cause.
3. Alrite mate just found your site and like what i see , KEEP RIGHT ON .

19th July 2006

The judge said: “The prisons are full. That is the state of our prison system in this country. It is quite ridiculous.” Many prisons are severely overcrowded, 13 holding more than 1,000 inmates .

The jail holding the most is Wandsworth in London, with 1,463 prisoners, compared with the recommended capacity 965. It means lags are cooped up for 23 hours a day.

I don't know how many of you read those words in an article in today's Sun entitled "8,000 extra crims caged". Now, let's have it right: having almost three years of experience of Wandsworth it's the only prison still run by the POA (Prison Officers Association), so I can honestly say that they're not on a 23 hour bang up because of overcrowding, it's because the screws are all in the clubhouse round the corner and all the time they're in there the cons are behind the door and the screws don't have to look after them.

Any day can be hard in prison, but when two of you are cooped up together in a 6' x 10' cell for 23 hours a day it becomes a real problem. So I'd just like to say please, please don't forget your mates in prison. Receiving a letter means an aweful lot, so get writing.

To help, Mal's put a little Web Magik page together where you can find the address, phone and fax numbers of any of England and Wales' prisons. Click Find a Prison to find one.

17th July 2006

Mal's put together a page of "It's Only a Game" reviews from Amazon. If you go to the Buy Book page you can follow the link from there.

1. Alrite mate just found your site and like what i see , KEEP RIGHT ON .
2. alright jason
met you on the shankhill road mate, just like to say it was an honour and you are a top bloke. hope you enjoyed the 12th. more people from england should make the trip and support the loyal people of ulster.
all the best to chelsea for the coming season
no surrender
glasgow rangers and cheslea loyal
Thanks mate. Hope you enjoyed yourself, cos I certainly did. In fact I enjoyed myself so much that I missed my flight home. QS Jason

14th July 2006

I'm now back in sunny London, having missed my flight back 'cos I was having such a good time and I'd like to thank all of my people over there for their warmth and hospitality. It was an honour and a privilege to meet so many Loyal people from all over the United Kingdom.

12th July 2006

Right at this moment I'm enjoying the wonderful hospitality of the people in the Rangers Supporters Club in the Shankill Road, Belfast and I'd like to take the opportunity to wish you all my very best on the Glorious 12th.

7th July 2006

We still get a lot of nice emails and you seem to like reading them, so here's a couple more:

1. Eh up Jason & Mal,

Thanks for the book and cheers to Jason for the message inside. As you know, it was delivered last Friday lunchtime. Despite working the day job Friday and the doors Saturday for the match and all day Sunday, I had finished it by Sunday night.

I have to say it really is a "can't put down" cracker of a read!

I had read all the reviews and e-mails on the website and knew it would be worth buying but I have to say it was one of the best football, violence, or true crime books I have read in a long time. The way Jason tells the story is entertaining, thought provoking and funny all at once. To back the story up with the court transcripts just makes it all the more fascinating.

"There but for the grace of god" go all lads that have ever been involved in, associated with or known anyone involved in, football violence.

Cheers again lads, all the best
No Surrender
Leeds Service Crew


2. just read started reading your book mate, its fucking ace! Stay free. Carlisle going up!



Jason's reply: "Thanks mate. By the way, my book isn't about football violence. It's about truth and you should read it, cos it could happen to you one day (but I hope it doesn't). Hope Andy gets a Not Guilty."
4. Just to say thanks for sending the book, wil read it with interest, especially as we were on opposite sides on the 1999 Bloody Sunday commemoration!
Best wishes,

Jason's reply: "Fair play to you P. There's always two sides to every story."
5. dear sir
i observe that you humans do physically harm each other and life on other planets wouldnt feel the need to inflict hurt upon another 
species unless the attacked feels that they can be harmed in anyway shape or form. i also observe that your forms of life dont understand much about the self as other forms on your planet do.

Note from Jason and Mal: "You couldn't make it up, could you?"
i know it,s early but,going to be busy so wont get the chance to send you a e-mail .hope you have a glorious 12th of july and clebrate it in style mate .take care stay lucky and always remember we are the people happy 12th jase.all the best from your friend in liverpool

4th July 2006

Ronaldo's wink at his team matesRooney sent offLike all England fans, I'm gutted at England going out ... and the way it happened! I blame Eriksson myself. Wayne Rooney wasn't getting the ball and I'd like to think any Man U supporters (or away supporters) will BOO Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo for 90 minutes every time they go to Old Trafford. Did you see the way Ronaldo ran up to the ref and grassed him up? He ran out of ink like Shakespeare, so I can honestly say that I wouldn't wanna get nicked with him, cos imagine being in court with him! He'd sweat like Harold Shipman in the dock. He pointed the finger and grassed in a matter of 2 seconds. Now I hear that the ref, Horacio Elizondo, is reported to have said "Sven-Goran Eriksson came into the locker room after the match and congratulated me for an excellent performance and said that I was right to send Rooney off because it was rough play."

Wayne Rooney was fouled but I believe he was too honest for his own good, staying on his feet as he did. Keep going Wayne ... we all support you.

27th June 2006


On 16th August 2006 I'll be in The Clink. That is, I'll be doing "An Audience With Jason Marriner" at The Clink Prison, 3 Clink Street, London SE1 [MAP] on 16th August at 8pm. Tickets are £10 each, £15 for stage-side VIP seats. Call Chris the Greek for advanced bookings on 07861 897291 or 0208 640 3260.

For a more up-close-and-personal experience for £5 extra you can meet me at the Zakudia Bar, Riverside Walk, Southwark Park Road (150 yards from The Clink Prison) [MAP] at 6.30 pm for a drink, photo and book signing.

26th June 2006

Right, first off I'd like to thank Graham for sending me down some excellent CDs and Rangers badges. Thanks a lot mate.

And thank you too, to Mikey for the following:

alright jason.thanks fr the book and for sgining it too me personal ive read it an its awesom.i coundnt' put it down an now me girl is readfing it.that mcintyre is a wanker alrigt no mistake.evryone should read yr book too clue them up too his dirty tricks.spot on web site too.
no surrender. mikey

19th June 2006

I'm on Mike Medoza's Talk Sport tonight at 10.40 pm for a 15 minute phone in.

18th June 2006

To all you Dads out there: I'd like to wish you all a very happy Father's Day.

17th June 2006

Listen to this: today the police come round 3 times for me, saying I hadn't handed in my passport. The first time I told them that I had and it was all documented. The second time they decided to claim that I hadn't signed in when the Trinidad & Tobago match was on. Took a while, but I eventually proved them wrong ... and so on!

So, to all the policemen out there reading my website: please try to get yourselves into the police intelligence division, cos you couldn't do any worse than they are doing right now.

On a lighter note, I'd like to thank Martin and Fernando (Bocca Juniors) for the recent T-shirts they recently sent me over. Cheers mates.

15th June 2006

Isn't it funny how England have a shit second half and our press slaughter us, and yet when Brazil do the same thing they are "just not in gear yet"?

Just my personal view, but I truly believe that England can win this World Cup. Stand on me: we will at least make the semi finals!

And don't forget it's Father's Day on Sunday ... and my book would make a tremendous present . If you do buy one then email me your Dad's name so that I sign it properly.

Note from Mal: There's a page on Bad Boys Books giving all the World Cup results, league standings, latest betting odds and Red and Yellow Cards league updated several times per day. CLICK HERE.

12th June 2006

This just arrived from Stevie:

Hello there mate.Kind of owe you an apology.The first time i seen the documentry,i thought,can't believe he fell for that one,but after reading your book & realising the amount of time that the making of it took,i can see that could happen to anybody.The one good thing,if there is any, is that now that you've exposed him for what he is,no one takes any of his stuff seriously.

Daily Record - I'm a rangers fan,so have a look at the link i've sent.Although it affects us at the moment,this could affect all the clubs.Where does it end? Just needs another set of pc followers that go to football these days to say that they're offended by other fans chanting.Suppose that's the way the games went now.

anyway,take care mate
No Surrender

11th June 2006


10th June 2006

9th June 2006

I visited Andy (aka Nightmare) yesterday. He sends his very best to everyone who has been asking about him. He's in very good spirits and looking forward to going to the court of appeal. I'll keep you informed.

From all the feedback we get, most of you enjoy reading the emails we put on here, so here's another couple from the last 24 hours:

1. Alright Jason.

Just a quick word to say I read your book over the weekend, and thought it was an excellent read.  Shocking the way MacIntyre and the BBC set you up, and the lengths they went to create a false image of you.

Liked and respected the way you were up front and honest.  I know exactly what it's like when your down the boozer with the lads having a laugh and a joke, fucking out of order the way MacIntyre twisted and edited your words.

Laughed when you said something like "these undercover reporters are an embarracement, cant take them anywhere!"  A credit to you that you told the story with a bit of humour to.

Cheers for taking the time to sign it aswell.
Hi Jason/ Mal,
How are you doing mate?
Just saw your DVD and it was fucking brilliant! I checked some stuff about Danny Dyer's show on Bravo and saw you on the show. The fact that people walk up to you at the bridge and ask for your autographe is massive mate!
Thank God that there are peopel who know who the real hero's are and don't believe cunts like Mcintyre.
What yah doing with the World Cup? Are you able to travel or do you have to stay in England?
Anyway good luck with everything you do mate.
Much respect!

7th June 2006

I'm visiting Nightmare tomorrow, so I'll let you all know how he's doing.

Also, I'd like to extend a big thank you to all the Glasgow Rangers fans who bought my book and DVD and a special thank you to Darren, who distributed them.

5th June 2006

I thought it was about time I shared some more of the emails we receive from all you lovely people out there:

1. to jason/mal.hope your both ok lads.i will start this email the way you finished your book.so now you decide.well its pretty clear to me that you and andy were innocent.fucking innocent mate!!!!! when i new you was going to be on the tv that night i recorded it and watched it a few times after that and i thought theres some thing dodgy going on here.now ive read your book it puts it all into perspective for me.that that wanker macintyre is a spineless little cunt who would do anything to get in the spotlight.i dont know how he could sit in court knowing that he and his so called pals have told a pack of lies to get you and andy into trouble.evidence .what fucking evidence!!!!!! just goes to show that its rules for one and rules for the other mate.when i was reading the book i felt a bit gutted for you and andy coz you had done nothing wrong.stuck in them shit hole prison doing time for crimes you did not commit.but then i read how you keeped your head above water and you never let prison and what happend to you get you down.when your mind is like that no one can beat ya.anyway i think the book should have another 11/10 same as the dvd.it was a top read mate!!!!!! it took me a long time to read it coz ive been really busy with my work the past few months.not getting in till 7or 8 at night but every chance i got i would get a chapter or 2 in.some of the things in your book you done to the other lags and the bit about the queen mother had me roaring with laughter!!!!! i was glad you keeped a smile on you face all the time.in your book you said about heather.i felt gutted for her to she is a really nice girl.last i heard was that she was getting married.that was a few years back now.had a few drinking sessions with her in the jenny!!!!! if you still see her tell her james xxxxxxx says hello and i wish her all the best.and when you was in brugge you said about scouse getting nicked if its the same scouse i know (peter i think his name was) tell him i said hello to and dose he remember the bungee jump we done together!! if you could past these messages on i would be grateful.anyway thanks again jason.enjoy the world cup.who needs rooney when with got terry,lampard and cole!!! i will keep on logging on to the website to see whats new and thanks for sticking one of my emails on the website for me it meant alot.good luck to andy to with his appeal hope it all goes well.cheers mate.james.no surrender!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Chelsea v Celtic, erm do they know what to expect,i think i may have to come home for that one,stay loyal
3. Hello Jason! How are you doing? I am Dima from Russia (Spartak Moscow boy) I unhappy to hear that Nightmare in prison :((( All C... Are B...
Are you going to Germany on Worldcup? Many heils to you & all C.F.C. boys!Best wishes to you from Russia! 14/88! 
4. Mal,

Please can you say cheers to Jason for the dvd I got it today in the post, fucking awesome.

Regards and Respect.

4th June 2006

Celtic coming to Stamford Bridge?????? I'll just quote one of the many emails I've had on the subject (this one's from Mark): 

are they off their heads or what !!!

1st June 2006

Just to let you know that I'll be on Sky News tomorrow (6 am and onwards) interviewed about the Banning Orders and handing in passports. I'm also on tomorrow night at 10 pm on Lee Sharpe's International Hooligans Hall of Shame (Bravo).

25th May 2006

Well, I have to report that Nightmare got sentenced to three and a half years but the appeal is looking good for him.

Don't forget, I'm on Talk Sport tonight just after the midnight news on the James Whale Show.

... and a few more of your much-appreciated emails:

1. Mal
Please pass on my regards to Jason....Top man, top night and glad to read he enjoyed his visit here the DVD´s brilliant and I´ve just started reading the book
Keep up the good work
Gothenburg, SWEDEN
2. Hello Jason and Mal,
I really enjoyed your book and DVD, I now realise what a rough time you had! Thank you for signing them both, i really appreciate it.
I really like the website and visit it every week to look for any updates, keep up the good work!
I hope you get rid of the banning order really soon and would like to wish you and Mal the best of luck in the future!
Best Regards.
A Belgian RSC Anderlecht and Chelsea FC supporter.
3. Hi mal,tell jason i was visiting koln lastweekend and was stopped by the german police for 3 hours thinking that i was staying for the finals.They kept my passport until i returned to the airport sunday night,then i had an escort through customs.Very nice off them
4. Hey Jason,

I was just on the internet, and came across your site, which I thought was very interesting!! I watched the Bravo doc, and thought you were a bit of a "teddy bear" (sorry if that ruins your image).

I also watched the "documentary" with Mr M, and must admit, like thousands of others, you came over like a complete dick, but having seen you on Bravo, and reading all on your site, I have totally changed my mind.

My brother wrongly accused of being a hooligan,(we are Southampton supporters) and luckily he managed to get away with it, but a few of his mates were sent down, for doing absolutely nothing, one of his mates was just released this Jan, but he still has a 6 yr ban.....bollocks, thats what I say.

Take Care, and Stay Lucky

23rd May 2006

Listen up, on Thursday night ... well, just after the midnight news ... I'm doing a live phone in interview on the James Whale show on TalkSport Radio. That's on Medium Wave 1089/1053, but there's also a digital channel or you can listen to it at their website. No idea what the phone number is, so listen in, get the number and phone your questions direct to me.

20th May 2006

More good news: Phil Riley, who was almost killed when he fell on an iron spike which went through an artery, is making a good recovery and they'll be flying him home in the not too distant future.

Also, my good mate, Nightmare, who was found guilty on nine counts, has yet to be sentenced. But, already, his solicitor has launched his appeal and been given leave to appeal on all nine counts, so things are definitely looking up.

19th May 2006

Well, Mal's done it again. He's managed to find a recording of part of my interview on Kerrang! Radio last week. Click here to listen. It will only be here for a limited time though cos of something he calls "bandwidth", so listen to it while you can.

18th May 2006

Some good news at last: a very good friend yesterday got his charges dropped from when we played Fulham. Apparently the police were playing for time and he had a very very good barrister.

Also there were about eight Chelsea who got nicked against West Ham; all but one have now had their charges dropped.

My very good pal, Phil Riley, an avid Arsenal fan, tried to climb into the grounds last night but he fell back and a large spike went through his leg and is in a bad way. Phil, I'd like to wish you a speedy recovery and let you know that my thoughts are with you mate.

And finally, in the lead up to the 2006 World Cup, Mal's been working on a new section for Bad Boys Books, called Hooli-News. Any important hooligan related news items that we notice from around the world will appear there. You'll find it at HOOLI-NEWS.

17th May 2006

EIGHT new articles have been added to the Articles Section today, so check 'em out.

16th May 2006

Mal just received the following from his good pal Tel Currie, author of "Bouncers" and "Heroes and Villains" (co-written with Charlie Bronson) ... both excellent books which you can buy from Amazon via Bad Boys Books. Tel runs the Roy Shaw website and knows ALL of the naughtiest people you could possibly imagine:

Hello Mal. How are you?

Just reading Jason Mariner's site, great stuff.

Myself, Roy Shaw and Charlie Richardson and Harry Marsden were saying the other day what a slimey little cunt that Donald Mcintyre is. He's grassed loads of good men and turned cunts into full blown grasses (Yes, I can name names.)

Please give Jason the best from me, Roy, Charlie & Harry and give him my number... XXXXX XXXXXX. If he comes up my way he will be looked after.

If your ever up this way mate, give me a bell.

14th May 2006

I'd really, really like to thank my good friend David and each and every one of the Swedish lads from Gothenburg for their incredible hospitality at the weekend. They are really and truly nice people and I had a very good book signing over there. Blimee, they wouldn't even let me buy a drink, so thanks once again lads. I can't sing your praises highly enough.

Yesterday I went and worked at the Chelsea victory parade. Thanks to all of you lovely people who bought DVDs, books, t-shirts, etc. It was absolutely mental!

Now for a little bit of putting the record straight. I received the following email recently:

"Just wondered how you felt about well known 657 lads sucking up to mcintyre and his cronies. Not having a dig just thought it was bang out of order after what the cunt did to you"

This misunderstanding needs to be cleared up. When the series was first made my understanding is it had the title "Toughest Towns" and that it was nothing to do with MacIntyre and none of the lads in that programme met, spoke to or had anything to do with him. It was only after the series was made but failed to get aired that MacIntyre apparently stepped in and put his voice overs on and stuck his name on the title. I've spoken to top lads who were featured in that episode and they are gutted that it appears that they were colluding with the scum. So, to all of you out there reading this, get the message out: Don't always believe everything you see on TV; everything is not as it appears ... especially when it comes to tricky "documentary" makers.

13th May 2006

Thanks to everyone who emails me, they are ALL very much appreciated. Here's another little selection:

1. Hello Jason
Greetings from CSKA Sofia lads,we are together with you,you are a legend here,take care and all the best!
2. Hey Lads,
Cheers for your book, and many thanks for the little text mate!
If your in our nek f the woods ie Belgium let us know and I will buy you a beer!
Regards and fuck the press!
Nico aka Belgianschwaben
ps. http://www.mechelennoord1904.com, have a look on our website.
3. Respect to you Jason. Looking forward to reading the book and taking a trip down memory lane. Keep up the good work and keep the faith fella. Even my Mrs wants to lamp that Donal knob.
Carefree!! oi, oi, oi.
4. to jason.just got the dvd and the book from the postman this morning.cheers mate for signing them both to me the signing in the book was top class.the words meant alot to me.thanks.just watched the dvd 11/10 mate!!! that macintyre should be banged up for the things he has done.what a wanker.i would love to bump into him one day and give him a piece of my mind.going to start reading the book a bit later today with a can of carling in one hand and the book in the other!! let you know what i think when ive finished it.thanks again jason.all the best mate.no surrender.james.
5. hi Jason and Mal
My name is Peter from Czech rep. and I attend your website from the time when they started 'cause I'm fan of CFC and I want to know the whole story about Jason. 
I'd like to write this letter earlier, but I was worry about my english. But then I said: "don't worry Peter, good men will understand you" and I think that you are. 
I'm one of the website reporter on www.chelseafc.cz and I'd like to translate some of your articles to our website 'cause lots of fans here didn't know you or they have information of you from the MacIntyre's reportage or newspapers...etc. but they never heard the second side of the story. But at first I'd like to have your agreement, 'cause I'm man who practise fair play as you.
So that's all........
Best greatings to you, Mal and all your friends. I keep one's fingers crossed to your fight with the whitehall and I hope that one day the true come topside.
PS: sorry of my english =o)


12th May 2006

If you missed the first episode of "The Real Football Factories" on Bravo last night then you can catch the first ten minutes, which includes part of the interview with Jason at The Real Football Factories. Mal

11th May 2006

Well, I had a cracking time on Tim Shaw's Asylum up at the KERRANG! studios in Birmingham last night. I was on with Dick 'Gay Bar' Valentine from Electric 6, who bought one of my books (signed of course!). I'll tell you all about it when I get back, but here's a couple of photos to getting on with for now.

with Dick 'Gay Bar' Valentine

with Tim Shaw

10th May 2006

Evening Standard 10th May 2006 - CLICK HERE to read the article
Click on the image to see it on the Articles Section.

So, there I stood in front of "honourable" Judge Charles Byers again yesterday in Court Number 1 ... but this time I was lucky enough to be in the public gallery instead of the dock. There was myself, half a dozen journalists, two lying policemen, my QC Michael Wolkind, prosecutor QC Vaudin and the old chocolate fudge himself, the "honourable" Judge Byers (or should that be biased?)

Kick off was delayed by ten minutes due to a crowd surge. It finally started about 3.40 but, to be honest, by 3.39 I knew I weren't gonna get it anyway!

The prosecution had their say and called police spotter John Malloy up and his defence was that I had been seen around the Chelsea grounds and at a certain pub (which is a good four miles from the ground!) and I am known as a "high risk" person. They had printed stuff from my website and went on about my DVD and book (I didn't know it was illegal: 1. to tell my side of the story and 2. to sell DVDs and books!)

What was really nice was to see Michael Wolkind absolutely smash John Malloy to bits, who "presumed" my DVD, book and website glorified football violence, when none of the three do anything of the sort.

To cut a long story short the chocolate fudge said when he first sentenced me that he gave me a twenty year ban, but because the maximum is ten years he had to tone it down. But he made clear that, given the chance, he still wanted to give me a longer ban ... so let's just say that I didn't win my appeal.

Then the "honourable" judge Byers asked me to pay £600 costs for my hearing (I stood up and said "But your Honour, there's nothing wrong with my hearing").

He asked "When will you be paying?"

I replied "The day that that lying officer buys my book!"

Watch this space.
I'd just like to add a little bit about my barrister, Michael Wolkind, QC:

He has been described in the independent Chambers Directory as "the distilled essence of the great Jury advocate" and "a star in trials". The Directory added that he is "one of the most humorous, entertaining advocates in the game" and is considered by many to be the best cross-examiner at the Criminal Bar. The 2005 Chambers Directory adds that he is "a virtuoso performer who lights up the courtroom with great stagecraft and verbal facility."

9th May 2006

First of all I'd like to thank all of the people for their fantastic hospitality in Liverpool at my book signing on Friday. What a lovely bunch of people you are.

Today I'm up at Blackfriars Crown Court trying to get my football ban lifted, but I ain't holding my breath. I'll let you know tomorrow how I got on.

Tomorrow night I'm being interviewed on Kerrang! Radio (105.2) on Tim Shaw's Asylum sometime between 10 pm and 1 am, so that should be interesting.

Oh, and don't forget to watch "The Real Football Factories" on Bravo Thursday night at 10. I'm in it with Danny Dyer.

3rd May 2006

Got a call today from an Italian publishing company who want to translate my book and publish it in Italy, so it might not be too long before all you Italian fans can buy and read my book in your own language. Cushti!

Meanwhile, Mal has started a new Gallery using photos from my book signings that have been sent in. If yours aren't there yet don't panic, it's a time consuming job says Mal, but he'll get round to them all eventually.

1st May 2006

I'd like to thank everyone from far and wide who has sent me a text, phoned me, emailed me, sent smoke signals about Chelsea winning the league.

And now for some of those emails:
1. alright mal and jason 
have just got jason's dvd and and book. the dvd is a different class mate hoping to read the book soon. thanks for signing them both for me as the were a birthday present from the girlfriend it means a lot to me. whenever i see that documentry about you donal looks more and more like a total t*at 
ps the web site is quality keep up the good work and stay sharp and good look to chelsea winning the league.
2. hello from your romanian friends
hello my dear frined. we are now togheter nd we want to say a big hello to u. we are very happy that chelsea won the PREMIER LEAGUE again. we hope for the CHAMPIONS LEAGE TROPHY next year:). we got a photo with u but we have a picture with u but we will send it later because it is not on the computer now. paul the guy from london will bring u some presents with our team when he will mett u next time. e loved the movie from dvd and we will buy the book as well. lots of hellos from blue lions. your friends from romania. good buy
3. just seen your letter telling you not to go any where near manchester for the semi.
i am also on a banning order and got one before easter telling me where i could not go before the mackem and newcastle game naming towns.
then this morning got all the world cup signing on dates what a load of bollocks like you said do they send them to the nonces i think not

28th April 2006

Right, first of all let's get this straight: personally, I don't agree with the England national football team being managed by any foreigner. It's our national team and it should be run by an Englishman. That's got that off my chest.

Jose MourinhoAshley ColeNow then, a little while back Chelsea had "illegal" talks with Ashley Cole of Arsenal and as a result Chelsea were fined £300,000 and given a suspended three-point deduction, Cole was fined £100,000 and Jose Mourinho received a fine of £200,000. But it seems that the English FA can talk to Brazilian Luiz Scolari about a contract to manage our national team while he still has a contract with Portugal with three months left to run on it. Looks very much to me like one rule for them and another one for us, don't it?

27th April 2006

There's a good review of my book just been put up at Vital Football. Here's another of those nice emails I keep getting about the book and DVD.

congratulations jason on a great dvd and book 10/10 the book is a great read once started its very hard to put it down its very funny in places but also disturbing how easy it is to get stiched up by someone like mcinlies this wanka will do anything for his 5 mins of fame.take it easy lee the spurs fan

26th April 2006

I just thought you might be interested in seeing the cheeky letter that I got from the police about the Chelsea Liverpool match. If you click on it you'll be able to read it in a new articles page.

Now, what I want to know is this: during school holidays do all the nonces get similar letters warning them not to go near kids playgrounds?

25th April 2006

Mal's working on a new gallery page for all the photos that are currently being sent in from my book-signings, so you should see your pics up there soon. He's also built a new website called Bad Boys Books to save him answering the untold emails he gets asking if he knows a good book on naughty subjects. Well worth a look.

More good stuff in the email bag:
1. Hiya Jason & Mal...

What can I say ?? We had a wonderful day with you and your mates !!
This time last week I was sooooooo excited for Saturday now this week its just another day !! :o(
Like you said on your comments on the website shame about the OB popping in but you got some kodak moments ! and I think its very RUDE that not one of them bought a book ! As for the book I cant put it down the saying is so ture 'Every coin has two sides "!
Jason, you and your friends are very very welcome at The Whitehouse any time & it would be lovely to see you again.
I would also like to thank Andy Turner & Andy Garner for thinking of us when you were looking for somewhere to do the signing !! Next time your in Lads the 1st ones on me !!! Ok Ok the 1st few then !!!
Until next time Stay Lucky & Be Good !!

Lots of Love 
Lucy & Bob.
The Whitehouse
2. Jason,

Thanks very much for the dvd and book you signed and sent to me. It is much appreciated and they are very much treasured. I would like to fully recommened both to any football lads out there as they are a real eye opener and can teach us all some very important lessons.

I'd like to say that both were a very good idea and it's very satisfying to hear the man on the street actually having his say and putting his word across about the evil corrupt left-wing communists out there such as those at the BBC and McInlies, especially after being completely stitched up by them and their puppets that are Tony Blair's political police.

Both the corrupt BBC and McInlies must be reeling at the knowledge of your dvd and book as it gives your side of the story for a change and exposes their corrupt evil to so many of the people who may not have been aware of your innocence and of the evil minds behind the makers of this programme.

If any of the evil communist paracites out there who where responsable for this sick stitch up of a programme happen to be reading this, I would like to say that Jason has proved his innocence to so many who may have been naive enough to believe your lies in the first place and you have been exposed and found out now by so many yet again for being the evil corrupt left-wing vermin that you are, and even less now can you hide your sick minds with your lies.

Well done Jason, you have opened a lot of eyes to what the BBC and they're sort are REALLY all about and what they get up to, something they are always use to getting away with.

Good luck mate and may the commies at the BBC burn in hell.
3. Hi i'm from Albania... 
jason marriner is legend... 
best regards 
from Albanian fans
4. Hello,
Im Luke from Germany, and I think your website is great. I only wish I was English. Chelsea forever! 

24th April 2006

I hope you all have suitably thick heads after yesterdays celebrations.

23rd April 2006

20th April 2006

Well, the emails and phone calls continue to roll in. Here's just one of the ones that arrived today:

Cheers for the DVD and Book, which arrived so quickly. I watched the DVD first and now I can't put the book down!!

When the programme first came out, I could see some of the lies and bollocks that that twat Donut Macintyre came out with and what a stitch up it was. Even my 62 year old man (another CFC supporter) could see what a load of shite it was. How the BBC could pump £300,000 into that piece of shit was beyond me, let alone let the prick carry on with his twisted idea of "investigative journalism".

Hearing your full side of the story was pretty scary, as I was over in Copenhagen and been to many other European games and let's be honest, we've all done a bit of the old bragging with a few sherbets inside us. That you could get a six stretch for that is beyond belief, but that's the state of British Justice for you.

Glad to see you making a bit of cash out of the experience, let's hope many more read the book and see the DVD and that Macintyre gets the full exposure that he deserves.

Maybe you should ask the BBC if they'd do a programme telling your side of the story - somehow I don't think they'd do it, though!

Anyway, all the best mate and regards to Andy Frain.

No Surrender

19th April 2006

I'd like to say a massive thank you to the Stockport lot for a quality turnout and another big thank you to Andy Turner (and to Andy Garner for fuck all ). Good to see all the usual suspects there. Also I'd like to thank Lee Spence from Oldham and Boatsy from Nottingham Forest for coming over to see me. I was a bit disappointed that the OB kept popping in and out all day, but not one of them bought the book! It was my best book signing up north so far without doubt so I'd like to salute each and every one of ya for making my day.

I don't know how many of you caught the documentary on ITV1 last night entitled "The Forgotten Fan", but I doubt there's many of you who don't remember the name of Michael Shields. Michael is an 19 year old Liverpool fan who was banged up in a Bulgarian jail last year (when he was just 18), charged with attempted murder of local waiter Martin Georgiev. Despite all the evidence that Michael wasn't there and didn't have anything to do with it ... including a confession from someone in this country that they were the culprit ... Michael was found guilty by the Bulgarian court and sentenced to 15 years!!! Can you imagine what it's like to be serving time for something you know you didn't do? I can!

The former head of Nottinghamshire Police's Serious Crime Squad, Peter Coles, who led more than 100 murder investigations and was awarded the Queen's Police Medal, has labelled the jailing of Michael as "a mockery of justice." Coles says British police officers would have been sacked for the alleged blunders he has uncovered and dismissed the evidence as "not worth the paper it's written on." He went on to say: "I would have been appalled then, never mind now. The identification process was a farce, the court proceedings were a farce, the non-collection of available evidence was a farce. It's not acceptable by our own standards."

Michael deserves only one thing: a one way ticket home and I'd like to pull everyone together to help get this lad out of jail. You can all help by putting pressure on the authorities. Our Government should be making a right song and dance about this travesty of justice like I believe the Bulgarians would if the position was reversed. There's a petition at www.petitiononline.com which I urge each and every one of you to sign and there's now an official website at www.freemichaelshields.org. Please help Michael.

15th April 2006

I had a fantastic reception in Wolverhampton yesterday. Special thanks to the Abbo brothers, Mark, Paul & Carl and to Spats and Lawley for also helping out and to my pal Gilly for fuck all :)

It ended early evening due to an altercation where all the windows went through and it went absolutely berserk, because of a couple of lads who couldn't hold their drink. So I say if you can't handle your sherbet then stay outta the sweetshop.

What I would like to say to the rest of the Wolves lads is that they were bang on, really pleased to meet me and I sold loads of books. Respect to you, you know who you are. God bless you and thank you.

Stockport here I come!

14th April 2006

The following just arrived from a member of the Leeds Service Crew:

Hi Mal n Jason,

Its been a couple of months since i sent my first e-mail and you were kind enough to reply so i thought i would drop you guys another line, just to say hello. The site is getting better all the time and the e-mails from lads all around the country make excellent reading. They also show the solidarity and mutual respect that exists between decent lads from all firms. 

This was shown again last week when around 150 messages of condolance were left on the Service Crew website on the 6th anniversary of the murders of Chris Loftus & Kevin Speight in T*rkey. All the top firms were represented along with many others. As a Service Crew lad and a friend of the Loftus brothers, I know the messages were a great comfort not just for the families but also for the Leeds lads in general. Maybe you could say a big thanks from Leeds to all the CFC who took the time to send a messge.

The book looks like it will be a good read, rest assured i will be ordering a copy asap.

Sorry to hear Nightmare's in more trouble. The OB are a right joke these days and the courts are handing down some diabolical sentences. 

Keep up the good work and I hope you have a great St George's Day. I know we will all be out having a few and i am sure you will be.

All the best

Thank you for that Chris. Is it really six years since? They seem to have sped by, although not, I would imagine, for the families and friends of Chris Loftus and Kevin Speight. My thoughts are with them and their families at this time. I don't care what football teams people support, no one should die because of their choice of allegiance. And don't worry, I'm sure we'll all be raising a glass or three on Saint George's Day. God bless you, Jason

13th April 2006

Book signing in Manchester on Monday 17th April at The Waldorf, 12 Gore Street, M1 3AQ [MAP] near Piccadilly railway station from noon onwards.

12th April 2006

More emails about the book:

hi jason
your book and dvd turnd up v quickly so thanx 4 that.wached the dvd 1st and thought u were exellent on it so then i started on the book.what can i say.the book is a stunner & i couldnt put it down.what that wanker macintyre did 2 u was outragous but it taught me what these socalled journalists get up 2 to get there story 2 say what they want it to say.good 4 u jason 4 turning the tables & showing all of us that u wasnt taken in by him as much as it looked in the documentry.i specialy liked the court scripts at the back cos it showed macintyre up as a total tosser & even thoug u was the 1 to get banged up in the end i couldnt understand y macintyre didnt end up inside as im sure that if i posed as a drugs dealer theyd throw the book at me.as u can see emails arent my thing but i just wanted to say top read & wekl done.respect. derek. man u till i die


Alright jason,
just finished reading your book; (after eventually getting it , after not finding it in any book shops , what's up with these mugs?), all i can say
is" Top read". From start to finnish is was honest ,funny and eye opening to the degrees of corruption certain "whiter than white"establishments run their own shops! I hope more people from all walks of life get to hear the other side of the story.
Good luck stay sharp,

9th April 2006

Another date for your diaries: I'm doing a book signing on Saturday 15th April at The White House, 384 Hempshaw Lane, Stockport, SK1 4NT [MAP] before and after the Stockport vs. Wrexham match.

8th April 2006


I'd just like to thank all of the people who turned out at Hanworth Villa FC last night to support me at my book signing. You people are the best and thanks to all of you for your good wishes and words of encouragement.

I'll be at the The Prince Albert, Railway Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1LG [MAP] on Friday 14th April before and after the Wolves vs. Watford match (KO 5.15) for another book signing. See you there.

And those emails just keep coming:

Many thank for the book which i recieved today, make it all the better with you taking the time to sign it. Cant believe what you got stitched up with my Macintyre???...what a complete wanker that bloke is. Anyway mate glad its all worked out for you, and that your earning yourself a bit of cash, ive told some of the lads i go to footie with (oxford united) and expect a few more orders very soon. Fantasitc website as well, keep up the good work Jason as im off now to start reading the book!!!!
Alll the very best
Stuart (s.m.h.s) oxford united

Alright Jason & Mal
Got your DVD through the post yesterday whacked it on straight away ,1st things 1st thanks allot for signing it jas that means allot to me mate,some wise words on the video all the stuff you said about football,Muslims etc all fact & don't let that Macintyre mug get to you because hes a waist of space who probley like most informers ob etc got bullied at school complete mug mate, got loads to say fella but i wont bore you.
Take care of yourself mate & you as well mal. 

Hi Mr Marriner!
My name is Alan and I was born to love Chelsea. I'm from Stockholm, Sweden. I've been in London a couple of times and I always watch Chelsea play. I'm 19 years old and I've known who you are since I was 12 and saw the shitwork Macintyre had done to make his name big in public eyes. I believe supporters like you and Andy Frain are just as important to Chelsea as Zola once was and like Terry is now. I'm glad you're out of jail now and I've read your book, it was amazing to see what a great character you have and it was great to see that you're not a heartless gangster.
// Alan

6th April 2006

The following is the email that arrived with the Owls mascot photo shown below:

official Burgoyne/Wolverhampton Owls mascot(and dad) with some southern git! seriously here is your copy for the website. great book, our lass has not put it down yet. sex right out the window thanks for nothing. good luck steve,cat and jake- wednesday till we die.

5th April 2006

I'd like to thank everyone in Sheffield for a superb book signing event, especially my good friends Flynnie and his wife Laura.

Jason with official Burgoyne/Wolverhampton
Owls mascot (and dad)

If anyone has had a chance to read the book and feel that they have anything to say about it please email us, as we'd like to publish your opinions on the website. The following are a few unsolicited comments we have already received over the past few days. Firstly, this morning from someone who's finished reading the book:

Dear Jason,

I have just finished reading your unbelievable book,and feel compelled to write to you.Not only did i find it surprisingly well written,but i found it almost impossible to put down. My entire weekend was spent open mouthed,engulfed in tales of deceit and corruption that at times made me gasp out loud.Most surprisingly of all, these acts of deception were perpetrated not by the man that had just served a lengthy prison sentence,but by a team of reporters working for the most respected television channel in the world. 

I must be honest,I watched the "Macintyre Undercover" programme and read his book and i thought that you deserved everything you got.Even when i bought this book,i bought it as a donal fan after accidentally stumbling into your site whilst looking for information on the man.

After reading your book you'll be pleased to know that my views on you both have completely reversed. I no longer see you how you were portrayed.A violent thug with no concern for anybody but yourself and the animals you mixed with.And i no longer see Macintyre as a brave fearless crusader .

While i don't pretend to know or mix with anyone like you,i see that you have your own code of ethics and morals that i can understand and even admire. Whilst it seems Macintyre and his cronies have none what so ever and will use anyone and any method to get their story.

I'm no mug,and whilst i was reading your book i'd be lying if i said that i didn't occur to me that you might also be economical with the truth,to further your own ends.It's not as if you were totally unbiased against the man and what better revenge than to falsely discredit the man. However after reading your account of at times acts of jaw dropping manipulation of the truth,these fears are allayed by the inclusion of court transcripts of the cross examination of Donal Macintyre that seem to bear out your claims. During this cross examination Macintyre in my opinion is proven to be a complete liar ,and can't claim to be misrepresented because rather than "cherry pick "the juiciest bits,you have recorded the exchange in it's entirety leaving us to be able to form our own opinion.Something Macintyre should learn from.

I now am left feeling angry that i was conned by an institution as reputable as the BBC and am disappointed that i can no longer trust anything that i watch on television.

I wonder if you would be kind enough to publish this e-mail on your website because i for one would like to try and make amends or at least try to make a difference.

I will be writing to the BBC to express my shock at their lack of morals in the Macintyre Undercover series,and as a license paying viewer demand that some sort of procedure be put in place to stop this sort of deception happening again. I will also be writing to channel 5 informing them i will never again watch anything they care to broadcast that has anything to do with Donal Macintyre. I would urge everyone to do the same.Maybe if we get enough people to complain,maybe if we the public make enough fuss we can show these tv companies that we will not accept this kind of fraudulent programme masquerading as factual television.

I will be recommending your book to everyone i know,but it does seem a shame that you can only buy it through your website. I strongly believe everyone in the country should read your book,it should serve as an eye-opener to what really goes on in the world of television,and should act as a warning to everyone, that what has happened to you could easily happen to them.

I will make a nuisance of myself at W H SMITH and Ottakers i will keep asking about your book,can they get it and if not why not .And again i would urge everyone to do the same.If enough people keep asking maybe someone will make it available for general release.

I wish you every success in your quest to reveal THE TRUTH

regards Jerry

Cheers Jerry. Don't know you from Adam but thank you very much for your honesty, which is really appreciated.

Alright Mate
I am Paul Allen, author of Flying With The Owls Crime Squad, and I am looking forward to reading your book. Hope your night up in our fair city was a good un yesterday. I wasn't around myself, due to living 3,000 miles away, but I was there in spirit.
All the best fella


Got the DVD and book through Saturday thanks for signing them it was a nice gesture, cheers mate. I think you have more than justified your innocence with the book, revealations of how they tryed to snare you into a trap was disgusting and that prick and his sidekick should have been in the dock full stop. But fuck em heres to you Jason and all the future success of your book a certain bestseller. PS I aint never read a book as much with cockney ryming slang as yours it kept me well entertained.
All the best, No surrender
STAFF, Wigan

30th March 2006

Just to let you all know that we've been inundated with orders for the book over the past 24 hours, so we're going flat out on them. Next news or changes to the website will be in a couple of days.

27th March 2006

There's been a slight hiccup at the printers and all the dust jackets for my book have to be reprinted. No panic though, it just means that my book release has to be put back two days to Thursday 30th March.

25th March 2006

Hickey phoned me today to remind me that it's 20 years to the day when he was dawn raided in operation Own Goal. By God, was that the best own goal I've ever seen. There was more cheating going on in that court case than Maradona's hand ball in the World Cup. Steve made it quite clear to the police before the WBA game then on to Barcelona that he's still very very bitter about what happened to him. But he's turned his £100,000 compensation into half million, travelling 1st class all round the world and having plenty of fun in the sun in the far east. He'd like to raise a glass on this very special day to all friends and foes, especially the police and the government. Cheers.

23rd March 2006

I was filming for Bravo yesterday for a documentary which, at the moment, is called "Hooligan's Hall of Shame Internationals". I've told them that the title is too long, so when it's released it will probably have a shorter name. More news on that soon.

21st March 2006

After the events at Fulham v Chelsea on Sunday, the police decided to dawn raid a very good friend of mine and busted into his place at 7.30 am yesterday. They don't normally work that fast, but it seems as though they want to ensure that he's banned before the start of the World Cup. Well, that's fine as long as they're gonna dawn raid every other one of the hundreds of fans that were on that pitch. He is due in court tomorrow.

And good luck to Nightmare who's due in court on the 31st.

18th March 2006

Good News - my book will be ready to roll out on Wednesday 28th March and you'll be able to buy and enjoy signed copies from this website from that date. I've also got a series of book signings up and down the country and I can give you a couple of dates:

1st April before and after the game - Burgoyne Arms, 246 Langsett Rd, Sheffield [MAP]

6th April @ 7.30 to 8.00 pm - Tones Bar & Restaurant, 458 London Road, North Cheam, Surrey [MAP]

7th April @ 7.30 pm - The Ranch, Hanworth Villa Football Club, Rectory Meadow, Park Road, Hanworth [MAP]

Many more to come, so keep checking back.

17th March 2006

To all my Loyal friends up and down the country, I can assure you that I will NOT be having a drink today. But I'd like you all to raise a glass with me on St. George's Day (April 23rd). God bless you all for our Queen and country.

Now, some more of those emails:

Just a quick note from a 80s Leeds Lad. A Leeds SC book will be coming out end of this year and your lot will be getting a few mentions !!
All the best and good luck with the site.
Ricky - Leeds Service Crew

"I'll get Mal to put this on my Home Page to help promote the book for you. I hope when you mention Chelsea the truth will be told, as, in all these books, no one has the arsehole to say when they've been done and when they've been run .. and it's happened to all of us at some point in our careers. All the best, Jason."

Best wishes go out to the Boro fans injured last night. I got a lot of respect for Boro, one of the gamest firms in the country.
Paul - Richmond Spurs

Respect Paul. I'm sure most people will agree with you on that one son.

just found your website mate,fuckin brilliant,keep up the good work. just goes to show you can't keep a god man down.
all the best till the next time, elmo from glasgow.no surrender

16th March 2006

I hope all the Boro fans are safe and well after having fun and games over there in Rome. I've said it before: Boro are the best northern firm I've ever seen, so Respect to all of you and have a safe journey home. Good luck to Boro in the next Round.

15th March 2006

Yessssssss!!! You asked us for it, you pleaded with us for it, you nagged us for it ... so now you've got it. You can now purchase items from my site by


... and we've just added a new item: The Headhunters Scarf!

13th March 2006

Just a note to say that Andy Frain didn't get sentenced for various reasons but it should take place in about two weeks. Good luck Andy.

11th March 2006

Just thought you might be interested in reading a few more of the emails I get every day of the week:

alrite mal...just been reading about the "real football factorys".good stuff?thing is theres been too many bollocks documentorys on firms etc so having something done by a well respected lad ie jason makes a change..im sure uve seen them with thier little jacket cams strange how they never actually get really involved when it goes off big time innit.......its a real pity that donal mcfuckintire didnt get a real hiding when he went away with chelsea instead of a little smack..best off luck with the upgrades etc to the site..
becksy ..burnley fc

"I agree Becks. I don't believe he even got a little slap ... all show for the camera. I have pals up and down the country, but I don't know anyone from Burnley but seen good sized mobs of em with England and I have the utmost respect for them. Shame cos I'd have loved to have arranged a book signing up there. All the best, Jason"

Found your site on the web a few weeks back and have to say I find it pretty funny! Your tongue in cheek comments and general overall outlook on life are truly uplifting and are the source behind my laughter. Also think that you're a perfect example of how to do things for yourself and not let any other pricks out there ruin it for you- no matter how hard they try. * COUGH* McIntyre.
Keep up the good work mate!

"Thanks for your kind words mate. I don't care who you support .. if you're a nice bloke you're a nice bloke. Total respect. Jason"

only jus come across this site of yours....
dunno if you remember about 3 years ago when you owned a gaff in kos,
think it was called bar 69 !!! we were the millwall boys who ventured to your club every night and had a right good piss up...
p.s i see that snitch mcintire (the muggy undercover fella) on the train the other day....
told him hes scum etc
millwall lad

10th March 2006

My book is now at the printers and here's the first view of the proposed cover:

and here's the blurb that goes with the book:

Never judge a book by its cover - this is anything but just another volume on terrace violence.

Jason Marriner, the target of BBC1's "McIntyre Undercover" programme, now reveals the shocking hidden story behind this documentary and invites you to decide for yourself whether he is the "ugly face of football hooliganism" or the high-profile victim of a gross miscarriage of justice.

In "It's Only A Game", Jason is now at liberty to reveal the truth behind some of the most dramatic scenes ever broadcast, such as the away trip to Copenhagen and the infamous car journey to Leicester.

A "grass", stalking, incitement, counterfeit goods, drugs and offshore accounts - these were just some of the ploys used by McIntyre's band of unscrupulous reporters, armed with limitless funds to get their man at any cost.

Jason freely admits he's been a "nuisance" at football in the past but after 18 months' surveillance and 344 hours' worth of secretly-shot footage in the can, the reporters did not have a single crime recorded. So the show's producer simply cut, altered and edited each scrap to create an hour's worthy of severely distorted "entertainment".

What's more, having been slandered by this documentary to a TV audience of 7 1/2 million the same film is then used as the sole evidence to convict Jason and his friend, Andy Frain, of conspiracy to commit violent disorder and affray, for which Jason was sentenced to six years' jail.

A lesser man may well have buckled serving such a long time for crimes he did not commit, but not Jason. And with inimitable humour he reveals what really goes on behind bars - the scams, the knockbacks and an epic Cons v Screws football match - as he progresses through the prison system.

For this story is no mere act of bitterness on Jason's part, it is more a cautionary tale as what happened to him will almost certainly happen again - and next time it could easily be you.

However, "good will always follow bad," is a maxim Jason lives by and above all, "It's Only A Game" is a story about winning against the odds.

7th March 2006

Mal has just arranged dynamic football news content for my website. Just scroll down a little way and you'll find it below the "Flags" ad on the right hand side. Cushti!

4th March 2006

Andy and meGood luck to my good mate Andy Frain on Monday, when he's up on the conspiracy charge, although he's been told that he has a one-way ticket to the jug with plenty of smack-heads.

We're getting dozens of emails a day from all over the world these days. Here's a couple that are fairly typical:

Cracking website,cant wait for the book to come out,got a few lads here in Malta to look at website,stay loyal stay proud,you know the truth,all the best for the book and dvd, James ex west ham now living in malta

Fair play to you James. Hope you're enjoying life over in Malta. You're better off over there mate, where you've got more chance of having a successful life without being stiched up.

Hi Mr Marriner !
Just want to send you a greeting from Norway mate.
I`m glad to see you doing well after the prick mcintyre tried everything to ruin your life.Keep up the good work !
Also had the pleasure to meet Fat Pat in London when i went there with a good friend from Feyenoord last season.
We had a craking night in Pats flat !!He was a great bloke !Funny as fuck !!
Best regards Tommy.

Alright Tommy. Good to see you logging in and that you can see that MacInlies cannot keep a good man down. Glad you met my good pal Pat who's always good company and the truth's very close to coming out mate ... the book will be out a lot sooner than people think, i.e. long before the World Cup. Jason

3rd March 2006

Firstly, I'd like to thank Martin and Fernando from Bocca Juniors for sending me over the Barrabrava tee-shirts and hats. That was very kind of you lads.

I'd also like to salute the fans from Leeds, West Ham, Oxford, Bristol City and Nottingham Forrest who were with a very close Chelsea friend of mine out at the Lazio vs. Roma derby in Rome last Sunday. No one got funny with each other and they all stood shoulder to shoulder and led by example.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I've just finished filming with Danny Dyer (who played Tommy Johnson in "The Football Factory"). We were filming a new six part series called "The Real Football Factories", which will be out on Bravo some time before the World Cup. I'd like to say that Danny still has his feet firmly on the ground; we had a beer or two together and he is a genuinely nice feller.

Finally, thanks to Pete who sent Mal the following link: Peter Osgood Book of Condolence.

1st March 2006

20th February 1947 - 1st March 2006

A LEGEND for both old and young alike, Peter Osgood, passed away this morning aged just 59, after collapsing in the chapel at Slough Crematorium while attending a family funeral. He will be sadly missed. My heartfelt condolences to all of Peter's family and friends.

27th February 2006

Sorry about the delay in updating the site, but I have been very busy organising the publication of my book and Mal has been away for a week in London.

Last Sunday I was at the Joey Pyle Benefit Evening. I was on my pal Jimmy White's table with my good friend Allan Paramasivian. All the right faces were in the right places and we had a great time. The money raised went towards an operation that Joe needs. Respect and God Bless Joe.

hi jason

i am a 33 year old lad from manchester who loves football and like yourself loved the tear up in the 80s and 90s i followed man united all over the country,i was fucking gutted for you and andy when i saw the bull shit mcintyre was pulling on his tv show what a dickhead,anyway i work for dixons in manchester and last summer mcintyre came into my shop,i spotted him straight away and said fuck off out of my shop you are not welcome you grassing bastard,he looked shocked and took a step back and said what are you talking about,i said i am sticking up for mr marriner and mr frain who you stiched up,what right do you have taking peoples freedom away,he said i keep in contact with the prisons they are both in,and its the best thing that could of happened to them as they are doing well and learning,i responded and said fuck of mcintyre you are a marked man up north and down south and one day he will get his,he reported me to my head office and i got a final warning for my actions but i dont regret one word i said,anyway would love to come down london next time man u are playing down there and i will get you a beer mate,goodluck and well done with the site,please reply to my email

best regards

My reply to Paul was:

"Top Man" Paul. Spot on and respect to you. For some reason MacIntyre thinks he can just strut around after grassing up so many people. You sound like a man that has morals, trust, loyalty and principals ... four things I'm very much into. I know a few of the Man U lads and they're good pals of mine. As you will have guessed, MacIntyre is a lying cunt and that's what he does for a living. If you ever see him again, thank him for caring for us so much! God Bless You mate. Jason.

Government Health Warning

Martine Wright was the last woman on the Aldgate train that got blown up by the Muslims. Martine lost both her legs in that act of terrorism. Our Government offered her £55k compensation per leg, i.e. £110k, which don't go very far these days. She lives in second floor flat, so she now has to move and have everything adapted for her, so you can see that the money isn't gonna cover much. Someone recently had a charity do for her and raised £20k to help her. Subsequently, someone in OUR poxy government has decided to deduct that £20k from her compensation money and reduce it down to £90k. Now, what sort of cold, calculating, inconsiderate c*nt could make that sort of decision and how can they possibly sleep at night?

17th February 2006

My mate Colin Gault just landed yesterday from Argentina after spending 3 months out there at Bocca Juniors. The lads out there took him to a few games and treated him with the utmost respect. They sent him back with a load of tee-shirts and stuff and I'd just like to thank all the of boys over there. Respect to all of yuh.

11th February 2006

My good friend Andy Frain just got found guilty on Friday on a get-up charge. Basically he's already been told he's looking at a few years. Sorry I couldn't make the drink today Andy, as I explained to you yesterday on the phone, but you know I will do what I can for you while you're away. All the lads send their best and Respect. Your pal, Jason.

10th February 2006

I've just received the following email and thought I'd better put it up as a reminder to be careful to all those lads going over to Germany in the Summer:

thought you would like to know and maybe but up a warning for others to read?

i have a relative who drives for the bbc the other day he was asked by some knob who films undercover programs if he would be interested in earning some extra cash this summer.

now this lad is money mad but with a little brains. he was asked if he would be willing to travel to Germany drink and do what lads do you know whilst wearing a hidden camera.

I dont believe this is hear say like i say hes money mad i mean when he was younger he would sell his bloody Christmas presents back to his old man for fuck sake.

now Ive told him to keep well away cos hed be shitting on his own even though hes not involved in fv of any kind and neither am i by the way Ive just been told about this site by someone i know when telling them about this issue

what worries me if he doesn't do it someone will thats for sure maybe this could be put on this site so others could post this elsewhere so know one is caught out by these bastards

cheers for taking your time reading this ..... ps the bloke who does these programmes Ive never heard of and have forgotten and i promise you im no crank..

good luck with the site and book

5th February 2006

I have just got to add this little bit to my last one. The Judge sent Dave and Blue to prison, both with the 4 mile radius bans around Chelsea matches. Not a problem while you're in prison, you would think, wouldn't you? Yeah, except for the fact that they've been put into HMP Wandsworth which means that today, while Chelsea were beating Liverpool, the lads were within the 4 mile radius ... so they were breaking the law! I wonder when their new case will come up?

After careful thought and consideration I was wondering whether the honorable judge in the case would be so kind as to move them from that 'orrible pisshole to a better venue, as he seems to have been the cause of them offending within 2 days of getting sent down. 

3rd February 2006

I've just walked out of court where my mate Dave has been sentenced to two years and Blue got nine months. Both of them received a ten year ban so they mustn't go within four miles of a ground where Chelsea are playing 4 hours before and 4 hours after a match. The other two there got a squeeze and walked, although they still got five year bans.

Dave was on the light ales last night and tucked into a nice egg and bacon sandwich before going into court. As the judge was waffling on, Dave suddenly just throws up (not down to nerves, just the light ales) and the sentencing had to be suspended for a few minutes while Dave went out and cleaned himself up. When he came back into the courtroom he was laughing his head off. Highly amusing!

OK boys, everyone's thoughts are with you. Respect.

31st January 2006

I'd just like to say a huge thank you for all the kind comments and support I'm getting from lads all round the country, wishing me good luck with the book.

30th January 2006

A couple of nice emails just came in that I thought I'd share with you:

Just got your DVD through the post. Two words mate "different class", an honest and genuine true account of you and what really happened. A must for all to see. Keep up the good work and stay Loyal.
FTP and God bless you.
Rossi (a true blues brother)


Good afternoon

Just found your site via a link from Dodgy Daves site and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed what I saw.

Glad to see you have put your experience with THAT twat to good use (which in all honesty must piss him right off) and hopefully exploiting you infamy and making some money out of it...??

You dont know me from adam but I just wanted wish you well with whatever you do (and the book) you seem a decent bloke and I found your site refreshing in its honesty warts and all (cant wait for the book..!!) keep up the good work.

I will be down for Mr.Pyles benefit dinner in Feb and will hopefully introduce myself over a beer or three and just to make sure you have some spending money bring me a couple of your dvds and I will bung you twenty bar...!!

Take care.
Shaun (York)

29th January 2006

It was reported in the London Evening Standard on Thursday that Donal MacIntyre's car was damaged by someone. According to the report, MacIntyre reckons it has something to do with revenge and two people who he contrived to put behind bars, i.e. me and Andy.

What have I got to say about it?

Pathetic! MacIntyre is not that important to me. I couldn't give two fucks for him and I have far better things to do with my time, so I can categorically deny having any involvement. There are a million and one people out there who despise the prick. I actually don't believe anything happened; he's just out for whatever publicity he can get to keep himself in the public eye.

20th January 2006

My mate Dave's sentencing has been put off for another couple weeks as all paperwork wasn't ready ... but to be fair to the authorities, they've only had a year to sort it out!

17th January 2006

A little message to start with to all my continental friends who have been ordering the DVD: We've been swamped with orders for it but are we're now catching up and they should all be sent out within the next day or two.

Today I dotted the last "i" and crossed the last "t" on my book. I'm really excited about this and I can promise you one hell of a read. It'll now take a little while to get it fully published and printed but it will be out and available before the World Cup starts.

The popup advertising Joey Pyle's Lifetime's Achievement night in February will be with us until the event and then it will vanish. It's the least we can do to help the acknowledged king of the "chaps" in London.

13th January 2006

A message to my very good friend Paul Murrell who is currently on a cruise playing in a poker tournament: Good luck Muzzer. Hope you win loads of money mate. Stay sharp and God bless ya.

12th January 2006

In the interest of fairness and because there are always two sides to a story  I have decided to publish Andy Nichols reply to me here. My own piece was written from the heart, as pricks like Lowles (and his friendship with MacIntyre) are completely out of order and shouldn't be involved with the likes of us. I can only say that I have friends who are top boys up and down the country who have been on the phone to me about the book and how pissed off they are about some of the things that are said. Maybe we should all make sure we do our homework before we work with people we don't know. Good luck to you Andy:

Just read your "review" on the book fella and as you do thought I would put you straight on a few things.

1. History of the book.
Milo who I did Scally with had been working on the book for 3 years but it had been shelved for a couple of years and I was asked to put my name to it and get contacts from as many clubs as possible as it was all news paper stuff etc and Pete Walsh thought it may not sell without a name to it or decent club contacts in it. All I did was chase up mates at clubs and through them got people at most clubs to do bit. Never knew who Nick Lowles was until a bloke on ITK got in touch and warned me. Still thought fuck all of it as I dont know him and yes I was hoping to earn money from the book. I was naive and should of done my home work, appreciate he is not liked in football circles although the plus side is he has had the same problem with me given my past involvement with the NF and BNP.

2. Names in the book.
Everyone I interviewed agreed to either have there name in it or not, simple as.
Every other mention would have come from researchers like NL and that must have been available through newspaper cuttings and library archieves. Again appreciate that it has pissed people off but fuck all I can do about it.

3.People I have pissed off
You mention a few names yourself, Denton I dont know have never met and if he was the one sending me mail about the book well believe me it contained plenty about your lads naming names in books so your off the mark just slating me fella.Zulu's pissed off, tell me who? Went there the other week and they put me up in a box and took me out till 4 in the morning, get your facts right mate or you end up losing face. At the end of the day projects like this are going to piss people off, try doing a book and not pissing people off, yours is out soon unless you have sat on the fence which I doubt you have you will piss people off, but jumpimg on a bandwagon having a cheap shot at me leaves you wide open for digs when your book comes out.

If you do read this, I'd like to know your thoughts on the subject doubt some how that you will. Whatever, good luck with your book and the whole hooligan net working.
Andy Nicholls

10th January 2006

The reason I began this website was not to slag other people off or to cause trouble, but I really have to say something about "Hooligans: A-L of Britain's Football Gangs". What a load of bollocks! But then, what do you expect when it was written by Andy Nicholls with left-wing journo Nick Lowles of Searchlight magazine! Well, I say it was written by Nicholls and Lowles but from what I'm told Nichols just put his name to the book which was written by Lowles. It contains factual inaccuracies (for instance stating that Tony Covele's first conviction was in 1978), which is hardly surprising given the reputation Searchlight has for printing rumour and innuendo (see independent reviews of Lowles' books Mr Evil and White Riot: The Violent Story of Combat 18). I know that the Zulus have got the right hump with Nichols over the book, as has Denton from Arsenal and lots of other people ... and rightly so, as they have no shame in naming anybody and have slagged every one off. Nicholls ain't done himself any favours by putting his name to this book. If you're gonna put your name to a book you've gotta put up with the critisism. The next part (M to Z) is due out soon ... I wonder how many more people they're gonna upset with that one?

Oh, and on top of all that, a very good source tells me that Lowles is a very good friend of that prick MacIntyre.

6th January 2006

The Stockport lads who were nicked (I mentioned on 23rd December) are up in court this week, so I'd just like to wish them all GOOD LUCK and let me know how you get on.

Mal's been beavering away and produced a new page for the website of comments we've received by email. You'll find it at Comments. Let us know what you think of the site and what you might like to see here by emailing Mal.

4th January 2006

Gilroy ShawCongratulations to my good pal Gilly Shaw (one of the Wolverhampton lads) for getting a Not Guilty at Woolwich Crown Cout today. He was down at Millwall last year, but he was on a banning order. He stopped and asked a copper what was the nearest he could go to the ground, as he wasn't allowed within 250 metres cos he was just there for a drink. The copper told him where he could go, but when he got there another copper nicked him for being within the 250m exclusion zone. Not only did he get a Not Guilty, but the court gave him £350 for travelling expenses! Blimee, it's never cost me 350 notes to travel to the Midlands. What would he have got if he'd been arrested in China?

And while I'm on the subject of Gilly, he's only gone and got nicked at West Bromwich Albion on the 2nd January. All I can say, Gilly, is Happy New Year mate!

[Note from Mal: You'll find Gilly's book "Gilly - Running With A Pack of Wolves" on the Market Page. Excellent read!]

3rd January 2006

I've just received the following email from Dean Woodland:

"I purchased your DVD from you Saturday b4 the game against the brummies. Thanks for signing it for me great touch. Watched the DVD when I got home thought it was very good. Its good to see you havent let that prick Macyntyre fuck your life good stuff. Keep it blue. Cheers once again."

Thanks Dean. And I'd like to hear from anyone else who's bought a copy what you think. I will be happy to go to any venue in Britain or Europe to do a DVD signing if you can get a fair crowd in, so if you're interested just email Mal and we'll arrange something. In the meantime, you can buy a signed copy of "Hooligan!" by clicking HERE.

Mal tells me that the visitor figures are still rising and that we got over 1,700 visitors on the first day of the New Year. He's also updated the Flags Page to take into account all the new visitors' nationalities.

1st January 2006

to all of our visitors. Yesterday this was a record 1,485 people!

30th December 2005

I hope you've all had a nice Christmas. I had a quiet one ... although not as quiet as the one I spent in Wandsworth! I'm off to a party on New Year's Eve at my brother-in-law Paul's house, which will beat the cheese and biscuits party I had in HMP Elmley, although we did have a few cheeky vodkas .

Here's hoping you all have a great New Year and that you stay prison-free. Thanks for all your support with the new website and keep coming back cos we'll be putting lots of new stuff on over the coming weeks and months. Mal tells me we got 500 people visiting the site yesterday, which is fantastic.

A message to Dave the Twin and his co-defendant, who have just got a Guilty for violent disorder over a row at Aston Villa. They get sentenced in mid-January and I hope you get the least sentence possible. Good luck to the two who got Not Guilty and to the man who got an Undecided I hope you don't get a retrial.

Goodnight, God Bless, Stay Sharp and No Surrender.

25th December 2005

Well over 200 people visited the site yesterday. That's amazing considering it was Christmas Eve. To all of you I'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Now it's time to open those presents.

24th December 2005

A special Christmas message to Martin and Bocca Juniors Twelve: Have a great party from Jason and the Chelsea Headhunters.

WOW! Word spreads fast. In the first five days since the website was launched we've been receiving an average of 350 to 400 visitors per day and you're coming here from all over the World. You can see where all our visitors are from by Clicking Here.

... and to all our friends out their, wherever they are right now, we have a special message for you. Click Here.

Because of all the hits from all over the World, Mal thought it would be a good idea to add a Babelfish Translator to some of the pages. You should see the entire Babelfish box at the bottom of the column on the left on this page. On other pages you'll find just the flags somewhere. Just click on a flag and the page will be translated into whatever language. Nice one Mal!

23rd December 2005

As people are aware, I have a lot of mates "Up North", including Stockport. So I'd like the twelve Stockport fans who were arrested in police raids in the early hours of Monday to know that you're in my thoughts lads and I'd like to say to them that if you can't have a Merry Christmas then I wish you a right "Not Guilty" New Year!

22nd December 2005

My DVD "Hooligan!" is now available. You can't get it in the shops, but you can buy it directly from this website. All you have to do is go to the Market Page and click on the DVD to find out how to get hold of your own signed copy.

19th December 2005

My very good friend Paul O'Donovan  recently lost his mother. My deepest sympathies go to Paul and his family at this sad time.

Also, my thoughts are with Gary, Ricky and Kelvin Ewing who lost their father. We all go way back to the early 80's.

Myself and all the other Chelsea Headhunters would like to send a massive Get Well to Joey Pyle Senior.

Tony CovelleAnd to Tony Covelle, who broke his leg in several places in Anderlecht last month, get better before the World Cup mate!


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